Reading and Writing Knowledge in Scientific Communities: Digital Humanities and Knowledge Construction

Gérald Kembellec, Evelyne Broudoux
John Wiley & Sons, 19 juil. 2017 - 192 pages
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Practices associated with the culture of “scholarly” reading have been developed over many centuries and annotations themselves have become the subject of study, either as additional elements in connection with the original texts or as documents in their own right.

The first “scholarly” reading techniques, seen historically from the 12th Century onwards, combine reading and writing in a process known as lettrure, involving both attentive reading and commentary. The Internet has transformed this activity, adding technical layers that relate both to the reading and writing process as well as to the circulation of texts; their potential and effective augmentation, diffusion, and reception.

This book examines digitized reading and writing by focusing primarily on the conditions for the co-construction of scientific knowledge and its augmentation. The authors present numerous examples of studies and personal feedback concerning the intellectual process, open critical spaces, collaborative scholarly publishing, methods for the circulation and mediatization of knowledge, as well as the techniques and tools employed.


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Table des matières

1 Introduction to Scientific Reading and Writing and to Technical Modalities of Augmentation
2 Ecrilecture and the Construction of Knowledge within Professional Communities
A Study of the Necessary Conditions for Scholarly and Multimedia Reading
Material Imageries in a Web Annotation Program
5 Construction of Ecrilecture Standards for Collaborative Transcription of Digitized Heritage
6 The Challenge of Platform Interoperability in Constructing Augmented Knowledge in the Humanities and Social Sciences
7 The XML Portal for the symogihorg Project
8 Issues of Hypermediating Journals for Scientific Publishing
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Gérald Kembellec, CNAM, France.

Evelyne Broudous, CNAM, France.

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