Capitalism's Long Hot Winter Has Begun, Numéro 12 ;Numéro 2005

New International, 1 déc. 2004 - 309 pages
"None of the underlying contradictions of world capitalism that are pushing toward depression and war began with 9/11 and its consequences. Some were accelerated by those events, but all have their roots in the downward turn in the curve of capitalist development a quarter century ago and the interrelated collapse of the Stalinist apparatuses in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe at the opening of the 1990s."One of capitalism's infrequent, long winters has begun, Jack Barnes explains. "Now, with the acceleration of imperialism's drive toward war, it's going to be a long, hot winter. More importantly, slowly but surely and explosively, it will breed a scope and depth of resistance not previously seen by revolutionary-minded militants in today's world."Also includes: *Their "Transformation" and OursSocialist Workers Party National Committee Statement *Crisis, Boom, and Revolution1921 Reports by V.I. Lenin & Leon Trotsky

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Ron Paulsen by Jack Barnes
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