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hope the varieties offered will be found to convey some good, some useful sentiments. No one can be more fully aware than I am that to publish them would have been presumptuous. No one would see more clearly than I do, that the good or useful in them is garlanded by humble flowers, if flowers at all. But such as they are, I am yet not ashamed that a few, very few copies, all distributed under my own jealousy, should thus appear. I believe, indeed, and this has mainly determined me, that I am but meeting the desires of several who have seen in manuscript much of what is here given in print, and who will say—“this is just what we wished for.” Accept, then, my dear Friends, this memento of one who is often cast down, because, with strong desires to accomplish something of more importance, that is to say, of more general use, he has hitherto done almost next to nothing; but who is consoled in some measure by the assurance that he is now making an acceptable, however lowly, offering. When I am gone, it

may shew to some now very young, that the writer loved Truth, and would fain have commended it to the

love, pursuit, and practice of those who came within

his sphere; and it may thus add to other, better, and more efficient, impulses to virtue, the stimulus of example in their own immediate connexion. Farewell! beloved-may we meet in heaven!

Your's in heart,

E. S.



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