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TUESDAY, Evening Session. TOPIC : National Perils.


Chairman's Address : Ven. Archdeacon Evans, M.A., Montreal.

Address : Rev John Hall, D.D., New York.

Address : Righi Rev. Bishop Fallows, D.D., Chicago.

Address : Rev. J. Robertson, D.D., Supt. Presbyterian Missions in

the North-West.

WEDNESDAY, Morning Session.

TOPIC : Roman Catholicism in Canada..


Chairman's Address : Rev. Principal Barbour, D.D., Montreal.

Paper : Rev. D. H. MacVicar, D.D., LLD., Montreal.

Address : Rev. E. B. Ryckman, D.D., London, Ont.

Address : Rev. S. N. Jackson, M.D., Kingston, Ont.


Communion Service in Dominion Square Methodist Church


WEDNESDAY, Afternoon Session.

Topic : Romanism in relation to Education ....... 148–187

Chairman's Address : Rev. T. Lafleur, Montreal.

Paper : Rev. James M. King, D.D., New York.

Address : Rev. P. S. Moxom, D.D., Boston, Mass.

Address : Rev. Dr. Saunders, Halifax, N.S.


to the Evangelization of the World .

Chairman : Hon. Senator Macdonald, Toronto, Ont.
Address : Rev. S. T. Macpherson, D.D., Chicago.
Paper : Rev. Principal Sheraton, D.D., Toronto, Ont.
Address : Rev. Chancellor Sims, D.D., Syracuse, N.Y.

Address : Rev. W. Burgess, Wesleyan Missionary, from India.

Appendix I. Paper by A. J. Arnold, Esq..

Appendix II. Petition re Jesuits' Estates Bill

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MONDAY, 22nd OCTOBER, 1888.


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The Conference met in Crescent Street Presbyterian Church at half-past seven o'clock, p.m.

Sir William Dawson, President of the Montreal Branch of the Alliance, occupied the chair, and among those on the platform were :-Rev. Dr. Burns (Halifax), Rev. Dr. Hole (Halifax), Rev. Dr. Shaw (Montreal), Mr. W. E. Dodge (of New York, President of the United States Evangelical Alliance), Right Rev. Bishop Ussher, Mr. John Paton (New York), Rev. Dr. Antliff, Rev. J. Wilkie (Presbyterian Missionary from India), Rev. J. B. Saer (St. John, N.B.), Rev. Dr. Ryckman (London), Rev. Dr. Williams (Toronto), Rev. Dr. Barnes (Sherbrooke), Rev W. Jackson (Secretary of the Montreal Alliance), Rev. L. H. Jordan, Rev. Principal MacVicar, Rev. Dr. Barbour, Rev. F. M. Dewey, Rev. E. M. Hill, Rev. J. Fleck, Rev. A. B. Mackay, Rev. W. S. Blackstock (Toronto), Rev. T. G. Williams, Rev. Prof. Scrimger, and the Rev. F. H. Marling

The proceedings opened by singing the rooth Psalm, after which the Rt. Rev. Bishop Ussher, Reformed Episcopal Church, Montreal, read a selection of Scripture. Rev. F. H. Marling, of Emmanuel Church, Montreal, led in prayer.

Rev. W. Jackson, Secretary of the Montreal Branch of the Evangelical Alliance, read letters from A. J. Arnold, Esq., Secretary of the Parent Alliance, relating to Sir Robert Phayre, K.C.B., as their deputation to this Conference ; from Sir Robert, regretting that owing to illness he had been unable to be present; from Right Rev. Bishop Baldwin, explaining the reasons which prevented him taking his place among his brethren in the Lord. It was a matter of regret that Mr. Arnold had not longer notice of Sir R. Phayre's failure, so that he might have been at this Conference. The Secretary alluded to several eminent men who had been invited to take part in the Conference, but who, from a variety of reasons, had found it impossible to accede to the request of the Programme Committee; among whom were Rt. Rev. Bishop Bond, Rev. W. M. Taylor, D.D., Rev. Dr. Duryea, Rev. Dr. Pierson, of Philadelphia, and others.

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SIR WILLIAM DAWSON, C.M.G., MONTREAL. The Montreal Branch has ventured to take the responsibility of this Conference, because the last Canadian Convention of the Alliance was held in this city in 1874, and because here, as in an outpost of Protestantism, the need of a Dominion Alliance is most acutely felt. The great end of the promoters of this conference is the reorganization of the Dominion Alliance, and to give a new impetus to the general religious movement on the part of Protestants.

In such a meeting it becomes us in the first place, like the Israelites when Samuel gathered them at Mizpah, to confess our past shortcomings and want of efficiency, and to humble ourselves before God. We have certainly failed in duty in our long inaction in the matter of the Evangelical Alliance. It is our next business to consider with care the best means of united action against the evils of the time, and this in a spirit of love to all and enmity to none. Our weapons must be spiritual rather than carnal, and we must contend against evil principles and systems .and not against persons. With reference to the former, whether they are infidel or anti-Christian, it is necessary to bear in mind that, however diverse in operation, they are one in aim. The men who deny God and disparage divine revelation are practically on the same side with those who supersede God and Christ by other rulers and mediators, and who withhold the Bible from the people. Nothing is more obvious in 'our time than that the emissaries of the powers symbolized in Scripture by the “Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet," are all employed in gathering

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the nations to one great struggle against God and His Christ. We should also bear in mind that the end of these evil systems is near. The Kingdom of the Prince of this world is approaching a critical period, for the fated termination of the reign of Antichrist and of the "times of the Gentiles” are alike near at hand. Satan is active because he knows better than we do that his time is short; and it is a serious question whether Christians will be in a position to meet the responsibilities soon to be thrown on them, to present a united front in the crisis of the final struggle, and to manifest that holy unity which becomes the Bride of the Coming Lord. Let us pray that under God's blessing, under the leadership of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, such ends may be promoted by the present Conference.

With this session of the Conference the special function of the Montreal Branch terminates, except in so far as local details and expenses are concerned ; and it is the hope of the Branch that a working constitution may be matured for an efficient Dominion Alliance, whose next place of meeting should probably be in some of the greater centres of our Protestant population rather than in Montreal.


REV. DR. SHAW, MONTREAL. It devolves upon me, at the request of the Montreal Branch of the Evangelical Alliance, to extend to Delegates, Speakers, and all friends from a distance, a most cordial welcome to this Christian Conference. The best qualification I can claim for the discharge of such a duty is that I earnestly desire that my words, though few, should be warm and strong in voicing the cordial greeting which I know the Evangelical churches of this city all desire to extend to our distinguished visitors. Brethren, in the name of the Lord we greet you, in the name of a common heritage of faith, in the name of Christian truth, in the name of kindred ties which make us the heirs of all the ages, the inheritors not of empty traditions but of the records and inspiration of noblest Christian heroism, in the name of our common Christianity we bid you welcome to our city, to our homes and to this Conference of the Evangelical Alliance. Here prayerfully and humbly waiting upon God, assembled in one place and with one

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