Sex in Question: French Materialist Feminism

Diana Leonard, Lisa Adkins
Taylor & Francis, 1996 - 216 pages
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Since the publication of Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex, French feminist thought has informed and shaped the debates ongoing in the English speaking world. But in recent years, 'French feminism' has become identified in the USA, UK and Australia almost solely with psychoanalytically influenced literary theory. Sex in Question aims to introduce the English speaker to the work of another major group of French feminist theorists - the ones de Beauvoir herself supported. In this volume, the editors present six major articles by Christine Delphy, Colette Guillaumin, Nicole-Claude Mathieu, Monique Plaza, Paola Tabet and Monique Wittig, these combine new articles and translations, and revised and improved translations. In a comprehensive introduction, the editors contextualize these essays linking them to discussions around sex, gender and heterosexuality, and materialism in feminism today.

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