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which we are exposed.

25. 1. The praise of God for deliver- 1127. The Gospel blessings for

ing his people.

which God is to be praised.

26. 1. A song of thanks for the safety 1128. Our joy in the assurance of

of God's people.

life from the dead.

27. 1. The deliverance of God's peo- 1129. The twofold application of

ple from their enemies.

prophetic words.

28. 1. The sin and judgment of 1130. That the sensual are not

Ephraim and of Judah.

meet hearers of the Gospel.

28. 14. The sure foundation laid. 1131. The vanity of trusting in a

The divine husbandry.

refuge of lies.

29. 1. Woe to Ariel, by reason of 1132. The dreadful judgment of

its sin.

being blinded to the truth.

29. 13. The hypocrisy of the Jews. 1133. The evil effects of formality

The joy of the faithful.

and hypocrisy.

30. 1. Woe to those who fly to E- 1134. How our safety lies in re-

gypt for succour.

pentance, and calm confidence.

30. 18. Blessings in store for God's 1135. That we must stand in awe

people ; judgments for his ene- of the terrors of the Lord.


31. 1. An assurance that the Lord 1136. The duty of looking first of

would himself defend Zion.

all to God for help.

32. 1. The kingdom of Christ fore- 1137. The present establishment


of Christ's kingdom.

33. 1. Jerusalem delivered from 1138. The triumph, gain, and joy

Sennacherib, and at peace.

of the true Christian.

34. 1. Judgments awaiting all na- 1139. How God will deal with the

tions, and especially Idumea. enemies of his people.

35. 1. Peace and prosperity for God's 1140. The happiness which the

people foretold.

Gospel establishes in the heart.

36. 1. Rabshakeh is sent by Sen- 1141. That we ought not to listen

nacherib to Jerusalem.

to the solicitations of sin.

37. 1. Hezekiah applieth to Isaiah, 1142. The end of our calling is

and prayeth to God.

that we glorify God.

37.21. Isaiah assureth Jerusalem of 1143. God is omnipotent to save


or to destroy

Isaiah 38–53.

LECTURE 1144—1166.

38. 1. Hezekiah's sickness, reco. 1144. How we must live if we

very, and thanksgiving.

would not lose by dying.

39. 1. The Babylonish embassy. 1145. Of being humble minded in

Captivity in Babylon foretold. the midst of success.

40. 1. Consolation in Christ pro- 1146. Divine power and divine

claimed to God's people.

love united in our Saviour.

40. 12. The attributes of Jehovah, as 1147. The greatness and goodness

compared with idols.

of our God.

41. 1. The Lord challengeth false 1148. The blessedness of having

gods to do as He.

the Lord for our God.

41. 17. False gods are further chal- 1149. How we must choose the

lenged by the Lord.

Lord for our God.

42. 1. Christ the light of the Gen- 1150. Against being ashamed of

tiles, a stumbling block to the God and of his Gospel.


43. 1. The Lord promiseth to recall 1151. The Jews witnesses to the

his dispersed people.

truth of God's word.

43. 14. The calling of the Gentiles, 1152. Duties accompany the pri-

on the defection of the Jews.

vileges of God's people.

44.). God encourageth his people; 1153. The prevalence of idolatry

denounceth image worship. ought to humble us.

44, 18. The infatuation of idolaters. 1154. Thankfulness due to God

The commission of Cyrus.

for the revelation of Himself.

45. 1. The ends for which Cyrus is 1155. Against irreverent specula-

to be raised up.

tions on the origin of evil.

45. 14. God calleth his people, and 1156. The doctrines of the Gospel

not in vain.

preached in prophecy.

46. 1. The vanity of idols is con- 1157. The salvation of God pro-

trasted with God's power and claimed to the unbelieving.


47. 1. A swift and sudden destruc- 1158. The awful end which awaits

tion is denounced on Baby- ungodly Christians.


48. 1. The ungodly are warned that 1159. How God has chosen us,

there is no peace for them.

and also warned us.

49, 1. Christ is to be glorified in the 1160. How our present privileges

salvation of the Gentiles.

and future bliss are.foretold.

49.14. Zion shall be replenished from 1161. That we either help or hin-

among the Gentiles.

der the Gospel cause.

50. 1. A suffering Messiah will be 1162. They who suffer with Christ

rejected through unbelief.

will be glorified with Him.

51. 1. Comfort is addressed to those 1163. Assurance of help given for

who seek the Lord.

the encouragement of faith.
58. 12. God comforteth his people 1164. Caution against persecuting
against the fear of man.

the people of the Lord.

52. 1. Redemption by Christ Jesus 1165. The extensive application

foreshewn to the Church.

of prophetic language.

53. 1. The humiliation, and atoning 1166. They for whom Christ died

death of the Messiah.

must desire to glorify their Sa-


Isaiah 54-66.

LECTURE 1167—1182.

54. 1. The multitude of Christian 1167. Of examining whether we

converts is foretold.

profit by our Christian calling.

55. 1. Repentant sinners assured of 1168. The sure success of the Gos-

peace and joy and glory.

pel, according to God's will.

56. 1. The church of God will be 1169. The wickedness of pastors

open to all without distinction.

greatly provokes God's judg-


57. 1. A falling away and a return- 1170. The corruptions of Christ-

ing unto God foretold.

ianity, and their reformation.

58. 1. The reproof of those who ob- 1171. Of adorning a reformed faith

serve only the letter of God's by a reformed practice.


59. 1. Calamities denounced against 1172. The awful amount of wick-

sinners in God's church.

edness in Christian lands.

60. 1. The increase of the Church 1173. Of our arising and shining

in numbers and glory.

in the light of the Lord.

60. 14. Great blessings promised to 1174. The future conversion of the

God's afflicted people.

Jews to the Gospel.

61. 1. The commission and ministry 1175. Of praising God by faith for

of Christ to the church.

the fulfilment of his promises.

62. 1. Salvation to be proclaimed to 1176. Of praying to God that He

Zion, and to be intreated for. will fulfil his prophecies.

63. 1. The triumph of Christ. The 1177. How the Jews are to be

desolation of Israel.

taught to pray to God.

64. 1. The prayer of God's people 1178. The kind of prayer which now

when under his displeasure. becomes the Christian church.

65. 1. The call of the Gentiles, and 1179. The case of the faithful and

rejection of all but a remnant of of the unbelieving contrasted.

the Jews.

65.17. An entirely new state of things 1180. Of searching diligently into

is foretold.

the purport of prophecy,

66. 1. The new dispensation shall 1181. That we may rejoice rather

be spiritual and universal.

than mourn over Zion.

66. 15. Judgments awaiting sinners. 1182. The certainty of things pro-

The piety of God's saints.

mised or threatened by God.


Lecture 1183-1188.

1. 1. The period in which Jeremiah 1183. God's tenderness of affection


manifested in this prophet.

1. 4. The Lord calleth Jeremiah to 1184. Our encouragement to serve
be his prophet.

God with boldness.
2. 1. The people of Jerusalem are 1185. The evil and bitter conse-
reproved for their idolatries.

quences of sin.

2.20. The false pleas of the Jews are 1186. The presumptuous boldness


of impenitent sinners.

3. 1. The longsuffering of God. Ju- 1187. The responsibility of having
dah compared with Israel.

eminent privileges.
3. 12. Promises of restoration to be 1188. Christian contrition, and
proclaimed to Israel.

faith, and devotion.


LECTURE 1189—1210.

4. 1. Promises to Israel; threaten- 1189. The conditional nature of

ings to Judah.

the divine promises.

4. 19. A vision of terrible things to 1190. The compassion of God in

befal Jerusalem.

the midst of his threatenings.

5. 1. The hypocrisy, obstinacy, 1191. Of taking warning from the

adulteries, and infidelity of the sins and judgments of the Jews.


5. 19. The great attributes of God 1192. Of considering in all we do

set forth, and the sin of his peo- the end thereof.


6. i. The judgments coming on Je- 1193. God's ministers ought to re-

rusalem for her sins.

buke sin faithfully.

6. 16. The Lord proclaimeth sen- 1194. Of ruling ourselves and

tence against his people.

trying ourselves by God's word.

7. 1. The vain confidence of the 1195. Of interceding in prayer for

Jews in their temple is exposed. the most wicked of men.

7. 21. The vain trust of the Jews in 1196. The vanity of trusting in the

their sacrifices is denounced. forms of religion without its


8. 1. God reasoneth by the prophet 1197. Of God's listening for the

with his sinful people.

sound of our repentance.

8. 13. The judgments of the Lord. 1198. God's abundant care for

The lamentation of the prophet.

our salvation.

9. 1. Jeremiah pitieth his people, 1199. How to behave in our in-

but abhorreth their iniquities. tercourse with the worldly.

9. 12. The Jews are exhorted to 1200. Proofs of God's delighting

mourn, and taught wherein to in justice and mercy.


10. 1. The vanity of idols is shewn. 1201. The awful case of hypocri-

The distress of the Jews.

tical Christians.

11. 1. Jeremiah is directed to pro- 1202. The state of Christians who

claim God's covenant.

break their Christian covenant.

11.11. Evil is denounced against the 1203. Of praying that the day of

Jews, and especially those of the Lord may come speedily.


12. 1. The dealings of God with his 1204. Our only way of safety is to

wicked people.

be true Christians.

13. 1. The symbols of a linen girdle, 1205. The necessity of living to

and of full wine bottles.

the glory of God.

13. 15. The prophet warneth the 1206. The great danger of indulg.

king, and the queen, and their ing evil habits.


14. 1. A drought is described, and 1207. Of praying to God under

deprecated by the prophet. discouraging circumstances.

15. 1. God sentenceth his people, 1203. That God is at once just

encourageth Jeremiah.

and merciful.

16. 1. The general ruin of the Jews 1209. The good effects of a serious

is foreshewn.


17. 1. Trust in man and trust in 1210. The humility and glory of
God are contrasted.

those whose trust is in God.


LECTURE 1211-1233.

17. 15. The prophet's persecutors. 1211. The close connexion of all

The hallowing of the Sabbath. duties with one another.

18. 1. The type of the potter. Je- 1212. The equity of God's dealings

remiah prayeth against his ene- with mankind.


19. 1. Jeremiah foresheweth de- 1213. The effect of outward sym-

struction by breaking a vessel. bols on the mind.

20. 1. Jeremiah is cruelly entreated 1214. Of having recourse to God

by Pashur.

under agony of pain.

21. 1. Jeremiah answereth Zedekiah 1215. That we ought to watch for

when besieged.

the end of the world.

22. 1. A prophecy addressed to the 1216. National religion indispen-

kings of the house of Judah. sable to national prosperity.

22. 13. The sentence of Jehoiakim,' 1217. The continuance of God's

and of Jeconiah.

favour depends on man's faith-


23. 1. A righteous Branch shall be 1218. Of promoting the faithful-

raised unto David.

ness and devotedness of ministers.

23. 19. Against false prophets, and 1219. The effect of being sensible

scorners of the truth.

that God is ever present.

24. 1. The vision of two baskets of 1220. Privileges confer no safety

figs, and its application.

in wilful sin.

25. 1. The seventy years captivity 1221. That God is omniscient and

in Babylon foretold.


25. 15. Various nations made to 1222. The fearful risk of stirring

drink of the cup of God's wrath.

up warfare.

26. 1. Jeremiah, tried for his life, 1223. The courage which God's

answereth courageously.

grace is able to inspire.

27. 16. Jeremiah is acquitted ; and 1224. The safety of acting with

other like cases are stated.

faith and courage.

27. 1. Several kings are enjoined to 1225. How that which God enjoins

submit to Nebuchadnezzar. becomes easy to bear.

27. 12. Zedekiah is enjoined to sub- 1226. How the purposes of God

mit to the king of Babylon. are unchangeable.

28. 1. The false prophecy of Hana- 1227. That death proves the truth

niah; and his death.

of the word of God.

29. 1. Jeremiah sendeth a letter to 1228. How we ought to behave

the captives in Babylon.

during our sojourn on earth.

29. 20. Jeremiah writeth concerning 1229. Against harbouring a perse-

the false prophets in Babylon. cuting spirit.

30. 1. The restoration of Israel and 1230. Of helping forward the con-

Judah is foretold.

version of the Jews.

30. 18. Joy promised to the re- 1231. How we are to understand

deemed. Wrath denounced to the future restoration of the Jews.

the wicked.

31. 1. The Lord proclaimeth his 1232. The tender mercy of God an

love towards penitent Israel. encouragement to repentance.

31. 22. Strong assurances of redemp- 1233. Of beseeching God that He

tion given to God's people. will amply fulfil his gracious


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