Plain instructions to executors and administrators, with an abstract of the 36th Geo. iii cap. 52, & part of the 45th Geo. iii cap. 28 [by J.H. Brady].

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Page i - INSTRUCTIONS to EXECUTORS And ADMINISTRATORS, Shewing the Duties and Responsibilities incident to the due Performance of their Trusts ; with Forms properly filled up for every Bequest. By JH BRADY, late of the Legacy Duty Office, Somerset House.
Page 9 - ... to be granted, exclusive of what the deceased shall have been possessed of or entitled to as a trustee for any other person or persons, and not beneficially...
Page 24 - Court, till fourteen Days at the least after the Decease of the Testator be fully expired; (2) nor shall any Nuncupative Will be at any Time received to be proved, unless Process have first issued to call in the Widow, or next of Kindred to the Deceased, to the End they may contest the same, if they please.
Page 21 - ... is or are to be granted, exclusive of what the deceased shall have been possessed of or entitled to as a trustee for any other person or persons, and not beneficially, but including the leasehold estates for years of the deceased, whether absolute or determinable on...
Page 32 - ... children be then dead, other than such child or children (not being heir at law) "who shall have any estate by the settlement of the intestate, or shall be advanced by the intestate in his lifetime, by portion or portions equal to the share which shall by such distribution be allotted to the other children to whom such distribution is to be made...
Page 26 - ... 2. That, among the kindred, those are to be preferred that are the nearest in degree to the intestate ; but, of persons in equal degree, the ordinary may take...
Page 90 - ... have effect, or be satisfied out of the personal estate of such person so dying, or out of any personal estate which such person shall have power to dispose of, as he or she shall think fit...
Page 11 - ... been paid on the said probate [or letters of administration] which being added to the duty of pounds, paid at the time of obtaining the said probate [or letters of administration] makes the whole duty paid pounds.
Page 24 - That after six Months passed after the speaking of the pretended Testamentary Words, no Testimony shall be received to prove any Will Nuncupative, except the said Testimony, or the Substance thereof, were committed to Writing within six Days after the making of the said Will.
Page 21 - ... the lawful owner of such account, and entitled to the payment thereof. And further, that all the labor charged therein has been applied upon the works and to the benefit of the State ; and that all the property charged therein has been delivered to the duly authorized agents of the State, and, according to the best of the knowledge, information and belief of this deponent, used for the benefit of the State, by or under the direction of one of the authorized agents thereof.

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