The New Foundling Hospital for Wit: Being a Collection of Fugitive Pieces, in Prose and Verse, Not in Any Other Collection. With Several Pieces Never Before Published, Volume 1

John Almon
J. Debrett, 1786
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Page 48 - E'en Beauty's portrait wears a softer prime, Touch'd by the tender hand of mellowing Time. The patient Sculptor owns an humbler part, A ruder toil, and more mechanic art ; Content with slow and timorous stroke to trace The lingering line, and mould...
Page 227 - I'm told you are not such a bear, But sometimes yield, when offer'd fair. Suffer yon folks a while to tattle ; 'Tis we who must decide the battle. Whene'er we war on yonder stage With various fate and equal rage, The nation trembles at each blow, That No gives Ay, and Ay gives No : Yet, in expensive, long...
Page 195 - Livelihood, He hunted not after Fame, Yet acquired it; Regardlefs of the Praife of his Friends, But moft fenfible of their Love. Tho' he liv'd amongft the Great, He neither learnt nor flatter'd any Vice.
Page 22 - Dismay and silent woe again prevail. No more that day we spoke ! — Why in thy womb Then, cruel Earth, did we not meet our doom ? Now the fourth morning rose : my eldest child Fell at his father's feet ; in accent wild, Struggling with pain, with his last fleeting breath, " Help me, my Sire,
Page 195 - Tho' he doubted of none of the 39 Articles. And, if to follow Nature, and to...
Page 50 - Shall mark his memory with a sad delight ! Still in your heart's dear record bear his name ; Cherish the keen regret that lifts his fame ; To you it is bequeath'd, assert the trust, And to his worth — 'tis all you can — be just.
Page 2 - An Answer to that Part of the Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, KB which relates to the Conduct of Lieutenant-General Earl Cornwallis, during the Campaign in North- America in the Year 1781.
Page 216 - The blufti of honour, and the grace of truth, Ne'er with Belinda's charms his fong had glow'd, But from thy form, the lov'd idea flow'd ; His wanton fatire, ne'er the fex had fcorn'd, For thee, by virtue and the mufe adorn'd.
Page 24 - But, tho' vers'd in th' extremes both of pleasure and pain, I am still but too ready to feel them again. If then, for this once in my life, I am free, And escape from a snare might catch wiser than me, 'Tis that beauty alone but imperfectly charms, For, though brightness may dazzle, 'tis kindness that warms.
Page 206 - To many a Kitty, Love his car Will for a day engage, But Prior's Kitty, ever fair, Obtained it for an age ! And she is old enough to be pleased with the compliment.

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