Patents for inventions. Abridgments of specifications, Volume 78


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Page 1856 - Bangor, for Improvements in machinery and apparatus used in quarrying slate and stone, and in cutting, dressing, planing, framing, and otherwise working and treating slate and stone ; and in apparatus and wagons used for moving and conveying slate and stone, and improvements in joining, forming and connecting slate and stone.
Page 1493 - Sydenham, for a novel application of steam power for the movement of vessels or other bodies floating on, or suspended in, water, air, or other fluid, and for moving machinery, and propelling solid bodies on land.
Page 1751 - Machines or engines,' made partly of " wood and partly of iron, brass, copper, or other metal, and " constructed upon peculiar principles, capable of being " wrought or put in motion by force or power, without being ' ' drawn by horses or any other beasts or cattle...

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