The City on a Hill: Fulfilling Ronald Reagan's Vision for America

Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997 - 275 pages
At the end of Ronald Reagan's two terms as president, the Reagan Revolution was in full gear: Taxes had been slashed, the economy was roaring, America stood tall and secure around the world, and people were full of hope and optimism. Somewhere along the way, through the Bush and Clinton years, the revolution stalled, and Reagan's shining city on a hill fell into disrepair.

But a new Reagan Revolution has begun -- and the voice of that revolution is Michael Reagan, son of the former president and the number one night-time talk show host on radio. Drawing on Ronald Reagan's own words, plus fascinating stories from his father's life, Michael Reagan presents the blueprint for rebuilding the "city on a hill" and his father's vision for America in the next millennium. Here are practical, proven ways that all concerned Americans can use to get involved in the fight to strengthen the family, restore faith in God, heal America's social ills, rebuild America's defenses, close the budget deficit, and preserve the American heritage for children and grandchildren.

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THE CITY ON A HILL: Fulfilling Ronald Reagan's Vision for America

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Ronald Reagan's adoptive son offers a digressive tract that combines—not always effectively or gracefully—a celebration of his father's presidency, a neoconservative agenda for national renewal ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Reagan is the son of Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman. He is the popular host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show.

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