Media and Communication

SAGE, 26 sept. 2009 - 320 pages

"An excellent book providing students with a historical understanding of mass media and communication. Theories, concepts and models are intertwined throughout the chapters challenging students to critically understand and evaluate the role of mass media in society."
- Stephanie Goodwin, University of Central Lancashire

"In a field whose boundaries are porous and where there is no consensus as to the core concepts, theories and thinkers, Scannell brings certainty to his effort to identify key moments in the history of the study of the media and communication... Essential reading for anyone interested in the historical development of the study of the media in the US and the UK."
- Times Higher Education

"His account of these major writers and movements is both comprehensive and clearly written, and will be appreciated by students and academics alike... It is the detail of the historical contexts that makes his writing a refreshing look at the history of media and communication in the twentieth century."
- Media International Australia

Magisterial in scope, Media and Communication traces the historical development of media and communication studies. Media Studies itself has a short history but many antecedents, and in this comprehensive and compelling book, Paddy Scannell sets out to describe and analysize its formulation in North America and Europe. Media and Communication:
  • Offers an accessible and comprehensive analysis of the development of media and communication theory.
  • Includes a summary outline of all the key thinkers.
  • Looks at the study of communication across a range of disciplines - history, literature, sociology, philosophy and linguistics.
  • Challenges readers to engage with the central importance of communication.

It will be an invaluable resource for upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students of media and communication, cultural studies and sociology.


Table des matières

PART I The masses
1 Mass communication
2 Mass culture
3 The end of the masses
PART II Everyday life
4 Culture and communication
5 Communication and technology
6 Communication as interaction
PART III Communicative rationality and irrationality
7 Communication and language
8 Communication as ideology
9 Communication and publicness
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À propos de l'auteur (2009)

Paddy Scannell worked for many years at the University of Westminster (London) where he and his colleagues established, in 1975, the first undergraduate degree program in Media Studies in the UK. He is a founding editor of Media, Culture and Society which began publication in 1979 and is now issued six times yearly. He is the author of A Social History of British Broadcasting, 1922-1939 which he wrote with David Cardiff, editor of Broadcast Talk and author of Radio, Television and Modern Life. He is currently working on a trilogy. The first volume, Media and Communication, was published in June 2007. Professor Scannell is now working on the second volume, Television and the Meaning of 'Live.' The third volume, Love and Communication, is in preparation. His research interests include broadcasting history and historiography, the analysis of talk, the phenomenology of communication and culture and communication in Africa.

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