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Both with Refpect to

Perfons in their private Capacity,

And in their

Church Society and Communion,

Written for the Establishment of the Faithful, Information of the Simple-hearted, and Reproof of the Arrogant and High-minded, by a Lover of True Liberty, as it is in Jefus.


Togo amongst the People of the Lord, called Quakers.

If the Truth make ye Free, then are ye Free indeed,

If we walk in the Light, as he is in the Light, then have we Fel lowship one with another, and the Blood of Fejus Chrift his Son eleanfeth us from all Sin, 1 John i. 7.


Printed by MARY HINDE, 1774





Dear Friends and Brethren,

T bath of long Time refted with fome Preffure upon I'm my Spirit, for Zion's Sake, and the Peace of Jerufalem, to write fomething of the Nature of true Spiritual Liberty Liberty, one of the most glorious Words and Things in the World, but little understood, and frequently abused by many. I beseech Almighty God to preferve you, bis People, in the right Knowledge and Ufe of that Liberty, which Jefus Chrift, the Captain of our Salvation, bath purchased for us, and is redeeming us into, who bath led Captivity Captive, and is giving Gifts to them that truly believe in bis Name. Chrift's Liberty is obtain'd through Chrift's Cross; they that would be his Freemen, must be bis Bondsmen, and wear his blessed Yoke. His Liberty is from Sin, not to Sin; to do his Will, and not our own ; no, not to speak an idle Word. 'Tis not I that live, faith the Apostle, but Chrift that liveth in me, who bad fet him free from the Power of Sin, and brought Immortality to Light in him; whence he learned thus to triumph, O Death, where is thy Sting! O Grave, where is thy Victory! This is the perfonal Freedom that comes by Jefus Chrift, to as many as receive him in the Way, and for the End for which God hath given bim, to wit, to be a Saviour and a Leader, to fave us from our Corruptions, and guide us in the narrow Way



of his holy Cross, and through the ftrait Gate of Self-
denial, which lead to eternal Life. And as many as
bave entered at this Door, are come to bave Unity with
God, and one with another; to love him above all,
and their Neighbours as themselves; yea, to prefer
each other before themselves. Such will not violate the
Love one
great Law of their Lord and Mafter;
another; the New, and yet the Old Commandment :
Thefe dwell in Love, and fo they dwell in God; for
God is Love. 'Twas the beloved Difciples Testimony,
and it comes up to what another Man of God bath
faid, namely, The Church that dwells in God, if fhe
dwells in God, then in Love confequently ber Mem-
bers are in Union, of one Mind in Church Matters,
fince fhe bas but one Head to rule ber.

Perufe this brief Difcourfe in this Love, and it may be to Edification. My Aim is to affert the Truth, detect Error, and point in true Brotherly-kindness at thofe Shoals and Sands fome by Mistake, or Over-boldness, bave and may run upon. O Friends! I greatly defire, that the Spirit of Love, Wisdom, and a found UnderAanding, of Meekness, Judgment, and Mercy, may. ever rest upon you, that blamelefly you may be kept an boly Family, at Unity with itself to the Lord God your Redeemer, that be over all may in you, through you, and by you be exalted, bonoured, and praifed, who is worthy and bleed for ever.







WHAT is Spiritual Liberty ?

Anfwer. It is twofold; there is a true and a false Liberty, as a true and falfe Spirit, the right Dif cerning of which concerns every one's eternal Wellbeing.

Quelt. What is true Spiritual Liberty?

Anfo Deliverance from Sin by the perfect Law in the Heart, The perfe Law of Liberty, James i otherwife called, The Law of the Spirit of Life in Chrift Jefus, that makes free from the Law of Sin and Death; elfe-where ftiled, The Law of Truth writ in the Heart, which makes Free indeed, as faith Chrift, If the Truth make you Free, then are you Free indeed. So that the Liberty of God's People ftands in the Truth, and their Communion in it, and in the. perfect Spiritual Law of Chrift Jefus, which delivers and preferves them from every evil Thing that doth or would embondage. In this bleffed Liberty, it is not the Will nor Wifdom of Man, neither the vain Affections and Lufts that rule, or give Law to the Soul, for the Minds of all fuch as are made Free by the Truth, are by the Truth conducted in doing and fuffering through their earthly Pilgrimage."

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