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This, dear Friends, I fend amongst you, as a Token of my true Love, in the Revelation of the free Spirit of our God and Father, who have ever been a Friend to true Liberty, as in the State according to Law, fo in the Church according to Scripture, and as it ftandeth in the Truth of Jefus, that makes them who love it Free indeed. Let us all keep low, and remember the Rock from whence we were hewn, and dwell in a tender and reverent Sense of the daily Mercies and Providences of the Lord, looking well to our own Growth and Prosperity in his heavenly Way and Work, then fhall the Defire of our Hearts be more and more after him, and the Remembrance of his Name, and with our Love to God, will our Love encrease one towards another, helping and aiding one another: And I no ways doubt, but God, that has brought us out of the Land of Egypt, and out of the Houfe of Bondage, and delivered us from the Mouth of the Lion, and the Paw of the Bear, will preferve his People from this uncircumcifed Spirit that is not in Covenant with God, nor under the Yoke of his holy Royal Law of true spiritual Liberty; for they that keep and walk in the Light of Jefus, are fenced from the Power of this crooked Serpent, that feeks whom he may betray; nor are any ftung by him but the Unwatchful, the Lifteners and Harkeners after his jealous Whispers, and detracting Infinuations: They are fuch as make their Dwelling in the Earth, where his Region is, and where he creeps and twifts, who is earthly, fenfual, and devilish, and fo is all the Wisdom that comes from him.

My dear Friends, keep, I pray you, in the Simplicity of the Truth and Crofs of Jefus, and wait for your daily Bread, and to be daily renewed from the Lord; look to your Increase about eternal Riches, and be fure to lay up Treafure in Heaven, that fadeth not away, that your Faith and Hope may have eternal Foundations, which the crofs Occurrences of Time


and Fears of Mortality cannot move; and beware of that loose and irreverent Spirit, which has not thofe in high Efteem among you, that are faithful in the Lord's Work, and that labour in his bleffed Word and Doctrine: I plainly fee a Coldness and a Shortness on this hand, and be the Pretence as it will, it is not pleafing to the Lord: They that love Chrift, his Servants are dear to them, and they bear a tender Regard to their Trials, Travails, Spendings, and Sufferings, who feek not yours, but you, that you may all be prefented blameless at the Coming of the great God, and our Saviour Jefus Chrift, that fo the Gofpel Miniftry and Teftimony may be held up with holy fervent Love and godly Efteem, to the keeping under every raw and exalted Mind, and whatever may flight and turn against it, left God that has richly vifited us with his Fatherly Vifitations and Day-fpringing from on High, fhould remove his Bleffing irom amongst us, and place his Candlestick amidst another People. Be wife therefore, O Friends! For behold, he is at the Door that must have an Account of your Stewardship: Be watchiul, keep to your first Love and Works, that fo you may endure to the End and be faved: And having overcome, you may have Right to eat of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the Paradife of God.


The God of Peace, who bath brought our dear Lord Jefus from the Dead, and us with him, more abundantly enrich you all with Wisdom and Knowledge, in the Revelation of himself, through Faith in his Son, by whom in thefe laft Days he hath Spoken to us, who is the blessed and only Potentate, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, who only bath Immortality; to whom be Honour and Power everlafting. Amen.

Your Friend and Brother in the Tribulation and Salvation of the enduring Kingdom of our God,

Warninghurft in Suffex, the 20th of the 9th Month, 1681.

William Penn.


BOOKS Sold by MARY HINDE, at No 2, in George-Yard, Lombard-Street, LONDON.


Journal, or Hiftorical Account of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Chriftian Experiences, and Labour of Love, in the Work of the Ministry of that ancient, eminent, and faithful Servant of Jefus Chrift, George Fox. The third Edition corrected, in one Vol. Folio, price bound 165.

The Hiftory of the Rife, Increase, and Progress of the Chriftian People called Quakers, intermixt with feveral remarkable Occurrences; written originally in Low Dutch, and also tranflated into Englifb by William Sewel, the fecond Edition corrected, in one Vol. Folio, price bound 145.

A Collection of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers, for the Teftimony of a good Conscience, from the Time of their being firft diftinguished by that Name in the Year 1650, to the Time of the Act, commonly called the Act of Toleration, granted to Proteftant Diffenters, in the firft Year of the Reign of King William the Third, and Queen Mary, in the Year 1689, in two Vols. in Folio, price bound 265.

An Apology for the true Chriftian Divinity, being an Explanation and Vindication of the Principles and Doctrines of the People called Quakers, by Robert Barclay, the feventh Edition in English, Octavo, price bound 45.

Robert Barclay's Apology, in Latin, French, Danish, and Spanish, Octavo, price bound, 5s. each.

A Catechifin and Confeffion of Faith, approved of and agreed unto by the general Affembly of the Patriarchs, Prophets and Apoftles, Chrift himfelf chief Speaker in and among them; which containeth a true and faithful Account of the Principles and Doctrines which are most furely believed by the


People called Quakers. To which is added, an Expoftulation with, and an Appeal to all other Profeffors. By Robert Barclay, the ninth Edition, price bound 15.

Ditto in Latin. Price 15.

Counsel to the Chriftian Traveller: Alfo Meditations and Experiences made publick, as a Teftimony to the right Way of God revealed and made known in this the Day of his glorious Appearing in his People, that they may be encouraged to walk therein, to the End thereof. The third Edition, revised and corrected. To which is added, a Treatife concern ing Thoughts, and Imaginations, Good and Evil: Alfo a few Words concerning the Life of a Chriftian, and Chriftian Worfhip. By W. Shewen. Price 15. 6d.

No Crofs, No Crown: A Difcourfe fhewing the Nature and Difcipline of the Holy Cross of Chrift and that the Denial of Self, and daily bearing of 'Chrift's Cross, is the alone Way to the Reft and Kingdom of God. To which are added, the Living and Dying Teftimonies of many Perfons of Fame and Learning, both of ancient and modern Times, in Favour of this Treatife. In two Parts. By W. Penn. The Eleventh Edition, price bound


Primitive Christianity revived; in the Faith and Practice of the People called Quakers. Written in Teftimony to the prefent Difpenfation of God, thro' them, to the World; that Prejudices may be removed, the Simple informed, the Well-inclined encouraged, and the Truth, and its innocent Friends, rightly represented. By W. Penn. The Third Edition, price 8d.

A brief Account of the Rife and Progrefs of the People called Quakers, in which their fundamental Priciple, Doctrines, Worship, Ministry, and Difcipline, are plainly declared with a fummary Relation of the former Difpenfations of God in the



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