The Media in Question: Popular Cultures and Public Interests

Kees Brants, Joke Hermes, Liesbet van Zoonen, Professor Liesbet Van Zoonen
Sage Publications (CA), 8 déc. 1997 - 192 pages
This collection of innovative essays sets the agenda for a revitalized debate on the hybrid communicative practices that constitute the (post)modern media landscape and which cross the boundaries between fact and fiction, information and entertainment, public knowledge and popular culture.

In this challenging and provocative collection, the contributors rethink key issues - the meaning of the public interest, the quality of media performance and (de)regulation. In the process they raise topics rarely addressed in normative media theories, for example, the ethics of sports reporting, the moral reasoning in popular culture and the required professional standards for infotainment genres such as reality television and gossip journalism.

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