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CAVILS and EXCEPTIONS Of the Presbyterians in North- Britain: IN A




One of the PRESBYTERIAN Teachers in Aberdeen. To which are added, Some CONSIDERATIONS Concerning Set Forms of PRAYER, Epifcopacy, Schifm, and other Matters relating to Church-Communion. By a Citizen of Aberdeen.

Jer. vi. 16. Thus faith the Lord, Stand ye in the Ways and fee, and ask for the old Paths, where is the good Way, and walk therein, and ye shall find reft for your Souls. Tit. i. 10, 11. For there are many unruly and wain Walkers and Deceivers whofe Mouths must be stopped, who fubuert whole Houfes, teaching Things which they ought. not for filthy Lucres fake.

LONDON: Printed by H. P. for J. BETTENHAM, at the Crown in Pater-Nofter-Row. 1718.

Price One Shilling and Six-pence.

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HE following little Treatife is written by a Lay-Man who lives in that Northern Part of this Ifland, where Presbytery received an Eftablishment at the REVOLUTION, and was founded upon the INCLINATIONS of the People, which yet were at least, even at that Time, Two to One against it; nor is there the least mention made in the Act which introduced it, of its being Jure Divino, of Divine Right, and yet all the Teachers of that Sect do affert it to be the Original and only Government of the Chriftian Church which is acceptable to GOD, altho' they have been as often confuted in that, and all other their Novel Notions, as they have adventured to appear Advocates for them: And therefore they look upon all Chriftians, of whatever Denomination, who differ from them, as fo many Hereticks and Schifmaticks, as Enemies to GOD, and as unfit to live upon the Earth: And accordingly are, by Principle, PERSECUTORS of all who lo differ from them. And whenever they have POWER, they fhew, too demonftrably, that they

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