Code of Building Laws and Regulations of the City of Montreal: Containing the By-laws Relating to Buildings, Plumbing Drainage and Sewerage, Streets and Roads, Hygiene...

Guertin printing Company, 1906 - 488 pages

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Page 453 - L'un des voisins ne peut pratiquer dans le corps d'un mur mitoyen aucun enfoncement, ni y ap'pliquer ou appuyer aucun ouvrage sans le consentement de l'autre, ou sans avoir, à son refus, fait régler par experts les moyens nécessaires pour que le nouvel ouvrage ne soit pas nuisible aux droits de l'autre.
Page 232 - It is further mutually agreed between the parties hereto that no certificate given or payment made under this contract, except the final certificate or final payment, shall be conclusive evidence of the performance of this contract, either wholly or in part, and that no payment shall be construed to be an acceptance of defective work or improper materials.
Page 453 - Tout propriétaire joignant un mur, a de même la faculté de le rendre mitoyen, en tout ou en partie, en remboursant au maître du mur la moitié de sa valeur, ou la moitié de la valeur de la portion qu'il veut rendre mitoyenne, et moitié de la valeur du sol sur lequel le mur est bâti.
Page 452 - Il ya marque de non-mitoyenneté lorsque la sommité du mur est droite et à plomb de son parement d'un côté, et présente de l'autre un plan incliné; Lors encore qu'il n'ya que d'un côté ou un chaperon ou des filets et corbeaux de pierre qui y auraient été mis en bâtissant le mur. Dans ces cas, le mur est censé appartenir exclusivement au propriétaire du côté duquel sont l'égout ou les corbeaux et filets de pierre.
Page 230 - It is also understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto that such additional drawings and explanations as may be necessary to detail and illustrate the work to be done...
Page 231 - Owner shall be at liberty, after three days' written notice to the Contractors, to provide any such labor or materials, and to deduct the cost thereof from any money then due or thereafter to become due to the...
Page 166 - ... shall be sufficient to prove that it was properly addressed and put into the post ; and where it is required to be served on or sent to the...
Page 232 - If at any time there shall be evidence of any lien or claim for which, if established, the Owner of the said premises might become liable, and which is chargeable to the Contractor , the Owner shall have the right to retain out of any payment then due or thereafter to become due an amount sufficient to completely indemnify against such lien or claim.
Page 232 - IX. It is hereby mutually agreed between the parties hereto that the sum to be paid by the Owner., to the Contractor., for said work and materials shall be subject to additions and deductions as hereinbefore provided...
Page 220 - To find the velocity in feet per minute necessary to discharge a given volume of water in a given time, multiply the number of cubic feet of water by 144 and divide the product by the area of the pipe in inches.

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