Two French Queens and Other Sketches

Digby, Long & Company, 1896 - 341 pages

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Page 248 - If you please, mamma, will you go on? Mrs. M. " At six my brother went again to my father, to say his lessons, and to play till supper-time. After supper, my mother undressed him quickly and put him to bed. We then went up to our own apartment. The king did not go to bed till eleven. My mother worked a great deal of tapestry : she directed my studies, and often made me read aloud. My aunt was frequently at prayer, and read every morning the divine service for the day. She read a good many religious...
Page 324 - Crown 8vo, cloth, 3s. 6d. — Second Edition. This is a cleverly-written and most entertaining book, full of incident, with just enough of mystery to rivet the reader's attention until the last page is reached. The author has depicted several phases of London life with the utmost truth and fidelity. ' • • By Mrs Robert Jocelyn. JUANITA CARRINGTON. A Sporting Novel. By the Author of "Drawn Blank,
Page 182 - What tempted you, then? His crimes. "I killed one man," added she, raising her voice extremely (extremement), as they went on with their questions, "I killed one man to save a hundred thousand; a villain to save innocents; a savage wild-beast to give repose to my country. I was a Republican before the Revolution; I never wanted energy.
Page 329 - Birmingham Gazette. IS NATURAL SELECTION THE CREATOR OF SPECIES? By Duncan Graham. Crown 8vo, cloth, 6s. This work is a library of reference on the most controversial subjects of the day, and in it Darwin and his theories are analytically tested, and the whole of the teleological argument is set forth with much lucidity.
Page 232 - Oui , pour fée étourdie à vos traits je me livre ; Mais si ma prophétie a manqué son effet , II faut vous l'avouer, c'est qu'en ouvrant mon livre J'avais pour le premier pris le second feuillet.
Page 324 - Chrystal, with her many questionings, her high courage, her candour, her truthfulness, and her quaint originality, is charming. Rarely, if ever, has such a close analysis of a child's character, and that child a girl, been given.
Page 184 - Qu'à l'univers surpris cette grande action Soit un objet d'horreur ou d'admiration ; Mon esprit , peu jaloux de vivre en la mémoire , Ne considère point le reproche ou la gloire : Toujours indépendant , et toujours citoyen , Mon devoir me suffit, tout le reste n'est rien.
Page 275 - I arrived in front of the Princess ; I courtesied, and was about to pass on, when the Dauphiness, repeating my name, fixed on me that kind look which secured her the love of all by whom she was surrounded. That glance directed me to stop — I stopped. ' You are Madame Junot ? '

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