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178 The Fifth Sunday after Easter. Illus- 209 The Fifth Sunday after Trinity. Illus-
tration-Peter visiting Dorcas.
tration-Miraculous draught of fishes.


178 The Collect Initial letter 0-Elisha
restoring the widow's son to life.
179 The Epistle. Initial letter B-Comfort-
ing the widowed.

179 The Gospel. Initial letter V-Paul and
Silas in prison.
181 Ascension day. Illustration-The As-
cension. Rubens.

181 The Collect. Initial letter G-May we also in beart and mind thither ascend.'

182 The Epistle. Initial letter T-'Why
stand ye gazing up into heaven ?'
183 The Gospel. Initial letter J-Jesus
appearing to the disciples as they sat
at meat.

184 Sunday after Ascension day. Illustra tion Persecution of the disciples. Le Sueur.

184 The Collect. Initial letter O-The servant of the lord of the vineyard slain by the husbandmen.

185 The Epistle. Initial letter T-' Watch


187 The Epistle. Initial letter W-' They
were all amazed, and marvelled.'
187 The Gospel. Initial letter J- Peter,
lovest thou me?'

189 Monday in Whitsun-week. Illustra-
tion-Christ walking on the sea.
P. Gotting.

180 The Collect. Initial letter G-For every one that doeth evil hateth the light.'

189 The Epistle. Initial letter T-Cornelius baptized.

190 The Gospel. Initial letter G-Massacre of the innocents.

192 Tuesday in Whitsun-week. Illustration -Peter and John at Emmaus. Le Brun.

192 The Collect. Initial 0-Ahaz and the prophet.

193 The Epistle. Initial letter W- The apostles go to Samaria.

193 The Gospel. Initial letter V- He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way.'

194 Trinity Sunday. Illustration-' Nicodemus came to Jesus by night.' Tintoretto.

The Collect. Init, lett. G-Jesus teach-
ing the people from Simon's boat.
The Epistle, Initial letter B-' For the
eyes of the Lord are open to the
210 The Gospel. Initial letter J-The fish-
ermen washing their nets.

212 The Sixth Sunday after Trinity. Illus-
tration-First be reconciled to thy
brother, and then come and offer thy



212 The Collect. Initial letter O-And
thou be cast into prison."
213 The Epistle. Initial letter K-Planted
together in the likeness of his death."
213 The Gospel. Initial letter J- Whoso-
ever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in
danger of hell fire.'

The Seventh Sunday after Trinity,
Illustration- Lord of all power and
might. Flaxman.


204 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Seeking for the lost piece of silver.

206 The Fourth Sunday after Trinity. Illustration - The blind leading the blind. Tintoretto.

215 The Collect. Initial letter L-
he took the seven loaves, and gave
thanks, and brake,' &c.

unto prayer.'

185 The Gospel. Initial letter W-Paul es- 215 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Destruccaping from Damascus.

186 Whit Sunday. Illustration-Descent of the Holy Ghost. Raffaelle.


tion of the cities of the plain.-' For
the end of those things is death.'
The Gospel. Initial letter 1-And he 245
commanded the people to sit down
on the ground.'

186 The Collect. Initial letter 0-'These
things have I spoken unto you, being
yet present with you. But the 217 The Eighth Sunday after Trinity. 11
Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost,' lustration-Every tree that bringeth
not forth good fruit, is hewn down,'
&c. Thurston.
The Collect. Initial letter O- For if
ye live after the flesh, ye shall die.'
219 The Epistle. Initial letter B-Philip
caught up by the Spirit after baptiz-
ing the eunuch.


218 The Gospel. Initial letter B-' Do men
gather grapes of thors,' &c.
219 The Ninth Sunday after Trinity. Mas-
tration-Destruction of Pharaoh and
his host.

219 The Collect. Initial letter G-Moses
striking the rock.




The Epistle. Initial letter B-The Is-
raelites passing through the Red sea.
The Gospel. Initial letter J-' Give an
account of thy stewardship.'
The Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 11
lustration- And he went into the
temple, and began to cast out them
that sold therein, and them that
The Collect. Initial letter L-The gifts
of healing.
The Epistle. Initial letter C-False
prophets.-The Pythoness.
The Gospel. Initial letter A-' The
days shall come upon thee that thine
enemies shall cast a trench about
thee,' &c.

The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration - The publican and the
The Collect. Initial letter O-'Support
us in our weary pilgrimage.'
The Epistle. Initial letter B-Paul led
to Damascus after he had been struck

194 The Collect, Initial letter A-' And immediately I was in the Spirit.'

195 The Epistle. Initial letter A And 225 round about the throne were four and twenty elders.'

206 The Collect. Initial letter 0-For-
give, and ye shall be forgiven.'
207 The Epistle. Initial letter J-'The
whole creation groaneth.'




196 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Moses 225
lifting up the brazen serpent.

197 The First Sunday after Trinity. Illus-226
tration Lazarus at the rich man's
gate. Adapted from Uwins.

201 The Gospel. Initial letter A-Go out 230
into the highways and hedges,' &c.
203 The Third Sunday after Trinity. Il-
lustration-The return of the prodigal
son. L. Spada.
203 The Collect. Initial letter O-The lost
sheep found.

204 The Epistle. Initial letter A-Haman
and Mordecai.


236 The Collect. Initial letter K-'Behold the fowls of the air,' &c.

237 The Epistle. Initial letter Y-' Paul writing the Epistle to the Galatians, 237 The Gospel. Initial letter N-Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow,' &c.




The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration-The widow's son of
Nain raised to life. Bird.

239 The Collect. Initial letter O-' For
this cause I bow my knees.
240 The Epistle. Initial letter 1-David's
men fainting in the pursuit.
240 The Gospel. Initial letter A- The
house of mourning.

242 The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration-Christ eating bread in
the house of the harisee. Paul

fore Christ.

233 The Collect. Initial letter A
in the Spirit.'
234 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Idolatry.
Worshipping the sun.

234 The Gospel. Initial letter A-There
are not found that returned to give
glory to God save this stranger.



207 The Gospel. Initial letter B-Jonah
under the gourd. Be ye therefore
merciful, as your Father also is mer- 236 The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration-Paul preaching.

[blocks in formation]

by the angels into Abraham's bosom. 198 The Epistle. Initial letter B-Jacob and Esau.

197 The Collect. Initial letter O-Carried 226 The Gospel. Initial letter J-' The
Pharisee stood and prayed thus with
himself,' &c.
The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity. Il-
lustration-Christ healing the deaf.
228 The Collect. Initial letter A- The
deaf shall hear the words of the
The Epistle. Initial letter S-Moses 258
descending from the mount with the
tables of the law.

228 199 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Death of Lazarus.

200 The Second Sunday after Trinity. Il-
lustration- A certain man made a
great supper,' &c. Jouvenet.
200 The Collect. Initial letter O-'I have
purchased five yoke of oxen,' &c.


201 The Epistle. Initial letter M-Jo- 229
seph's brethren putting him into the

The Gospel. Initial letter J-So
much the more a great deal they
published it.'



The Collect. Initial letter L- When thou art bidden to a feast take the lowest seat,' &c.

The Gospel. Initial letter J-The siege of Jerusalem.

The Twehty-first Sunday after Trinity. Illustration-Christ and the nobleman at Capernaum.

252 The Colle Initial letter G-The recovery of the nobleman's sou.

253 The Epistle. Initial letter M-' Put on the whole armour of God.'

253 The Gospel. Initial letter T-His servants met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth."

The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity.
Illustration.-The good Samaritan.

The Collect. Initial letter A - The
thieves attacking the traveller.
The Epistle. Initial letter T-Moses
ascending to Mount Sinai.
The Gospel. Initial letter B-' And set
him on his own beast, and brought
him to an inn,' &c.


The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. 261
Illustration-The leper kneeling be-

[blocks in formation]


259 The Gospel. Initial letter T-The Pharisees sent out unto him their disciples.'




The Collect. Initial letter O-Peter finding the tribute-money in the fish's mouth.

The Epistle. Initial letter B-' For our conversation is in heaven.'

260 The Twenty-fourth Sunday after Tri-
nity. Illustr'n-Raising the daughter
of Jairus. Overbeck.
The Collect. Init. lett. O-There came
a certain ruler and worshipped him."
The Epistle. Initial letter W-' Par
takers of the inheritance of the saints
in light.'
The Gospel. Initial letter W-The
diseased woman touching the hem of
Christ's garment.

Walk 263 The Twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity. Illustration-Miracle of the loaves and fishes.

263 The Collect. Initial letter S-' A king shall reign and prosper.'

264 The Epistle. Initial letter B-'Israel sha 1 dwell safely."

264 The Gospel. Initial letter W-There is a lad here, &c.'

[blocks in formation]

270 The Epistle. Initial letter N-Ye are
no more strangers and foreigners.'
270 The Gospel Initial letter T-Disciples
informing Thomas of the resurrec-

276 The Innocents' Day.

Flight into Egypt.

276 The Collect. Initial letter 0-Rachel
weeping for her children.
277 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Vision of
Mount Sion.


252 The Presentation of Christ in the Tem-
ple. Illustration-The presentation
in the Temple. F. Bartolomeo.
Initial letter A The
292 The Collect.
offering of purification.
283 The Epistle. Initial letter B- Who
may abide the day of his coming?"
283 The Gospel. Initial letter A-Anna
entering the temple.


271 Saint Stephen's Day. Illustration-
Martyrdom of St. Stephen. Le
271 The Collect. Initial letter G-Murder
of Abel.

The Epistle. Initial letter I-' And he
killed James, the brother of John,
with the sword.

272 The Epistle. Initial letter S-'I see
the heavens opened,' &c.

272 The Gospel. Initial letter B-Death
of Zacharias.

The Gospel. Initial letter T Then
came to him the mother of Zebedee's
children with her sons.

274 Saint John the Evangelist's Day. Illus- 310 Saint Bartholomew the Apostle. Il-
lustration-Solomon's Porch. N.

tration-St. John the Evangelist.
274 The Collect. Initial letter M- Which
is he that betrayeth thee"

274 The Epistle. Initial letter T-'If we
confess our sins,' &c.

275 The Gospel. Initial letter J-What
shall this man do?'

285 St. Matthias' Day. Illustration- In
those days Peter stood up in the
midst of the disciples.'

285 The Collect. Initial letter O-'Let
his habitation be desolate.'
256 The Epistle. Initial letter I-Death of

237 The Gospel. Initial letter A-' At that
time Jesus answered and said.'
289 The Annunciation of the Blessed Vir-
gin Mary. Illustration-The Annun-
ciation. Overbeck.

288 The Collect. Initial letter W- The
Lord spake again unto Ahaz.
239 The Epistle. Initial letter M-The
virgin and child.



298 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Peter 328 The Commandments. Initial letter G
escaping from prison.
-Stoning the Sabbath-breakers.
330 'Hear also what our Lord Jesus Christ
saith.' Initial letter T- The good
Samaritan. Chapman.

Prayer. Initial letter O-'If ye love
me, keep my commandments.' Chap-



310 The Collect. Initial letter Q-They
laid them on beds and couches,' &c.
Initial letter BThey
311 The Epistle.
brought forth the sick into the

Illustration-311 The Gospel. Initial letter A-' And sit
The Repose.

on thrones,' &c.

312 Saint Matthew the Apostle. Illustra-
tion-Saint Matthew. Rubens.

312 The Collect. Initial letter O-Disci-
ples plucking the ears of corn.
312 The Epistle. Initial letter T-' For we
preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus
the Lord.'

The Gospel. Initial letter A-' The
angel troubling the waters of Beth-


Saint Michael and All Angels. Illustra-
tion-St. Michael and Satan. Raf


289 The Gospel. Initial letter A-The an-
gel Gabriel appearing to Mary.
291 Saint Mark's Day. Illustration-Saint
Mark. Rubens.

300 Saint John Baptist's Day. Illustration
-John baptizing Christ Rubens.
300 The Collect. Initial letter A-' He
shall gather the lambs with his arm,'

301 The Epistle. Initial letter C-' He shall
feed his flock like a shepherd,' &c.
302 The Gospel. Initial letter E-Zacha-
rias writing the name of John.
304 Saint Peter's Day. Illustration-The
angel releasing Peter. Domeni-



277 The Gospel. Initial letter T-Flight
into Egypt.

279 The Conversion of Saint Paul. Illus- 313
tration-St. Paul. Albert Durer.
279 The Collect. Initial letter O-The con-
version of St. Paul.
279 The Epistle. Initial letter A-Saul
journeying to Damascus.
281 The Gospel. Initial letter P-Lot's 314 The Collect. Initial letter O-' And
Jesus called a little child unto him.'
The Epistle. Initial letter T There:
fore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that
dwell in them.'



The Gospel. Initial letter A Whoso 437
shall receive one such little child,'

317 Saint Luke the Evangelist. Illustra-
tion-Saint Luke.
Initial letter A-'The
317 The Collect.
Lord appointeth other seventy also.'
317 The Epistle. Initial letter W-Do the
work of an evangelist.'

318 The Gospel. Initial letter T-'Peace
be to this house."

Saint Simon and Saint Jude, Apostles.
Illustration-Christ exhorting his dis

295 The Gospel. Ini'ial letter A-'In
my Father's house are many man-

The Collect. Initial letter O- Upon 344 View of Christ Church Cathedral, Ox-
this rock I will build my church.'

The Epistle. Initial letter A-Peter
knocking at the door after his escape
from prison.


condemning Ananias.

306 The Gospel. Initial letter W-Peter 345 Title At the top, Tewkesbury Church,
Gloucestershire, and the Abbey (or
Holy Cross) Church, Shrewsbury; in
the centre, the Interior, with the Font,
of Irthlingborough church, Northamp-
tonshire, and the Interior, with the
Font of Walsingham Church, Nor-
folk; at the bottom, Leominster
Church, Herefordshire, and Ciren-
cester Church, Gloucestershire.

307 Saint James the Apostle. Illustration
-The death of St. James.
307 The Collect. Initial letter G-The ar-
resting of St. Peter.


347 Public Baptism of Infants. Westall.
352 Ruins of Iona.

362 The



297 Saint Barnabas the Apostle. Illustra-
tion-Paul and Barnabas at Lystra.




319 The Collect. Initial letter O-'After-
ward destroyed them that believed


291 The Collect. Initial letter O-'When 323
he ascended up on high,' &c.
291 The Epistle Initial letter U-Roman

320 The Epistle. Initial letter J-The an-
gels which kept not their first estate.
321 The Gospel. Initial letter T- Love
one another. Jonathan and David.
322 All Saints' Day. Illustration-Sermon
on the mount.

322 The Collect. Initial letter O-' And I
saw another angel ascending from

triumph. He led captivity captive.' 324 The Gospel.
292 The Gospel. Initial letter I-Burning

the unfruitful branches.

291 Saint Philip and Saint James' Day. 324 Interior of Exeter Cathedral.

Illustration-Fortitude. Sir Joshua


294 The Collect. Initial letter O-' James, 325

a servant of God,' &c.

294 The Epistle. Initial letter J-The
twelve tribes receiving Jacob's bless-

the east.'

The Epistle. Initial letter A-'And he
cried with a loud voice to the four

Initial letter J-And
when he was set, his disciples came
unto him.'

[blocks in formation]

297 The Collect. Initial letter O-Great
dearth throughout the world.
298 The Epistle. Initial letter T-'In those
days came prophets from Jerusa- 328 The Collect. Initial letter A-Cleanse
the thoughts of our hearts.'

[blocks in formation]


Title to the Administration of the
Lord's Supper. At the top, Semp;
ringham Priory, Lincolnshire, and
Bosham Church, Sussex; in the
centre, Interior of Southwell Min-
ster, Nottinghamshire, and Interior of
Hereford Cathedral; at the bottom,
Bromyard Church, Herefordshire, &
Austin Friars, London.
327 The Last Supper. Da Vinci.
328 The Lord's Prayer. Initial letter O-462
'But deliver us from evil.' From
Flaxman's Illustrations of the Lord's


Title to the Psalms of David.-At the
top, the Cathedrals of Hereford and
Llandaff; in the centre, the Cathe-
drals of Norwich and Lichfield; at
the bottom, the Abbey of St. Alban's
and the Cathedral of Carlisle.

First Day-Ps. i. ver. 6. Day of Judg



439 Initial letter-Ps. i. v. 3.
440 Initial letter-Ps. ii. v. 2.
440 Initial letter-Ps. iii. v. 1.

441 Initial letter-Ps. iv. v. 2 Shimei curs-
ing David.

441 Initial letter-Ps. v. v. 6. 11. Ahithophel.

442 Initial letter-Ps. vi. v. 6.
443 Initial letter-Ps. vii. v. 2.
444 Initial letter-Ps. viii. v. 6.
445 Second Day-Ps. x. v. 9.

445 Initial letter-Ps. ix. v. 5. David with
the head of Goliath.
446 Initial letter-Ps. x. v. 8.
448 Initial letter-Ps. xi. v. 1.

448 Initial letter-Ps. xii. v. 5. Dives and




Initial letter-Ps. xiii. Daniel, a Psalm
of the Captivity.

Initial letter-Ps. xiv. Belshazzar, ditto.
Third Day-Ps. xviii. v. 14. The last
War with the Philistines.

451 Initial letter-Ps. xv. v. 1.

452 Initial letter-Ps. xvi. v. 11. The Re-
452 Initial letter-Ps. xvii. v. 8.
454 Initial letter-Ps. xviii. v. 40. War with
the Philistines.

457 Fourth Day-Ps. xxii. v. 18.
457 Initial letter-Ps. xix. v. 5. Sunrise,
458 Initial letter-Ps. xx. v. 8. Submission
of the Syrians.
459 Initial letter-Ps. xxi. v. 1.
460 Initial letter-Ps. xxii. v. 7. Christ
Initial letter-Ps. xxiii. v. 1.
463 Fifth Day-Ps. xxix. v. 5. Job and his

463 Initial letter-Ps. xxiv. v. 4.
464 Initial letter-Ps. xxv. v. 8.
465 Initial letter-Ps. xxvi. v. 6.



466 Initial letter-Ps. xxvii. v. 3.

527 Fifteenth Day-Ps. lxxviii. v. 15.
527 Initial letter-Ps. lxxv. v. 12.
tion of Sennacherib.

467 Initial letter-Ps. xxviii. v. 2.
463 Initial letter-Ps. xxix. v. 8.
469 Sixth Day-Ps. xxx. v. 12. David De- 523 Initial letter-Ps. lxxvi. v. 6.
dicating the Altar.
529 Initial letter-Ps. lxxvii. v. 11.
469 Initial letter- Ps. xxx. v. 7.
with the Tables of the Law.
470 Initial letter-Ps. xxxi. v. 3. David 530 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxviii. v. 64. 65.
Pursued by Saul.
535 Sixteenth Day-Ps. lxxix. v. 1.



lation of Jerusalem.

472 Initial letter-Ps. xxxii. v. 1. 473 Initial letter-Ps. xxxiii. v. 2. 474 Initial letter-Ps. xxxiv. v. 7. and Ishmael

476 Seventh Day-Ps. xxxv. v. 6. 470 Initial letter-Ps. xxxv. v. 14. 473 Initial letter-Ps. xxxvi. v. 4. Robber.

479 Initial letter-Ps. xxxvii. v. 36 482 Eighth Day-Ps. lii.

492 Initial letter-Ps. xxxviii. v. 6. 483 Initial letter-Ps. xxxix. v. 5. lom's Tomb.

494 Initial letter-Ps. xi. v. 16. 488 Initial letter-Ps. xli. v. 1. 487 Initial letter-Ps. xlii. v. 8. Hermon.

with the Tables of the Law.
587 Initial letter-do. Gimel.
583 Initial letter-do. Daleth.
588 Twenty-fifth Day-do. v. 55.
589 Initial letter-do. Vau.
599 Initial letter-do. Zain.
590 Initial letter-do. Cheth.
590 Initial letter-do. Teth.
Jael 591 Initial letter-do. Jod.

540 Initial letter- Ps. Ixxxiv. v. 3.
541 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxxv. v. 10.

591 Initial letter-do. Caph.
592 Initial letter-do. Lamed.
592 Initial letter-do. Mem. v. 97.

443 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxxvii, v. 3.
544 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxviii. v. 1.
praying to the Lord.
David in 545 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxxix. v. 21.
548 Eighteenth Day-Ps. xciv. v. 6. De-
struction of Jerusalem by the Assy-

542 Seventeenth Day-Ps. ixxxix. v. 21. 593 Twenty-sixth Day-do. v. 147. 'Early
Anointing of David.
in the morning do I cry unto thee.'
Absa- 542 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxvi.
593 Initial letter-do. Nun, v. 1.
594 Initial letter-do. Samech.
594 Initial letter-do. Ain.
595 Initial letter-do. Phe.
595 Initial letter-do. Tzaddi.
596 Initial letter-do. Koph.
596 Initial letter-do. Resch.
597 Initial letter-do. Shin.
597 Initial letter-do. Tau.


548 Initial letter-Ps. xc v. 6.

549 Initial letter-Ps. xci. v 9. The Na- 599 Twenty-seventh Day-Ps.cxxviii.v.3,4.
398 Initial letter-Ps. cxx. v. 4. Tents of

Marriage of

496 Initial letter-Ps. 1. v. 3.
498 Initial letter-Ps. li. v, 7.
499 Initial letter-Ps. lii. v. 9.
500 Initial letter-Ps. liii. v. 6.
500 Initial letter-Ps. liv. v. 1.

535 Initial letter-Ps. lxxix. v. 1. Ditto.
Hagar 536 Initial letter-Ps. lxxx. 13.

537 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxi. v. 3.
533 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxii. v. 3.
539 Initial letter-Ps. lxxxii. v. 9.
slaying Sisera


489 Initial letter-Ps. xliii. v. 5.
489 Ninth Day-Ps. xlv. v. 10.
489 Initial letter-Ps. xliv. v. 17.
491 Initial letter-Ps. xlv. v. 4, 5, 6.

492 Initial letter-Ps. xlvi. v. 1. Jehosha-
phat's Triumph over Moab.
493 Initial letter-Ps. xlvii. v. 4.
493 Initial letter-Ps. xlviii. v. 2.

Olive Tree.
David in


599 Initial letter-Ps. cxxi. v. 3.
599 Initial letter-Ps. cxxii. v. 4.

554 Initial letter-Ps. xcv. v. 1.

494 Initial letter-Ps. xlix. v. 10.
496 Tenth Day-Ps. li. v. 1. Nathan re- 555 Initial letter-Ps. xcvi. v. 12.
proving David.

550 Initial letter-Ps. xcii. v. 9.
551 Initial letter-Ps. xciii. v. 5.
552 Initial letter-Ps. xciv. v. 6.
Mount 554 Nineteenth Day-Ps. xcv. v. 8. Moses 600 Initial letter-Ps. cxxiii. v. 2.
striking the Rock.
600 Initial letter-Ps. CXXIV. V. 6.
600 Initial letter-Ps. cxxv. v. 2.
601 Initial letter-Ps. cxxvi. v. 7.
601 Initial letter-Ps. cxxvit. v. 5.
602 Initial letter-Ps. cxxviii. v. 3.
602 Initial letter-Ps. cxxix. v. 6.
603 Initial letter-Ps. cxxx. v. 1.
663 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxi. v. 3.
604 Twenty-eighth Day-Ps cxxxviii. v. 1.
By the waters of Babylon we sat
down and wept.'

500 Initial letter-Ps. lv. v. 6.
503 Eleventh Day-Ps. lvii. v. 7. David
cutting the Skirt of Saul's Garment.
503 Initial letter-Ps. lvi. v. 6.

504 Initial letter-Pa. lvii. v. 5.

505 Initial letter-Ps. lviii. v. 5.

David in

505 Initial letter-Ps. lix. v. 6.
507 Initial letter-Ps. Ix v. 1.
508 Initial letter-Ps Ixi. v. 3.
509 Twelfth Day-Ps. lxv. v. 14.
509 Initial letter-Ps. Ixiii. v. 1.
510 Initial letter-Ps. Ixiii. v. 2.
511 Initial letter-Ps. Ixiv. v. 4.
512 Initial letter-Ps. lxv. v. 6, 7.
513 Initial letter-Ps. Ixvi. v. 5.

515 Initial letter-Ps. lxvii. v. 5.

518 Initial letter-Ps. Ixix. v. 1 and 2.

520 Initial letter-Ps. Ixx. v. 3.

514 Initial letter-Ps. lxvii v. 6.

515 Thirteenth Day-Ps. lxviii. v. 1. David

dancing before the Ark.


Death of



521 Fourteenth Day-Ps. lxxii. v. 1.
mon appointed King with David.
521 Initial letter-Ps. lxxi. v. 20.
523 Initial letter-Ps. lxxii. v. 4, 10, 11.
524 Initial letter-Ps. lxxiii. v. 16.
525 Initial letter-Ps. Ixxiv. v. 8, 9.


556 Initial letter-Ps. xcvii. v. 2.
557 Initial letter-Ps. xcviii. v. 6.
557 Initial letter-Ps. xcix. v. 7.
558 Initial letter-Ps. c. v. 2.
559 Initial letter-Ps. ci. v 1.
560 Twentieth Day-Ps. civ. v. 18.
560 Initial letter-Ps. cii. v. 6.
562 Initial letter-Ps. ciii. v. 13. The Prodi-
gal Son.
563 Initial letter-Ps. civ. v. 11.
566 Twenty-first Day-Ps. ev. v. 17. Joseph

566 Initial letter-Ps. cv. v. 10. Jacob's


584 Initial letter-Ps. cxviii. v. 22. Christ rejected.


586 Initial letter-Ps. cxix.
586 Initial letter-do. Beth.
587 Initial letter-do. He, v. 35. Moses

583 Initial letter-Ps. cxvi. v. 12.
584 Initial letter Ps. cxvii. v. 1.

579 Initial letter-Ps. exii. v. 1.
580 Initial letter-Ps. cxiii. v. 8.
581 Initial letter-Ps. cxiv. v. 3.
the Jordan.

581 Initial letter-Ps. cxv. v. 12.
583 Twenty-fourth Day-Ps, cxvi. v. 16.
The Israelites sacrificing amid the
ruins of Jerusalem upon their return
from the Capt.vity.

569 Initial letter-Ps. cvi. v. 19.
572 Twenty-second Day-Ps. cvii. v 23-27.
572 Initial letter-Ps. cvii. v. 20. The Bra-
zen Serpent.
575 Initial letter-Ps. cviii. v. 9. 'Judah is
an old lon.'

576 Initial letter-Ps. cix. v. 9.
578 Twenty-third Day-Ps. cxiii. v. 8. Han- 612 Initial letter-Ps. cxl. v. 3.
612 Initial letter-Ps. cxli. v. 8.
578 Initial letter-Ps. cx. v. 2.
613 Initial letter-Ps. cxliii. v. 1.
579 Initial letter-cxi. v. 6.

Spies and 614 Initial letter-Ps. cxliii. v. 2. Jcb.
615 Thirtieth Day-Ps. cxliv. v. 13.

615 Initial letter-Ps. cxliv. v. 12, 13, 14. 616 Initial letter-Ps. cxlv. v. 2.

604 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxii. v. 5. 'Re. moval of the Ark'

605 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxiii. v. 2. Aaron

606 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxiv. v. 3.
606 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxv. V. 10.
607 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxvi. v. 9.
608 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxvii. v. 2.
609 Initial letter-Ps cxxxviii. v. 2.
610 Twenty-ninth Day-Ps. cxiii, v. 7. De-
vid in the Cave of Engedi.
610 Initial letter-Ps. cxxxix. v. 13.
vellous are thy works.'

Passing 617 Initial letter-Ps. cxlvi. v. 7.

619 Initial letter-Ps. cxlvii. v. 9.
619 Initial letter-Ps. cxlviii. v. 12.
620 Ini ial letter-Ps. cxlix. v. 3.
620 Initial letter-Ps. cl. v. 3 and 4.

632 Interior of Winchester Cathedral. 653 Exterior of Durham Cathedral. 663 Interior of Ely Cathedral.


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VII. Tables and Rules for the Moveable and Immoveable Feasts, together with the days
of Fasting and Abstinence throughout the year

VIII. Tables for finding the Holydays

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