Animal and Man in Bible Lands

E.J. Brill, 1960 - 232 pages
"Wild animals must have been a terrible menace to the early settlers, until civilization got rid of them in its holocaust destruction of the natural landscape. Apart from the direct extension of arable land we may mention only the slow but permanent destruction of the forests by man and goat. This early menace found its expression in animal cults and animal totems dominating the life of primitive man in many regions of the world. In the Middle East most of these cults and totems although existent still in many myths and rituals were forgotten with the growth of town cultures and of empires. Domestic animals have been decisive factors in history. The horses of the Hykos invaders and their chariots revolutionised warfare, as did elephants in the period of the Diadoches ... The asses as beasts of burden opened the road to commerce. Beasts of draught put primitive agriculture on a profitable base ... The domestication of the camel enabled the bedawi to pass rapidly with their caravans through the deserts, which were closed before ... Other animals of historical importance were the carriers of diseases and famine ..."--Pg. 7.

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