Sexual Predators: How to Recognize Them on the Internet and on the Street : how to Keep Your Kids Away

Silver Lake Publishing, 2007 - 252 pages
You've seen the news reports on TV. Grown men show up for sexual encounters with children and young teenagers-after "meeting" them on Internet Web sites or chat rooms. The kids don't understand the risks they're taking. But the grown men do. They live for the sleazy meetings, spending hours...or weeks...arranging the details. They are sexual predators. Parents, guardians and family members worry about how to protect their kids from these people. But the popularity of the Internet makes that protection difficult. Online safety isn't black and white. Bad people can use legitimate Web sites to recruit or "groom" victims; and the predators lie so smoothly that the kids don't realize what's happening until it's too late. This book uses actual transcripts from undercover investigations of sexual predators to give you practical knowledge of how these villains operate. It follows the experiences of real people-real children-so that you know what to look for in a child or an Internet "friend" to cut off "chats" before they lead to abuse. Book jacket.

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Theyre Flooding the Internet
Hooking Up
How Sexual Predators Stalk Their Prey
Selfishness Desperation and Vanity
Predators Like to Move Fast
Predators Groom Their Victims
Predators Excuses
Predators Dont Change Their Spots
The Internet Warps Kids Perspectives
Corporate Sponsorship of ChildSex Chat Rooms
How the Law Responds
A Childs Diary of Being Attacked
Child Pornographyand Legal Bureaucracy
Protecting Kids from Themselves
Threats on the Horizon
Abbreviation Key Glossary

Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging
Some Kids Invite Predators In
Web Cameras and Other Devices

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