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I am willing to perswade my self, that the World will treat this Labour of Love with the same Candor, with which I wrote it. And I desire only, that the Great and Important Truths, contain'd therein, may not be believ'd upon my bare Afertion, but that the Collection of venerable Authorities, by which they are supported, may be througbly Sifted, Examin'd, and well Weigh’d; and I bumbly hope then, that our Good and Gracious God will direct their Influence, and give a Blessing in the Efficacy of them, to the lasting Peace, and Unity, and Prosperity of this Church and Nation.

Robert Warren.


by the Reverend Dr. WARREN, Rector of St. Maryl at Stratford Bow, in Middlesex.


HE Daily Self-Examinant: Or, An earSelf-Examination. The 7th Edition.

The devout Christian’s Preparative to Death. Written by Erasmus, and rendered into English ; with devout Prayers, &c. The 7th Edition.

The Communicant's constant Exercise, Before, At, and After, receiving the Holy Sacrament. Tbe 6th Edition.

The Continual Pleasure of a Religious Life. The 9th Edition.

A seasonable Exhortation to the Duty of Obedience to the Bishops of our Establish'd Church, more particularly as to Confirmation, occafion'd by the General and Primary Confirmation of our moft Excellent, and truly Pious Diocesan, the Right Reverend Father in God, Edmund Lord Bishop of London. And Humbly Dedicated to His Lordship. The 2d Edition.

The Death of a Righteous Man distinctly consider'd, both as a Judgment, and a Merby ; being the Substance of Two Sermons, occasion'd by the Death of the most Reverend Sir William Dawes, late Lord Archbishop of York; and publith'd at the Request of the Auditory



Three Volumes of Practical Discourses in 8vo. on various Subjects, Fifty Two in Number ; being a compleat Set. and design'd for every Lord's Day throughout the whole Year. Proper for all Families and Private Persons. To which is added a Forin of Devotion for all Persons, who cannot, upon some justifiable Occasions, attend the publick Service of the Church upon the Lord's Day; together with occasional Prayers.

Religion and Loyalty inseparable. A Sermon preached before the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citicens of London, at St. Paul's, on Monday the 31st of January, 1725. being the Anniversary Fast for the Martyrdom of King Charles the First.

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