Churchill and Finland: A Study in Anticommunism and Geopolitics

Psychology Press, 2005 - 199 pages
This book examines the intertwined dynamics of Churchill's anticommunist and geopolitical thought. It looks at the ways in which he attempted to use Finland as both tool and ally in the anticommunist projects of the twentieth century. Finland appeared a staunch ally in Churchill's recurring efforts to destroy or negate international communism, but the broader concerns of geopolitics and Great Power diplomacy complicated what might have been a simple task of teaming up with like-minded Finns. The resulting tensions are explored and explained in this study of comparative anticommunism based on Churchill's private papers and on additional British, Finnish and American documents.

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Table des matières

Churchill Finland and the Russian intervention
The travails of anticommunism in the interwar years
The anticommunist challenge of the Winter War
Churchill as ally of the Soviet Union enemy of Finland
Churchill Finland and the early Cold War 19441955
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Markku Ruotsila is a Docent (Adjunct Associate Professor) of British and American History at the University of Tampere, Finland. He is the author of British and American Anticommunism Before the Cold War (Frank Cass, 2001). He is a founding member of the Churchill Center, Washington, DC.

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