Flying American Combat Aircraft: The Cold War

Robin Higham
Stackpole Books, 6 juil. 2005 - 368 pages
Riveting accounts from the pilots who flew such planes as the F-15, B-52, C-130, and many more. Dozens of in-the-cockpit photos.

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Table des matières

The B52 Stratofortress
F84 Thunderjet
Alton P H Brewer
Transition from C141s to Helicopters
B58 Hustler
OV10 Bronco
Slipping the Surly Bonds with a ZipThe F104
F86 Sabre
F105 Thunderchief
O2A Super Skymaster
F100 Super Sabre
F94 Starfire
F4 Phantom II
The RC121D Warning Star Constellation
F84 and

A1 Skyraider
B32 Dominator
F80 Shooting Star
F111 Aardvark
The C130
B57 Canberra
F84F Thunderstreak
KC135 Stratotanker
F9F2 Panther
A7D Crusader
F89 Scorpion
F106 Delta Dart
The T29
XR12 Rainbow

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À propos de l'auteur (2005)

Robin Higham is a veteran of the Royal Air Force and professor emeritus of history at Kansas State University. Former editor of Aerospace Historian, he has written or edited numerous works on aviation history.

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