Stylosanthes as a Forage and Fallow Crop: Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on the Use of Stylosanthes in West Africa, Held in Kaduna, Nigeria, 26-31 October 1992

P. N. de Leeuw, M. A. Mohamed-Saleem, A. M. Nyamu
ILRI (aka ILCA and ILRAD), 1 janv. 1994 - 340 pages
The biology of Stylosanthes and its importance in West Africa and Latin America; The screening and evaluation of Stylosanthes germplasm; The dynamics, nutrient requirements, pests and diseases of Stylosanthes species; Stylosanthes-based pastures for livestock production; The integration of Stylosanthes into cropping systems; Seed production of Stylosanthes.

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