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must have passed within 200,000 miles of upon granting two premiums:-"One to the earth-and it is known that no effect him who shall perfect and complete the was produced by its attractive force, either means of safety which have bitherto been on the earth or moon. -The immense employed or proposed, against explosions velocity of comets may be a principal of steam engines and other boilers, or reason why they do not sensibly affect point out better ones; the other, to him the motion of the planets. That of 1680, who shall invent a form, and a construcwas calculated by Newton to move at the tion of the boiler, which will prevent or rate of 800,000 miles an hour, and Boy- annul all danger from explosion. bone observed one at Palermo, in 1670, Each of these premiums shall be two whose velocity he computed to be equal to thousand francs, and decreed to any 2,500,000 miles an hour. The comet of Frenchman or foreigner who shall be 1450, is best known by astronomers. Its deerned most worthy of it. period is computed to be about 75 years, The method proposed must have been ihough from its motion being disturbed tested by at least six months' trial in a by the planets, it is sometimes longer. It steam engine of high pressure, of ten appeared in 1632, very bright; and was horse power or larger, or on a boiler of looked after with very great anxiety in equal force. The efficacy of the proposed 1758; but Clairault determined from cal. improvement must be duly authenticated, culation that it would not appear till and the inventor must renounce any inApril, 1759.

tention of securing patent privileges. 'The increased length of its period he Theʼmemoirs, designs, or models, reports attributed to the influence of Jupiter and or certificates, must be sent before the first Saturn, near which it would pass. It ac- of July, 1832. cordingly approached nearest the sun on

Emigration to Liberia.— The schooner the 12th of March, 1759. If this is the

Crawford sailed from New Orleans on the comet to which the European papers re 13th ult. for Liberia, with twenty-one emifer, it will not appear until 1834 or 5—the distance of this comet from the sun, when large supply of merchandise, books, medi

grants from Kentucky. She iook out a in the extreme end of its orbit, is about cine, &c. &c. for the use of the colony. 82,000,000 miles; yet it returns regularly, The expedition is under the superintend. and its period has been calculated by the

ence of CHARLES G. SHAVE, M. D. of mathematician within 30 days.

Cincinnati, a talented and worthy young English Tariff on Titles.-A professor gentleman who volunteered his services, in the University of Cambridge, (Mr. Bab- and gratuito gives them to the colo. bage,) has published a work containing nizing enterprise. It is added, that not a severe charges of personal ambition and drop of ardent spirits was taken in the aggrandizement, against the Royal Society Crawford. of London, and others as severe against PETERSBURG, (Va.) Dec. 20, 1831. other societies and distinguished indivi The Sora. It has long been a question duals. It is entitled Reflections on the Decline of Science in England.The

among naturalists, (and still unsettled,

unless the fact we are about to mention following tariff of admission to some of should put it at rest,) whence cometh the the principal societies, including compo; sition for anuual payments, is contained ing bird usually makes its appearance

sora, and whither goeth it? This interestin it. The letters are the society initials. along the tide waters of Virginia, about Royal Society, £50 0s. F.RS. the middle of August; and leaves the Royal Soc. of Edin. 15 4 F.R.S. E. first severe frost. Royal Acad. Dublin, 26 5 M. R. I. A. - During last week, one of a party skating Royal Soc. Lit., 36 15 F.R.S. Lit. on a meadow in the vicinity, happened to Antiquarian,

50 8 F.A.S. break in, when immediately upon extriLinnæan,

F. L. S. cating himself, four or five soras came Geological,

34 13 F. G.S. through the aperture, one of which was Astronomical, 25 4 M.A.S.

caught. The others retreated beneath Zoological,

26 5 F.Z. S. the ice, and thus escaped. The captive Royal Institution, 50 M. R. I. bird was brought alive to town, has been Royal Asiatic, 31 10 F.R. A. S. seen by many, and there can be no doubt Horticultural,

48 6 F.H.S. as to its species. The sora, therefore, does Medico Botanical, 21 F.M. B. S. not always emigrate, if it changes its

Mr. Babbage remarks, that “ those who clime at all; which, from its being a clumare ambitious of scientifick distinction sy flyer, it is as little able to do as any inmay, according to their fancy, render dividual of the feathered race. their name a kind of comet, carrying with

The Seat of Taste.-By covering the it a tale of upwards of forty letters, at the tongue with parchment, sometimes in average cost of £10 9s. 9 d. per letter.”

whole, and sometimes in different parts, it Safety of Steam Engines.-The Societé has been determined by two experiments d'Encouragement of Paris have decided in Paris, by MM. Guyot and Admyraula,


that the end and sides of the tongue, and by different diseases, generated or aggra-
a small space at the root of it, together vated by influenza, sufficient to swell the
with a small surface at the anterior and number to 100.
superior part of the roof of the palate,
are the only portions of surface in the Nashville, (Ten.) Dec. 15, 1831.--It is
cavity of the mouth and throat, that can

within the memory of some of the oldest distinguish taste or sapidity from mere

citizens of the neighbourhood, that twice touch. A portion of the extract of aloes, only since the settlement of this country, placed on any other part, gives no sensa

has the Cumberland river been so thickly tion but that of touch, until the saliva car

frozen as it is at present. In the winters ries a solution of the sapid matters to those

of 1787–8 and 1795-6 it was crossed by parts of the cavity.

passengers, since which period, till now, The Journal of Commerce has this pa

the same circumstance has not happened.

The snow of 10 or 12 inches which fell ragraph:- The number of deaths in the early last week, has suffered little or no city of New York last week, was one hundred and eighty-seven; a number very un

diminution. For no morning, within ten

days, has the thermometer been above 10 usual for this season of the year, and sel. dom equalled in the most sickly portion of degrees, but, on the contrary, has more

than once sunk below zero. the year. The greatest number in any one week, during the last five years, was 204. The average number through the

Singular Phenomenon.—The Ulster Ple

beian states, that during the late severe year, is about 100. If we inquire for the

snow storm, many of the inhabitants of cause of this uncommon mortality, it is to be found in the prevailing influenza. For

Kingston, New York, witnessed vivid and

repeated flashes of light, apparently not though not a formidable disease in itself,

many feet from the earth. So brilliant it proves fatal in a great many cases where the constitution has been previously shat

were some of these corruscations, that in

some instances the hand was applied to tered, and will no doubt sow the seeds of

the eyes for a few seconds, to enable them consumption in hundreds of others. On looking at the inspector's returns, we find

to recover from their momentary blindthat an unusual portion of the deaths during the week, were occasioned by diseases Mrs. Hannah Adams, one of the most of the lungs. Only 11 are put down to the remarkable literary personages of this credit of influenza; but then there are country, died on Friday the 16th inst. at 43 by consumption, 17 by inflammation of Brookline, in Massachusetts, having arthe lungs, thirteen by croup, and others rived at an advanced age.

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feligious Intelligence.

With the commencement of the with the Christian Advocate. We present year, we cease to append to think, moreover, that with the oriour Miscellany “The Missionary ginal number of our pages, forty, Reporter,” and return to our origi- eight, we can give the substance of nal plan of communicating Reli- the intelligence relative both to gious Intelligence to our readers. education and to missions, in a This is done not from any dissa- condensed form, so as to be even tisfaction with the Missionary Re more satisfactory to most of our porter, to which we earnestly wish readers than the whole of the dethe patronage of the churches may tails. This therefore we shall enbe extensively given. But that pub- deavour to do, although it will lication is no longer connected with cost us some additional labour. the Educational Register; and on the vastly interesting subject of education, as well as on that of missions, we feel it to be our duty BOARD OF MISSIONS OF THE GENEto give information to our subscribers; and we cannot connect both The Secretary of the Board of the Reporter and a publication on Missions, in compliance with the the subject of education, which we direction of the Executive Comunderstand is ere long to appear, mittee, and in their name, has made


a very impressive address to the ward. The Board of Missions was reorPASTORS, ELDERS, CHURCHES, and ganized, its plan of operations was im

proved, the sphere of its labours was CONGREGATIONS,” of the Presbyte.

greatly enlarged, a spirited appeal was rian church. This address has been

made to the liberality of the churches; and published at length in the Reporter, in the short space of only three years, they the Presbyterian, and perhaps in

had the

unmingled satisfaction of reporting some other periodicals. It has, sionaries had been increased front 31 to

to the General Assembly, that their Mistherefore, probably been seen and 233; and their resources, from twenty-four read by the most of our subscri- hundred dollars to nearly as many thou. bers. But although this should sands! Under the powerful influence of have been the fact, we think it these delightful recollections of the past, may be well for all to read a por. ihren, when we seriously assure you, that,

you will not think it strange, beloved bretion of it again; and for ministers although the treasury of the Board is at of the gospel to read to their peo- the present moment operdrawn, to the ple, if not the whole, at least the

amount of 6000 dollars; and although this

amount, and at least ten thousand dollars concluding part of the address, in addition, will be required at our hands which is as follows:

by the month of June next, we neverthe“It has long been the settled purpose of less entertain the most animating and conthe Board of Missions, never to withhold soling hopes for the future. Nor will you a commission, from any duly qualified la

be either surprised or offended, if, in view bourer who was willing to engage in their

of the statements we have now submitted, service, on account of their immediate with impassioned earnestness and strong want of the funds required for his support expectation, we repeat our supplications to in a missionary field. And although their

you,-as patriots, as philanthropists, as treasury has frequently been empty, and Presbyterians, as Christians—for immesometimes overdrawn to a large amount, diate, liberal, pecuniary assistance. We yet they have never dared to turn away

ask your contributions in the name of our their ears from the cry of the needy, and

needy Missionaries and their dependent stay the footsteps of a herald of the cross,

families—in the name of the many thou. who was ready to minister to their spirit

sands of the perishing poor whom they ual wants, because the churches whom serve in the gospel; in the name and as the they served had failed to furnish them servants of the highest judicatory of the with the necessary resources. They have

Presbyterian Church in these United had confidence both in the ability and dis

States; and in the name which is above position of those churches, to enable them every name, of the ever glorious Head of ultimately to fulfil all the pecuniary en

the Church militant and triumphant-even gagements, into which they deemed it

of Jehovah Jesus, who, for the encouragenecessary and proper for them to enter,

ment of pious liberality, said when upon for the successful prosecution of the bene earth, 'whosoever shall give a cup of cold volent enterprise in which they are en.

water to a disciple in the name of a disci. gaged. From past experience, we are

ple, shall not lose his reward'-and who fully satisfied that this confidence has not will say, upon the throne of judgment, been misplaced. The time was, brethren, when he places on the brow of the objects and that time is no further distant than of your charity the crown of eternal glory, the year 1828, when the income of the

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of Board of Missions, for twelve months, the least of these my brethren, ye have amounted to no more than 2400 dollars. done it unto me.' This fact was, indeed, humiliating, mourn. ful, and discouraging; but the real and tried friends of the Board, were not even then utterly disheartened, their efforts were not MISSIONARY CONVENTION AT CINCINsuspended. “They were troubled on every side, yet not distressed; they were per

NATI, OHIO. plexed, but not in despair;-cast down, This convention took place in but not destroyed. Out of darkness there consequence of the following act arose light; from their

very weakness they of the General Assembly, in May gathered strength. They were strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

last, viz:They gathered up the mantles of the de " In view of existing evils resulting parted saints, who had laboured with them from the separate action of the Board of in the missionary enterprise in better days, Missions of the General Assembly, and they smote upon the deep and turbid stream the American Home Missionary Society, which impeded their progress, they called the General Assembly recommend to the upon the God of Elijah, and moved on Synods of Ohio, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Ch. Adv.-VOL. X.


Tennessee, West Tennessee, Indiana, Il. Board in its present organization; and linois, and the Presbyteries connected with whereas, twenty Presbyteries entitled to the same, to correspond with each other, seventy votes, being actually present in and endeavour to agree upon some plan the Convention, a plan for the establishfor conducting Domestic Missions, in the ment of a Western Board of Missions, Western States, and report the result of under the care of the General Assembly, their correspondence to the next General after a full discussion, has been rejected Assembly. It being understood that the by a vote of forty-one to twenty-eight, brethren in the West, be left to their and as it appears to the Convention from freedom, to form any organization, which these facts, that no arrangement, into in their judgment may best promote the which we can possibly enter, is likely to cause of missions in these States:-and, reconcile conflicting views on this subject; also, that all the Synods and Presbyteries that so far from healing. divisions, or rein the Valley of the Mississippi may be storing peace to the churches by any new embraced in this correspondence provided expedient, they would only tend to mul. they desire it."

tiply the points of difference and increase

the evil; therefore, resolved, ihat under There were delegates to the these circumstances, they deem it inexpeconvention from the Synods of dient to propose any change in the GenePittsburgh, Ohio, Cincinnati, Ken- ral Assembly's mode of conducting Mistucky, Indiana, and the Western in such successful operation, and that the

sions, as they fully approve of that now Reserve. The Rev. James Blythe, purity, peace, and prosperity of the PresD. D., was chosen moderator, and byterian church materially depend on the the Rev. Messrs. A. O. Patterson active and efficient aid, the sessions and and S. Steel, clerks. The conven

Presbyteries under its care, may afford to

the Assembly's Board." tion sat just one week; and although there was much earnest

The Reporter contains reports, debate, it is stated that there was for the month, of 12 or 13 mislittle or no acrimony, and that kind sionaries, whose services

have been feelings were cherished amidst dis- rendered in the States of N. York, cordant views and wishes. The Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illiconvention commenced its sitting's nois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and on the 23d of November, and rose Alabama.-A statement is given of on the 30th. The following minute the whole number of missionaries contains the result of the whole. (except twenty or thirty voluntary

“Wednesday, nine o'clock, A. M. The agents) who have been employed
Convention having been duly constituted, by the Board of Missions, since
a motion was made by the Rev. Dr. Wil their last annual report was laid
son, to postpone the whole business be.
fore the Convention, for the purpose of

before the General Assembly, in taking up a substitute, which was read. the different States and Territories. Two motions for amendment having been New York,

- 40 made and negatived, the motion for post. New Jersey,

4 ponement was carried, and the substitute Pennsy!vania,

34 was adopted by a vote of 54 to 15, and is Delaware,

2 as follows:


3 “ Whereas, it appears from the report Virginia,

14 of the committee to receive and report all North Carolina,

15 written communications to the Conven- South Carolina,

1 tion, that of the Presbyteries in the Valley Georgia,

2 of the Mississippi, fifteen, entitled to forty Ohio,

45 two votes, have not been heard from. Indiana,

8 That one enütled to two votes, is in favour Illinois,

12 of both Boards as they now exist—that Missouri,

2 one entitled to four votes, is in favour of Kentucky,

7 the American Home Missionary Society, Tennessee,

8 that two entitled to eight voles, are in fa- Mississippi,

3 vour of an Independent Western Society Alabama,

4 that one entitled to two votes, is in fa Louisiana,

2 vour of an ecclesiastical supervision, and Michigan Territory, opposed to voluntary associations--and Arkansas Territory, that seven entitled to twenty-two votes, Florida, we in favour of the General Assembly's Lower Canada,

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“ From this statement It appears, that efforts of those Ministers and Elders, who 126, out of the 212 Missionaries of the také a lively interest in their operations, Board, are located south of the Potomac for a large proportion of the peeunjary reriver and west of the Alleghany moun. sources, which are indispensable to the tains; and the fields occupied by 105 of successful prosecution of their work. them, are embraced in the Great Valley It is the earnest desire of the Board, of the Mississippi. We mention these that a fair and extended experiment of the facts to show, that the Board have not plan of raising funds by roluntary agencies, been unmindful of the pledge given to the may now be made by Sessions and Preschurches in the Valley in their last Annual byteries; in order that they may be enReport, to "use their best endeavours, to abled hereafter, if it should prove suc. supply, in the course of five years, every cessful, to avoid the expense of all special vacant Presbyteriun congregation and des. Agencies. titute district, which may be disposed to receive aid from this Board, with a faithful Notice to Applicants for Missionary Aid. and devoted minister of the Gospel of Christ." If a sufficient number of duly

Applications to the Board for Missionqualified Missionaries can be secured, we ary appointments, and pecuniary aid; and do not entertain a doubt, that this pledge ries, should always be made by the Elders

also for the reappointment of Missionawill be fully redeemed, within the period of the Church, through the corresponding specified-and from the animating pros- Executive Committee of the Presbytery to pects which are now opening before the Assembly's Board of Education, whose which the Church applying for assistance beneficiaries are all expected to engage in belongs accompanied with a recommend

ation from said committee of the Mission.. the service of our Board, for at least one year, immediately after their licensure, ary to be appointed, and a specification

of the amount of aid, deemed indispenwe have strong confidence that the men will not be wanting.

sably necessary

If there be no Corresponding Executive

Commitlee in the Presbytery, the appli. We add the following notices, cation must be fully sanctioned by two and hope they will receive due at- neighbouring Ministers, connected with tention.

the Presbytery to which the Church be

longs. Special Notice to Agents, Auxiliaries, and Annual Contributors.

From the 1st to the 15th of DeFrom the address of the Executive cember--a fortnight-there were Committee, it will be perceived, that the made no less than 13 appointments Board of Missions are, at the present time, in great want of funds. We would, and reappointments; * of the fortherefore, respectfully solicit, from ali mer and 6 of the latter. our Agents, from the Treasurers of Aux From the 20th of November to iliaries, and all others who may have funds the 14th of December, 1831, the in their hands, designed for the use of the Board, a prompt remittance of the same to

treasurer received $379 84. our Treasurer, Solomon ALLEN, Esq. No. 117, Chesnut street, Philadelphia.

BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE GENEAnnual Contributors to the Board,

RAL ASSEMBLY. would confer a special favour, if they would forward, as speedily as may suit

We expected to make a statetheir convenience, the amount of their ment somewhat in detail, in our benefactions.

present number, of the transacWe would, respectfully, remind the tions and prospects of this Board, Sessions, which are auxiliary to the Board, since the present Corresponding of the vast importance of diligence and punctuality, in making their annual col. Secretary and General Agent enlections, and in renewing their efforts to tered on the duties of his office. increase the number of members of Aut. He, indeed, had promised to furiliaries, and to obtain liberal subscriptions nish us, if practicable, with the and donations, from wealthy and benevolent individuals

. In accordance with the materials for such a statement; wishes of many of their friends, and with but his pressing engagements and a view to the strictest economy, the Board present absence from the city have have greatly diminished the number of

We can, therefore, at their special agents, and having only three engaged in their service at the present present, only say in general, that time, they are under the necessity of de- the state and prospects of our ponding almost entirely on the gratuitous Board of Education are of the


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