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as it sounded in my ear, it was refreshing tation to you all. Pray ye, all to God for to my bosom, saying thus, " Come unto all the lands of dark hearts, and for the me all ye that labour and are heavy laden residue [unconverted] of all lands of enand I will give you rest." Again the lightened hearts, and for us also; and voice of him said, " Whosoever is athirst thus will we, with our kindred here, all let him come and drink of the water of pray to God for the lands of dark hearts, life." Therefore I arose and came and and for the residue [unconverted] of the prostrated myself beneath the shade of lands of enlightened hearts, and for you his feet, with my great trembling. There- also. Thus shall we and you unitedly fore do I bear his yoke, with this thought call upon our common Lord, that the naconcerning myself, that I am not able to tions may in peace follow him, that his put forth strength adequate to carry his kingdom may be smooth and uninterrupted yoke, but of him is the ability, [to bear even to the ends of the earth; that all it,] his aid to me by night and by day; men may turn to him without dissent, and there am I continually abiding by his praise his everlasting name.

That is my righteousness [excellence or glory) and sentiment of love to you all. his love to me. There do I set my love Great love to thee; our bodies will not and my desire and the thoughts of my meet in this world, but our thoughts do heart, and there on Jesus do I leave my meet in this world, and hereafter will our soul; there shall my mouth and my tongue souls ieet in the glory of the kingdom of give praise continually during the life our Lord Jesus Christ thy Saviour and which I now live, till entering into his mine. This ends my communication to everlasting glory. Such is this thought you. of mine for you.

From (or by] This is another thought of mine for you.

ELIZABETH KAAHUMANU. I praise (or admire] the kindness of our

By a recent arrival letters have been Lord Jesus Christ, in aiding us by several received from the missionaries at the new teachers for us. They have arrived. islands of a date as late as Vov. 27th, We have seen their eyes and their cheeks, more than two months later than any prewe have met with them in the presence of vious communications. God, and in our own presence also,* with praise to our common Lord for his preserving them on the ocean till they arrived here at Hawaii. Now we wait while they study the native language of Hawaii,

Opening of the Twenty-Eighth Anniverwhen that is clear to them, then they will

sary of the British and Foreign Bible sow in the fields the good seed of eternal

Society. salvation. Then my former brethren, On Wednesday, May the 2d, 1832, the with these more recent, and my brethren above Meeting was held at Exeter Hall, and my sisters of my own country, will the Right Hon. Lord Bexley in the chair. all of us 'together take up the desire of The Right Hon. Lord Bexley, Vice PreChrist, (or what Christ wills or wishes] sident, having been called to the chair, his on this cluster of islands, with prayer to Lordship thus addressed the Meeting him for his aid that the rough places may Ladies and gentlemen, in the absence of by him be made plain, by his power our noble aud venerable President-whose through all these lands from Hawaii to infirmities must be a matter of deep regret Kauai.

to all here assembled, inasmuch as through I and he whom I have brought up have them alone he is not here in his place to indeed carried the word of our Lord take that chair which for so many years through from Hawaii to Kauai, with the he has filled, with so much benefit to this love of the heart towards God, was our Institution in particular, and to the comjourneying to proclaim to the people his inon cause of the Gospel--I have been love, and his word, and his law, and to again called upon to supply his place, so tell the people to observe them.

far as I am able. I need not say how inThus was our proclaiming, not accord- capable I feel myself now, as I always have ing to our own will, but according to the felt, for this task: but I look for the same will of God, did we undertake it. Such indulgence from your hands that has been is this thought of mine for you.

extended to me on former occasions. This is one

more thought to make I cannot but think, that though our veknown to you. Make known my love to nerable President ia absent from us in perthe brethren in Christ, and to my bcloved son, yet we have reason to be thankful sisters in Christ Jesus. This is my salu- "that we have still the benefit of his good

'wishes and his counsels; and what is far * Probably their formal presentation to better, of his prayers at the throne of the chiefs is here meant, as in the pre- grace for our Society, to the success of ceding phrase a place or time of worship which he has been so large a contributor. is intended.

I see in other respects also, great cause of Ch. Adv.-Vol. X.

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thankfulness and gratitude to the Giver Lord Teignmouth, and the Bishop of Winof all good. While some nations have chester. been afficted, to a most distressing extent, by that dreadful pestilence which is

Portman Square, May 1, 1832. now abroad in the earth, and which has in My Dear Lordsome degree reached our own coasts, we I congratulate the members of the Brihave been greatly preserved from its fatal tish and Foreign Bible Society, on the occonsequences: and it has reached us in so

currence of the Twenty-eighth Annivermitigated a form, that such an assembly sary, and on the success which has hitherto as that I now see before me has not been attended its efforts for the circulation of prevented, by any necessary regulations the Holy Scriptures. of Government, or by any alarm of dan- In this success, whilst we recognize, gerous consequences to our own persons, with adoring gratitude and devout thanksfrom assembling for the promotion of the giving, the favour of a gracious God as Gospel. Had we been visited as other the only cause of it, we find the most ennations have been, we probably should couraging motives for an increased depenhave been prevented from meeting at all; dence on His support, and for perservance or we should have met under alarm and in the benevolent work in which we are apprehension, as to whether we were not engaged. transgressing our duty, and tempting that These motives will acquire additional Providence to whose protection alone we force by the exhilarating hope which we look for preservation. In one other respect are authorized to indulge, that the Gospel I see great reason for thankfulness in the of Jesus Christ has become the power of assembly I address : for when I recollect God to the salvation of many who never -and it is only for a moment that I turn would have possessed it without the aid of to that recollection-how different was Bible Societies. the scene exhibited at the last Meeting of But great as is the extent in which the this Society, I cannot but feel it a matter Scriptures have been disseminated, there of great congratulation and thankfulness are still many dark regions of the world in to see around me so numerous an assem- which the light of Revelation has never bly, peaceably and amicably assembled to yet shone; and even in countries where support the old constitution and the origi- Christianity is professed, the want of the nal plan of the Bible Society. I trust this Holy Scriptures imperiously demands unaharmony will continue among us; and I bated exertions to supply them. I rejoice trust that those whom I now address in the conviction that those exertions will will see no reason to regret their adhe- never be remitted ; and that the same rence to our old constitution.

good and gracious God, who first inspired But, amidst these causes for congratula- the hearts of Christians to undertake the tion and thankfulness, undoubtedly we circulation of His Holy Word, will ever have many causes which call upon us for raise up instruments for the continuance diligence, for vigilance, for increased of it, until all nations of the earth shall see prayer, and for reliance on Divine Provi- the glory of the Lord. dence;- for diligence, that we may not I have only to add my devout supplicamiss those opportunities for doing good tion to Almighty God, that His blessing which a merciful Providence has been may attend the proceedings of the Meetpleased to extend to us : for vigilance, that ing. we may not be betrayed into error, incon. I am, My Dear Lord, yours very sinsistency, or presumption: and for prayer, cerely, that we may be preserved amidst public

TEIGNMOUTH. and private dangers; and that this Socie- The Rt. Hon. Lord Bexley. ty, may flourish, through our instrumentality, in the sincere pursuit of the glory of Farnham Castle, April 25th, 1832. God and the benefit of mankind; that the My dear Lordcause of the Gospel may still be eminently I am sincerely sorry that it is not in my promoted by the Society; and, above all

, power to obey your Lordship’s summons that we may apply to our own hearts to meet the Vice-Presidents of the British those maxims of Divine truth which it is and Foreign Bible Society, on the 2d of the labour of the Society to diffuse among May. mankind; and remember, that though the I am thankful to say my health is now Kingdom of God by our means may be restored; but I have not yet recovered largely extended abroad, yet what all of us strength enough to make it right for me must feel and know is above every thing to encounter the large parties and hours important to each of us, is, that the King of London; and I am strictly charged, by dom of God be established in our own my medical adviser, to abstain from them hearts.

this season, as much as possible. I am I will not detain you longer; but re- forbidden, for the samo reason, to appear quest Mr. Brandram to read letters from at any meetings at present; and this must be my excuse for my non-attendance at Indiana, 14; in Illinois, 9; in Mississippi, the approaching Anniversary.

3; in Louisiana, 2; in Missouri, 2; in May I request your Lordship, if it is Florida, 1; in Arkansas Territory, 1; in your intention to preside, to state this Michigan Territory, 2; in Lower Canada, apology for my absence, or to remit it to 1; in North Western Territory, 1. the Chairman of the meeting. I should not think it necessary to trouble you with

Fields of Labour. this explanation, except that I should be Of these two hundred and fifty-six misgrieved if, in these days of partial defee. sionaries, a large proportion are pastors or tion from the Society, my absence were stated supplies. A small number have to be attributed by a single member to been commissioned as itinerants for limit. any diminution of attachment, or altera. ed periods, with a special view to the coltion of sentiments with respect to its con- lection and organization of new congregastitution.

tions and churches, and about twenty have I am, my dear Lord, your Lordship's been employed in special agencies for the very faithful servant,

Board. A majority of these agents have

C. WINTON. volunteered their services, for short peThe Rt. Hon. Lord Teignmouth.

riods of time, and, by their efforts, the

auxiliaries and funds of the board have Lord Gambier likewise expressed, by, been considerably increased. letter, his regret that the infirmities of age prevented his attendance.

Appointments and appropriations, and An abstract of the Report was then

amount of labour performed. read by the Rev. Andrew Brandram, one The number of Missionaries and Agents of the Secretaries. It stated, that during in commission, at the date of our last rethe last year, 193,655 Bibles, and 390,233 port, was 166; and the appointments since Testaments, (making a total of 583,888 made are yo, making a total of 256 lacopies,) were issued by the Society; bourers who have been employed, in the being 112,959 more than in the preceding course of the last year. The ordinary apyear.

propriation to each Missionary, as heretoThe amount received by the Society, fore, has been $100 a year. To some of from all sources, during the last year, was our Missionaries a smaller sum than this £81,735, 16s. 4d., being a sum less than has been appropriated; few have received that of the preceding year by £13,688, 58. more, and in no case have the Board ex. 11d.: but if the difference occasioned by pended more than $200 for the support of legacies received during the two years be one Missionary a year. The amount of deducted, it will be found that in the last labour actually performed by all our Misyear there has been an increase of £647, sionaries during the last year, is equal to 58. 4d.

154 years, and the average expense for The payments of the Society have each year's labour, including special agenamounted to £98,409, 10s. 9d.; and its cies, the expenses of the office, and the present engagements exceed the sum of publications of the Board, is about $100. £40,200.

The whole number of congregations and The Auxiliary and Branch Societies Missionary districts supplied, is estimated and Associations have continued their re. at 400. spective exertions; and upwards of 130

The Treasury. new. societies have been added to those already existing.

The receipts of the Board since our last report, including a small balance then on hand, have been $20,030 21. The expenditures during the same period have amounted to $19,001 03, leaving a ba

lance in the treasury of $1,029 18. There Abstract of the Sixteenth Annual Report the sum of $3,000, so that the treasury

is due the Treasurer for money borrowed, of the Board of Missions of the General

is actually overdrawn to the amount of Assembly.

$1,970 82. In addition to this, the Board [The following list is inserted at length are already under engagements to their in the Report.]

Missionaries for the coming year, to the The Missionaries and Agents above amount of more than $15,000. named have been located as follows: viz. in New York, 45; in New Jersey, 6; in

Auxiliaries and Subscriptions. Pennsylvania, 44; in Delaware, 2; in Of Sessional Auxiliaries, and Annual Maryland, 3; in Virginia, 17; in North Subscriptions to the Board, there has been Carolina, 17; in South Carolina, 3; in during the past year a gradual and encouGeorgia, 3; in Alabama, 4; in Ohio, 52; raging increase; but the number of the in Kentucky, 11; in Tennessee, 13; in former, and the amount of the latter, are


exceedingly small, either in comparison Results of the Labours of our Missionaries. with the ability of our churches, or the wants of the destitute and perishing. The

It is to your Board a subject of deep reprecise number of auxiliaries we are not

gret, that they are utterly unable to preable to report; it falls somewhat short,

sent to the Assembly a full and precise however, of six hundred, when, in the

statement of the beneficial effects of Mis

apprehension of your Board, it might, and sionary labour, as they have been experiindeed ought, to exceed a thousand. We enced and exhibited by the many charitautter not the language of despondency or

ble and religious institutions of the day. censure, but we would cxcite the pastors They have repeatedly, explicitly, and so of the churches to more vigorous and per. lemnly enjoined it upon all their Missionasevering efforts for the establishment of ries to be prompt, and minute, and accuauxiliaries in their respective charges.

rate in their reports on the various subWe cannot but regard it as the sacred jects which at present engross the attenduty of every church in our connexion, tion, and enlist the energies of the Christo form an auxiliary connexion with the

tian community; but they are pained to Board, and of every communicating mem

say, that a number of our Missionaries ber to contribute something, annually, for have failed to comply with the earnest the promotion of Domestic Missions. 'Let wish of the Board on the subject, and this obvious duty be faithfully performed, hence the embarrassment which we now and the resources of your Board will be experience. We are gratified, however, abundant.

to add that many of our Missionaries have

carefully and promptly obeyed their inCorresponding Executive Committees of have been enabled, in consequence of the

structions on this subject, and that we Presbyteries.

data with which they have furnished us, to The views of the Board respecting the form the following estimates, in which, if importance and usefulness of such Com. there be any error, we confidently believe mittees in all the Presbyteries have been it consists in undervaluing, rather than so fully expressed in former reports, and exaggerating the effects of Missionary lain their monthly publication, that they bour, decm it unnecessary to say more at present on this subject, than simply to urge the

Sabbath Schools, Catechetical and Bible

Classes. speedy appointment of such Committees in Presbyteries where they do not exist;

The number of Sabbath Schools reportand, also, to remind Committees already ed by seventy-six Missionaries, is two organized, of the vast importance of a

hundred and forty; and the whole number prompt and regular attention to the ap

established by all our Missionaries, or under propriate duties of their office, as defined their general supervision, is estimated at in the appendix to this report. It affords

not less than six hundred; the number of great pleasure to the Board lo state, that teachers at three thousand; and the num. the number of Corresponding Executive ber of scholars at twenty thousand. SixtyCommittees has been considerably in- six Missionaries have reported one huncreased during the last year, and that dred and Catechetical and Bimore than one half of all the Presbyteries ble Classes; and the whole number of in connexion with the Assembly have ap

classes is estimated at three thousand, and proved and adopted the general plan of the learners at eight thousand. operations which we have heretofore A large majority of these Sabbath recommended to the Presbyteries, and

Schools are in the Valley of the Missischurches. The evidence thús afforded, sippi, and the most of them have been esthat the Board enjoys the cordial appro

tablished within the last two years; and tion, confidence, prayers, and co-opera

thus the pledge given by the Board to the tion of the efficient judicatories of the

American Sunday School Union, two Church, has served essentially to encou- years ago, has been redeemed. rage their hearts and strengthen their hands, in the highly responsible work to

Bille, Tract, Missionary, Education, and which they have been called. Should the

Temperance Societies. details of our successful operations during The Missionaries of the Board have the last year, evince that this confidence been carefully instructed, and frequently has not been altogether misplaced, we de- exhorted, to make vigorous and perseversire to unite with the Assembly in the de- ing efforts to establish, sustain, and envout exclamation, “ Not unto us, not courage these and all other benevolent unto us, but unto thy name, O Lord, be and religious institutions; and the reports all the glory.” From this brief and im. which have been received on these subperfect sketch of the plans and doings of jects, afford the most gratifying proof of the Board, we now turn with unmingled their fidelity and success. There are very pleasure to the contemplation of the few, if any, of the congregations served


by our Missionaries, where such Societies most earnestly sought, and most highly are not now in successful operation. In prized, is the glory of God in the sanctifithe organization and enlargement of Tem. cation of saints, and the conversion of sinperance Societies, the success of most of This supremely desirable result of our Missionaries has been truly encou- missionary labours has been more fully raging. The number reported by sixty- and extensively experienced in the coneight Missionaries is ninety-two. The gregations served by our Missionaries, whole number of societies is estimated at during the last year, ihan ever before. In three hundred and fifty, and the number nearly fifty of these congregations,“ times of members at fifteen thousand.

of refreshing from the presence of the In the gratuitous distribution of the sa- Lord,” have been experienced, and by cred Scriptures, and religious Tracts, these most gracious visitations, the hearts most of our Missionaries have been en- of the Missionaries have been cheered gaged, to the full extent of the time and and strengthened ; saints have been reresources at their command. Your Board vived; sinners have been convicted, and have the pleasure to state, that their fa. hopefully converted to God; and, to the cilities

for doing good by means of reli- feeble missionary churches, thus favoured gious Tracts, have recently been much in- of the Lord, more than one thousand creased, by the very liberal donation from members have been added; to many other the American Tract Society, of one hun churches, served by our Missionaries, in dred and sixty-two dollars worth of Tracts, which no unusual excitement has existed, to fifty-four of their Missionaries.

there have been uncommonly large and Churches organized, and Houses of Wor- encouraging accessions; and the whole

number of additions, to all the churches ship erected.

under the care of the Missionaries, is esti. Seventeen Missionaries have reported mated at not less than two thousand. twenty new churches organized;, and “This is the Lord's doing ; it is marveltwenty-two Missionaries have reported lous in our eyes," and to the God of all twenty-nine houses of worship erected on grace, whose exclusive prerogative it is, missionary ground.

by his Holy Spirit, to call sinners out of Revivals of Religion, and additions to the

darkness, into his marvellous light, and to Church.

impart spiritual life and salvation, to those

who are · dead in trespasses and sins,” The effect of a preached gospel, and all to Him be all the praise and glory forever, other means of grace, which should be --and let all the people say, Amen.

View of Publick Affairs.

EUROPE. Liverpool papers to the 1st of June inclusive, and London dates to the evening of the 30th of May, contain the latest advices from Europe.

BRITAIN.-The agony is over-the Reform Bill, without any material change as sent from the Commons, has past the House of Lords, in committee of the whole. The account of this occurrence, given in the latest Liverpool paper, is as follows:

LIVERPOOL MERCURY, 2d edition, June 1, 9 o'clock, A. M. “ We have to congratulate our readers on the safe passage of the Reform Bill through the ordeal of the commiitee of the House of Lords without one material alteration, which happy event occurred on Wednesday evening, before ten o'clock, their lordships having proceeded with most exemplary and unexampled despatch. After the explanation of the Earl of Munster, relative to his own conduct on a recent occasion, the House, on motion of Earl Grey, resolved itself into committee, and the fifteen first boroughs on the list of disfranchisement were declared to stand part of schedule A without opposition or comment. On the proposition that Camelford should stand part of the schedule, the Marquis Cleveland said that the inhabitants of the borough, much to their credit, did not object to give up their own rights, in order to forward a bill calculated to benefit the whole country. (Cheers.)-Lord Ellenborough said that persons so very honourable, so very disinterested, were the best qualified to hold the elective franchise; and he was sure their lordships would feel great reluctance to deprive them of it. He was astonished how the noble Marquis, knowing the nobleness of their nature, could ever consent to their being disfranchised. (Laughter.) The motion was then agreed to. Camelford was added to the schedule, and the forty following boroughs shared the same

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