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SIMPLES NOTIONS DE FRANÇAIS, or First Steps in French,

with 76 illustrations, to teach children who cannot read, followed by the most popular songs of French children, 12 chansons et rondeaux, with music. Boards...

750. LIVRE DES ENFANTS. Pour l'étude du français. A simple,

easy and progressive Freach Primer, in the natural method, for young students, with upwards of 60 illustrations, 12mo, cloth, 100 pages.....

50C. LE SECOND LIVRE DES ENFANTS. A continuation of Livre

des Enfants, illustrated with over 50 pictures upon wbich the lessons aro based. 12mo, cloth, 148 pages..............

760, LE FRANÇAIS PRATIQUE. This book is written for special

instruction of Amoricans, intending to travel in France. It can be used as a first book for every one wishing to make

a thorough study of the French. 12mo, 191 pp., cloth..... $1.00 LECTURES FACILES, pour l'Étude du Français, avec notes grammaticales et oxplicatives. Cloth, 256 pages...

$1.00 This makes with Le Français Pratiquo, a complete course.

It can be used as well with any other method. LA LANGUE FRANÇAISE, 1re PARTIE. Méthode pratique

pour l'étudo de cotto langue. 12mo, cloth, 292 pages...... $1.25 LA LANGUE FRANÇAISE, 2me PARTIE (for intermediate

classes), variétés historiquos et littéraires. 12mo, cloth, 276 pages...


Reader). With explanatory English notes. 12mo, cloth,

328 pages.. SHORT SELECTIONS for Translating English into French, 12mo, cloth .......

750. KEY TO “ SHORT SELECTIONS,” etc. 12mo, cloth, 121 pages

net 75C. CONJUGAISON DES VERBES FRANÇAIS. Suivie de nombreux

exercices. 12mo, flexible cloth, 84 påges, 50 cents. SANS FAMILLE, by Hoctor Malot, arranged and abridged

by Paul Beroy. 12mo, cloth, 85 Conts. Paper, 60 cents.

.... $1.00

Published by WILLIAM R. JENKINS, New York,




Avec Notes Grammaticales et Explicatives



Directeur of P. BERCY'S School of Languages, New York.

Auteur de: Le Premier Livre des Enfants; Le Second Livre des Enfants ;
La Langue Française ; Variétés historiques et Littéraires ; Contes

et Nouvelles modernes ; Le Français pratique, etc., etc.

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In the preface of Le Français Pratique I said : “As this “book is essentially progressive, it can be used as a first “book for pupils wishing to make a complete study of the “French language.”

In fact it is so used in many of the principal Colleges and Schools in the United States and Canada, and every day I receive letters from teachers thanking me for the great help given them by it. But they all ask me to complete the series of which Le Français Pratique is only the first part. One of them says : Succès oblige, and since you yourself “said that Le Français Pratique can be used as a first “ book, you must complete your method to enable us to “ lead the pupils through the subjunctive and other difficult

parts of grammar, as easily and in such a pleasant manner as they are led through the elementary parts in the first book.”

It is to satisfy such wishes that I have prepared this new work, which is truly the complement of Le Français Pratique, with which it forms a complete and new method for the teaching of French.

This book includes interesting, short stories chosen with great care among pieces all recently written by different authors in the best and simplest modern style. I took the liberty, in some instances, of cutting out some words or parts of sentences ; but I did so warily and without altering in any way the spirit of the pieces.

In the grammatical notes which follow every story I refer to the notes of Le Français Pratique; but at the same time I give anew the most important rules, so that this new book can be used by students who have not studied the first one, and will be found a very pleasant and instructive reader for intermediate classes, whatever method is used. All the rules of the subjunctive, the uses of the different tenses and of such forms as c'est, il est. .., have been shown as completely and clearly as possible, so as to enable the pupils to understand and use them without hesitation.

Some of the most difficult phrases have been translated into English to assist the pupils ; but no vocabulary is given, for every student should have and employ a regular dictionary which is always more complete than those given at the end of any book.

All the verbs given at the end of each series of grammatical notes must be carefully studied and learned : to render that study more easy, a complete list of the irregular verbs in use and a model of each conjugation have been added to the book. As I have said in former prefaces, the study of verbs is so important, that without it it is impossible to write and to speak correctly.


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