Understanding The Lord of the Rings: The Best of Tolkien Criticism

Houghton Mifflin, 2004 - 294 pages
When first published, The Lord of the Rings stood far from the mainstream: no one had seen anything like it for decades. Tolkien's almost stridently antimodern tale needed valiant defenders, vocal admirers who understood its sources and relished its monumental scale. While such champions of modernism as Edmund Wilson mocked Tolkien's archaic structure and language, W. H. Auden -- a great modernist poet in his own right -- rose to his defense with a spirited essay on the true nature of the Hero Quest. Edmund Fuller's essay collected here discusses the nature of the fairy tale, returning to the roots of the term to remove the treacle of Disney and restore the value of realistic enchantment. Tolkien's friend C. S. Lewis takes up the question of why, if you have a serious comment to make about real life, you would drape it in a never-never land of your own. He shrewdly argues that it is because real life does have mythic and heroic qualities -- in abundance.
This collection also includes, among others, essays by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Verlyn Flieger, Paul Kocher, Jane Chance, and each of the editors, as well as a brand-new essay by Tom Shippey that shows us how to process all this vast learning, adding to it the many delights of the film versions of Tolkien's epic masterpiece, so we can relish his achievement all the more.

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Returning this to the library for now. I'm enjoying it...I'm just not actually getting anywhere, and I have far too many books checked out anyway. I shall probably go back to it sooner or later. Consulter l'avis complet

Understanding The lord of the rings: the best of Tolkien criticism

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There has been a near avalanche of criticism on The Lord of the Rings over the years and even more since the release of Peter Jackson's popular film trilogy. This volume gathers together what the ... Consulter l'avis complet

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