The Popes and the Papacy in the Early Middle Ages (Routledge Revivals): 476-752

Routledge, 1 mai 2014 - 422 pages

There has been a tendency to the view the history of the early medieval papacy predominantly in ideological terms, which has resulted in the over-exaggeration of the idea of the papal monarchy. In this study, first published in 1979, Jeffrey Richards questions this view, arguing that whilst the papacy’s power and responsibility grew during the period under discussion, it did so by a series of historical accidents rather than a coherent radical design.

The title redresses the imbalance implicit in the monarchical interpretation, and emphasizes other important political, administrative and social aspects of papal history. As such it will be of particular value to students interested in the history of the Church; in particular, the development of the early medieval papacy, and the shifting policies and characteristics of the popes themselves.


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Table des matières

The Ideological Context
The Papacy under the Ostrogoths
The Symmachan Schism ii issuesand participants
The Papacy underthe Empire The Three Chapters Controversy
The Lombardic Crisis
The Monothelete Crisis
The Papal Revival The Final Crisis Part IV The Popes 13
Geographical Origins and Cultural Attainments
The Papal Administration
The Central Administration
The Patrimonial Administration
The Papacy and the Episcopate
Gregory the Great and the Episcopate
Afterword Appendix 1 ThePopes Appendix 2 Papal Vacancies Appendix 3 Papal Ordinations

Class Origins
Age and Experience

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