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Page 174 - HORTUS GRAMINEUS WOBURNENSIS : Or, an Account of the Results of Experiments on the Produce and Nutritive Qualities of different Grasses, and other Plants, used as the Food of the more valuable Domestic Animals : instituted by John Duke of Bedford.
Page 163 - CÉRÉMONIES ET COUTUMES RELIGIEUSES DE TOUS LES PEUPLES du monde représentées par des figures dessinées de la main de Bernard Picart, avec une explication historique et quelques dissertations curieuses.
Page 24 - I have known it in my young age much more wealthy, prosperous, and richer than it is at this day ; and the cause is, that there is almost none that intendeth to the common weal, but only every man for his singular profit.
Page 25 - Florence a noble and well stuffed lybrarye whiche alle noble straungyers comynge to Florence desyred to see. And therin they fonde many noble and rare bookes. And whanne they had axyd of hym whiche was the best boke of them alle and that he reputed for best, he sayd that he helde Cathon glosed for the best book in his lyberarye.
Page 131 - Tomo primero, que contiene la noticia de los escritores rabinos españoles desde la época conocida de su literatura hasta el presente.
Page 25 - J can not Juge the cause / but fayrer ne wyser ne bet bespoken children in theyre yongthe ben nowher than ther ben in london / but at their ful rypyng ther is no carnel ne good corn founden but chaff for the moost parte...
Page 24 - Here fynyssheth this present book which is sayd or called Cathon, translated oute of Frensshe in to Englysshe by William Caxton in thabbay of Westmynstre the yere of oure Lord MCOCCLXXXUI / and the fyrst yere of the regne of kynge Rychard the thyrd the xxni.
Page 25 - J doubte not / and yf they wylle rede it and vnderstande they shal moche the better conne rewle them self ther by / For among all other bookes this is a synguler...
Page 112 - Therefore the fault which I finde in religion is but one, but the same is universal!, thoroughout all that country, that is, that they be all Papists by their profession, but in the same so blindly and brutishly informed, (for the most part) that not one amongst a hundred knoweth any ground of religion, or any article of his faith, but can perhaps say his Pater noster, or his Ave Maria, without any knowledge or understanding what one word thereof meaneth.
Page 25 - Jugement it is the beste book for to be taught to yonge children in scole/ & also to peple of euery age it is ful conuenient yf it be wel understanden/ And by cause J see that the children that ben borne within the sayd cyte encreace/ and prouffyte not lyke theyr faders and olders/ but for the moost parte after that they ben comen to theyr parfight yeres of discrecion/ and rypenes of age/ how wel that theyre faders haue lefte to them grete quantite of goodes/ yet scarcely amonge ten two thryue/ J...

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