The Door of Judgment

AuthorHouse, 26 févr. 2002 - 372 pages

Once upon a time they tried to fall in love . . .

The Jew and the Gentile

Based on a true story, this is a fictional tale of two teenagers who meet, begin dating and spend most of their insane relationship either hiding or running for their lives from intolerant parents. A full years journey, the story will take you from heart wrenching to total silliness.

While living in the Bronx during the 1960s, Victor and Rhonda travel through the most abnormal year in their lives. From meetings on the corner to visits at the rabbi's home, from calmly meeting the family to chase scenes through the streets of the Bronx, this story takes you through each month and season like you've never experienced them before.

At first meeting, Rhonda immediately warns Victor that her parents won't allow her to have a relationship with a Gentile. Nevertheless they choose to ignore her parents wishes and continue dating. They're forced to sneak, lie, run, hide and finally confront her parents in the weirdest scenarios ever.

While touching on reverse discrimination, the innocence of the time and how this story is told only enhances the enjoyment you'll receive when reading about this extraordinary relationship.

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