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Mr. Elias Eaftaway of Exon.,
Mrs. Anne Edwards of Exon.
Richard Elliot Esq; Cornwall.
Mr. Stephen Elmer of Farnham.
Charles Eveleigh, Esq;
Mrs. Anne Eveleigh,
Mr. John Evererd of Bridgwater.

Rev. Mr. Fursman, Chancellor of the Church of Exon.

Mr. George Fender of St. Stephen's, Exon.
Mr. Fincher.
Mr. Thomas Fisher.

Mr. Ford of Northleigh, Devon.
Mr. Fortescue of Exon.
Mr. Freke, Rector of Clanaborough.

Dr. Fynes.
Mrs. Anne Forster, Exon.
Mr. Bafil Forster, London.

John Fortescue.

Forward, Attorney at Law, Axminster.
Ralph Freke, Esq; of Hanington in Wilts.
Mr. Fryer.
Mrs. Fulford.
Mr. Thomas Furlong.

Rev. Dr. Gilbert Dean of Exeter.

Mr. Archdeacon Grant, ro Books.
Mr. William Gater.
Mr. Gay.
Mr. Gilbard, Curate of Tiverton.
Mr. John Gould, Rector of Farway,
Mr. Thomas Greene.
Mr. Granger, Rector of Crewys Morchard.
Mr. Tho. Greenway; Master of Ufculm School.
Mr. George Greenway.

Mr. Griffiths,
Mr. John Gale of Exon.

Philip Gandy of Exon.
Mrs. Gard of Honiton.
Mr. Peter Gay.

Nicholas Geare.

Abraham Gelberd.
-----Gibbs, Esg;
Mr. Gifford of Exon.
Mrs. Gilberd of Exon.
John Glanvil, Esq; of Cornwall.
Mr. John Good of Colyton.

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Mr. Robert Gould of Exon. 1. ,,siis
Francis Gregor, Esq; of Cornwall. 2,"sale
Mrs. Dorothy Gregor. :
Mr. Grift of Bath. sity


ten!! Rev. Mr. Will. Hambly, Rector of St. Ive, Corriwall.

Mr. Arthur Harris, Rector of Cheriton.
Mr. John Harris,L.L.B. Rector of Wef Ogwells
Mr. Arthur Heale Curate of Sidbury.
Mr. John Heath, Rector of Sandford.
Mr. Hedges; Rector of Kelly.
Mr. Hellier, Curate of Shiveoke, Cornwall,
Dr. Herring.
Mr. Hicks, Vicar of Whitechurch.
Mr. Hole of Romans Leigh.
Mr. Hollworth of Dartmouth,
Mr. Nicholas Holkyn of Boynton, Cornwall:

Mr. Thomas Hurrell of Bearalfton.
Mrs. Martha Haine.
Mr. William Hall.
Richard Hällett, Etq; of Statcomb.
Mr. William Hallett.
Mrs. Ham of Widhays, Devon:
Mrs. Han of Exon.
Mr. Harding of Farnham.
Mrs. Rachel Harris.
Mrs. Hartnell:

1 Mr. John Hawker of Farnham..

John Harvy of Exon.

Richard Headon of Lefkeard, Cornwalla
Thomas Heath, Efqi
Benjamin Heath, Esq;
Mr. Robert Hendry of Exon.

Jonathan Herd of Exon.
Thomas Herd of Exon.
Herring of Plymouth, 2 Books.
John Herring

Francis Hill, Efq; Cornwall.
Mrs. Joan Hill of Exeter.

--Hippesby, Esq;
Mr. William Hobs.

Mrs. Mary Hooker.
Mr. Richard Hole of Exon.

Rev. Mr. Jeffery, Vicar of Linkinhorn.

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Rev. Mr. Iferby, Rector of St. Michael. in

Mr. Jones.
Mr. Henry Jackman of Exon,
Mrs. Mary James of Bridgwater.
Bartholomew Jeffry, Esq;
Mr. John Jenkins of Chichester.
Mrs. Katherine Ilbert, Widow.
Mr. Nicholas Inwardleigh.

Benjamin Johnson of Exon.
Mrs. Sarah Joyce.

Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Kendall, 4 Books.
Mrs. Elizabeth King.
Mr. Richard King of Topsham.

Robert King of Exon.

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Rev. Dr. Lille, Archdeacon of Canterbury, 10 Books.

Mr. William Lavers, Rector of Woodleigh.
Mr. Lee, Rector of Lemoren,
Mr. Lee of Dolton, 2 Books.
Dr. Lombard.

Mr. Lucke, Schoolmaster in Barum.
Mr. John Lacy of Farnham,

William Lane of Mitchel-Dean..
Edward Laremore of Ogiham.
Joseph Lee of Chelsea..
Humphry Leigh..
Ley of Exon.
William Limbrey.
William Limbry of Exon, 3 Books. '1
John Line of Lolkeard.
Samuel Lob of Bath, 12 Books.
Dennis Looke of Hingham, Gloucestershire.
Jacob Lovelace of Exon.
Lloyd of Exon.

Lucas of Colyton.
Mrs. Lucas of Colyton,
Mrs. Elizabeth Lucas of London.
Mr. William Luke.
Mrs. Lutterell of Dunster Castle in Somerfetthire.

Rev. Mr. Mapowder.

; ' ! . ; :' Mr. Minifee.

Mr. Mitchell.
Mr. Moore of Bridgwater.
Mr. Morrison, Rector of High Bickington

Rev. Mr. Mudge of Plymouth, 10 Books.

where Mrs. Marlton, London.

Lucretia Marchant, Bridgwater.
Mr. George Marshal of Ogiham.
Mrs. Martin.
Mr. Nicholas Medland of Exon.

Peter Menhear of Exon.
Hugh Mill.

William Moore of Bridgwater.
William Morshead, Esq; at Courtwhear, Cornwall.
John Moyle, Esq; of Cornwall.
Mrs. Musgrave of Exon.

Rev. Dr. Newcome, Dean of Gloucester.

Mr. Newte, Rector of Tiverton.
Mr. John Nankervell.

Nankervell of St. Iffey, Cornwall.
2. William Neale of Bedford, Exon.
Mrs. Mary Newcomb,
Mr. John Newman of Chichester.

Thomas Nibert.

Abraham Nicolson, Exon. Mrs. Northmore.

Mr. Joseph Othelenge.
William Oxenham, Esq; of New-house.

Rev. Mr. Padden, Rector of Exford.

Mr. Palmer of Combrawleigh.
Mr. Peters, 2 Books.
Mr. Henry Pengelly.
Mr. Penrose.
Mr. William Penwerre of Lelkeard.
Mr. Pefter of Axminster.
Mr. Petvin, Rector of Illington, 2 Books.
Mr. Henry Phillips

Mr. Pilking of Christchurch, Oxford, 2 Books,
Mr. Pitman.

Mr. Prowse, Vicar of Dowlis.
Mr. John Patch of Exon.

John Patrage of Exon.
Mrs. Mary Pearce of Exon,
Mr. William Peckee of Farnham.
Mrs. Mary Pierce.
Mr. Penny of Exon.

John Perham of Plymouth.

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Mr. Herman Pitt of Exon.
Sir William Pole, Bart, of Shute.

981.1 Lady Pole. Mr. William Poson of London. ,

i George Potebury of Exon.

William Poultny of Farnham.
Edmund Prideaux, Esq;
Mr. Daniel Pring of Exon.

Thomas Pring.
William Pyne of Alphington, Esqs 2 Books.
Mr. Robert Pyne of Farnham.

Rev. Mr. Radford, Rector of Lapford.

Mr. Rake.
Mr. Reading, Library-Keeper of Sion-College,
Mr. Benjamin Reed.
Dr. Rennéll, Rector of Drews-Teignton.
Mr. Renolds, Canon Residentiary of St. Peter's,

Exon, 2 Books.
Mr. William Renolds.
Joseph Richards, A. M. Rector of Combintinhead,
Mr. Roberts of Mitchel-Dean.
Mr. Roberts of Exon.

1.- ilo' Mr. James Row, Rector of Ideford, Charles Raymond, Efq; of Exmouth.

ich Mr. Richards, 3 Books.

William Roberts of Jacobftow.
Robert Richards of Lefkeard! 1:

Robinson of Plymouth.. oond
William Rodd, Efq; of Exon.
John Rolle, Efq;
Henry Rolle, Esq;


18 Michael Russell, Doctor of Phyfick.

Rev.Dr.Stephens, Canon Residentiary of St. Peter's,Exon

Mr. Salmon, Vicar of Milton.
Mr. Sandford, Rector of Aldermanbury.
Mr. W. Salter, Rector of iviusbury
Mr. John Salter, Rector of Stoke-feming.
Mr. Snow, Rector of Ditíham.
Mr. Somaster of Tiverton.
Mr. Somaster Rector of Widworthy.
Mr. Southcomb, Rector of Role Alh, Devons
Mr. Steed,' Vicar of Barum. ;
Mr. Sutton, Rector of Mical Carys.

Mr. Sweet.
Thomas Sanding, Efq; Mayor of Chichester,


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