Software Engineering for Embedded Systems: Methods, Practical Techniques, and Applications

Robert Oshana
Newnes, 1 avr. 2013 - 1200 pages
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This Expert Guide gives you the techniques and technologies in software engineering to optimally design and implement your embedded system. Written by experts with a solutions focus, this encyclopedic reference gives you an indispensable aid to tackling the day-to-day problems when using software engineering methods to develop your embedded systems.

With this book you will learn:

  • The principles of good architecture for an embedded system
  • Design practices to help make your embedded project successful
  • Details on principles that are often a part of embedded systems, including digital signal processing, safety-critical principles, and development processes
  • Techniques for setting up a performance engineering strategy for your embedded system software
  • How to develop user interfaces for embedded systems
  • Strategies for testing and deploying your embedded system, and ensuring quality development processes
  • Practical techniques for optimizing embedded software for performance, memory, and power
  • Advanced guidelines for developing multicore software for embedded systems
  • How to develop embedded software for networking, storage, and automotive segments
  • How to manage the embedded development process

Includes contributions from:

Frank Schirrmeister, Shelly Gretlein, Bruce Douglass, Erich Styger, Gary Stringham, Jean Labrosse, Jim Trudeau, Mike Brogioli, Mark Pitchford, Catalin Dan Udma, Markus Levy, Pete Wilson, Whit Waldo, Inga Harris, Xinxin Yang, Srinivasa Addepalli, Andrew McKay, Mark Kraeling and Robert Oshana.

  • Road map of key problems/issues and references to their solution in the text
  • Review of core methods in the context of how to apply them
  • Examples demonstrating timeless implementation details
  • Short and to- the- point case studies show how key ideas can be implemented, the rationale for choices made, and design guidelines and trade-offs

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Table des matières

15 Embedded Software Quality Integration and Testing Techniques
16 Software Development Tools for Embedded Systems
17 Multicore Software Development for Embedded Systems
18 SafetyCritical Software Development
19 Intellectual Property
20 Managing Embedded Software Development
21 Agile Development for Embedded Systems
22 Embedded Software for Automotive Applications

4 Software Design Architecture and Patterns for Embedded Systems
Events and Triggers
6 Hardwares Interface to Embedded Software
7 Embedded Software Programming and Implementation Guidelines
8 Embedded Operating Systems
9 Software Reuse By Design in Embedded Systems
10 Software Performance Engineering for Embedded Systems
11 Optimizing Embedded Software for Performance
12 Optimizing Embedded Software for Memory
13 Optimizing Embedded Software for Power
14 Human Factors and User Interface Design for Embedded Systems
23 Programming for IO and Storage
24 Embedded Software for Networking Applications
25 Linux for Embedded Systems
C Syntax Coding Standard Source Code Development
On the C++ Programming Language for Embedded Software Systems and Platforms
Software Performance Engineering
A User Interface Police Command and Control System
Transitioning to Multicore
Software Engineering for Embedded Systems Quality and Metrics Program
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Robert Oshana has over 30 years of experience in the embedded software industry, primarily focused on embedded and real-time systems for the defence industry and semiconductor industries. He has BSEE, MSEE, MSCS, and MBA degrees and is a Senior Member of IEEE. Rob is an international speaker and has over 100 presentations and publications in various technology fields and has written several books on embedded software technology. Rob is an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and University of Texas and is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff and Director of Software Enablement for Digital Networking at Freescale Semiconductor.

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