Dante and Catholic Philosophy in the Thirteenth Century

Cathedral library association, 1897 - 505 pages

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Page 356 - THROUGH me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you pass into eternal pain: Through me among the people lost for aye. Justice the founder of my fabric moved: To rear me was the task of power divine, 5 Supremest wisdom, and primeval love.* Before me things create were none, save things Eternal, and eternal I endure. All hope abandon, ye who enter here.
Page 356 - Per me si va nella città dolente; per me si va nell' eterno dolore; per me si va tra la perduta gente.
Page 392 - He commanded me many times that I should seek to see this youthful angel, so that I in my boyhood often went seeking her, and saw her of such noble and praiseworthy deportment, that truly of her might be said that saying of the poet Homer : ' She does not seem the daughter of mortal man, but of God.
Page 267 - A point beheld I, that was raying out Light so acute, the sight which it enkindles Must close perforce before such great acuteness. And whatsoever star seems smallest here Would seem to be a moon, if placed beside it. As one star with another star is placed. Perhaps at such a distance as appears A halo cincturing the light that paints it, When densest is the...
Page 268 - Of threefold colour and of one dimension, And by the second seemed the first reflected As Iris is by Iris, and the third Seemed fire that equally from both is breathed.
Page 327 - And more of honour still, much more, they did me, In that they made me one of their own band; So that the sixth was I, 'mid so much wit. Thus we went on as far as to the light, Things saying 'tis becoming to keep silent, As was the saying of them where I was.
Page 356 - Per me si va nell' eterno dolore : Per me si va tra la perduta gente. Giustizia mosse il mio alto Fattore : Fecemi la divina Potestate, La somma Sapienza e il primo Amore. Dinanzi a me non fur cose create, Se non eterne ; ed io eterno duro : Lasciate ogni speranza, voi eh' entrate." Queste parole di colore oscuro Vid' io scritte al sommo d' una porta ; Per eh' io : Maestro, il senso lor m
Page 197 - Free will, nor any justice would there be In having joy for good, or grief for evil. The heavens your movements do initiate, I say not all; but granting that I say it, Light has been given you for good and evil, And free volition...
Page 383 - And that which most shall weigh upon thy shoulders Will be the bad and foolish company With which into this valley thou shalt fall...
Page 226 - O ye proud Christians! wretched, weary ones! Who, in the vision of the mind infirm Confidence have in your backsliding steps, Do ye not comprehend that we are worms, Born to bring forth the angelic butterfly That flieth unto judgment without screen?

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