The Modern Middle East

Psychology Press, 2005 - 344 pages

This groundbreaking contribution to a more comprehensive view of the region in a post-September 11th world, is the first introductory textbook on the modern Middle East to focus on the urban, rural, cultural and women's histories of the region over its political and economic history. Distancing himself from more modernizationist approaches, the author is concerned with the ideological question of whom we investigate in the past rather than how we investigate the past.

Ilan Pappé begins his narrative at the end of the First World War with the Ottoman heritage, and concludes at the end of the twentieth century with the political discourse of Islam.

The Modern Middle East:

  • includes a carefully argued introduction which discusses the methodology used in the textbook
  • provides a thematic and comparative approach to the region, helping students to see the peoples of the Middle East and the developments that affect their lives as part of a larger world
  • includes insights gained from new historiographical trends and takes a critical approach to conventional state- and nation-centred historiographies
  • includes case studies, debates, maps, photos, an up-to-date bibliography and a glossarial index.

Accessible and original, The Modern Middle East is essential introductory reading for students on history or politics courses, as well as for journalists and those working in the region.


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A readable textbook, with a good analysis of the impact of colonialism, and the incomplete progress by member states through the expected stages of economic and social development following the influx of technology from the European 'powers'. Consulter l'avis complet

Table des matières

Whose modern times?
Alternative views?
Political history
Economic history
The rural history of the Middle East in the twentieth century
Urban history
music dance and poetry
The history of the written word
Theatre cinema radio and television
Histories of Middle Eastern women
The many faces of Islam in the twentyfirst century
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