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Page 165 - Affected by or appertaining to the third quality, that of darkness or vice ; partaking or influenced by the principle of inertness, ignorance or mental darkness, inert, stupid, ignorant, sm Darkness, illusion, irascibility ; nn incendiary, a malignant and mischievous man, a villain.
Page 240 - PratilJma, a. (g« reverting, hair) left, not right; reverse, inverted, contrary to the natural course or order, against the hair or grain.
Page 202 - C^T)The space of four cubits on each side of the water of the Ganges. Carey. tUltrft *. (/ from ^rtTtll0! ?) A plant (As•paragus racemosus). *ll<l|"is3 s. A plant (Euphorbia antiquorum). Hort. Ben. p. 36. lIRw0"!
Page 13 - ... sense, or sinks its value ; sometimes it gives to verbs of motion the sense of motion downwards : ad.
Page 2 - O great king! having made this vow, Rookum took with him a complete army, consisting of 109,350 foot, 65,610 horse, 21,870 chariots and 21,870 elephants; and advanced to fight with Shree Krishnu Chund, and surrounded the army of the descendants of Judoo. He then said to his followers, "Do you destroy all the descendants of Judoo, and I will go on in advance, and bring Krishnu here alive and bound.
Page 96 - ... a bunch of hair tied on the crown or behind the head by both sexes.
Page 161 - In denote derivatives formed from complete words, as distinguished from such as are formed- from verbal roots. , a.
Page 148 - A small prop of earth or stone placed under a pot to support it while boiling.
Page 162 - ... a thread, the threads of a warp, the strings of a musical instrument, a class of sacred books, a charm ; a weaver's loom, a leathern thong : a.
Page 126 - ... n. a small room on the top of a house to cover the stair-case ; called also fK^rsnt I ft?, n.

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