Ionospheric Radio

IET, 1990 - 580 pages

Ionospheric Radio replaces an earlier publication Ionospheric Propogation and is aimed at professional scientists, engineers, and students who need an intermediate-level reference and/or text. Students of aeronomy and radio wave propogation are introduced to basic wave theory in absorbing, anisotropic and dispersive media, and to the physics of production, loss and movement of plasma in the ionosphere in the presence of the geomagnetic field. Various radio techniques are described, and applications to the interpretation of ionospheric structures and dynamics are presented. The application of ionospheric data to radio communications problems includes the use of numerical and physical models and prediction techniques, and methods for calculating signal strengths are presented. Topics include Earth-space propagation, ionospheric modification, ionospheric disturbances, propagation by scattering from plasma irregularities, topside sounding, and propagation on frequencies from the extremely low to the super high. Reference lists are extensive and a section of questions tests the reader's understanding of the material.


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Table des matières

Characteristics of waves and plasmas
Solarterrestrial relationships
Magnetoionic theory
Radio soundings of the ionosphere
Morphology of the ionosphere
Oblique propagation
Amplitude and phase
Earthspace propagation
Ionospheric disturbances and their effects on radio communication
Low very low and extremely low frequencies
Medium frequencies
Highfrequency propagation predictions
Propagation on very high frequencies
Ionospheric modification
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Kenneth Davies is a senior research scientist at the Space Environment Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, and Professor Adjoint in the Departments of Astrophysical, Planetary and Atmospheric Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Colorado. In 1988 he was appointed Guest Professor in the Department of Space Physics, Wuhan University, China. Between August 1975 and August 1976 he held the Webster Memorial Fellowship at the Physics Department of the University of Queensland, Brisbane. Dr Davies was chairman of the Electromagnetic Wave Propogation Panel of the Advisory Group in Aerospace Research and Development, and Chairman of Commission G of the US-URSI. He is the author of more than 130 scientific papers and two previous books on ionospheric radio propagation.

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