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these are all over, before the solemn moment of death comes. His spiritual enemies, are usually made to be still as a stone, whilst he is passing through the river of death c. Jesus our great High Priest, hath dipped his feet in those waters. stream therefore is divided to thee, who art by faith united to him. The channel is dry. Thou mayest discern the footsteps of thy almighty Redeemer, in the bottom, and endless felicity on the other side. Having already tasted the sweetness of pure consolation, thou shouldst long, with ardent and increasing desire, for "the marriage-supper of the Lamb." He hath by ten thousand thousand instances of kindness, so endeared himself to thy heart, that thou shouldst not be fully satisfied, until thou have the full enjoyment of his immense and everlasting love; until thou see him as he is, enjoy the unclouded light of his countenance, and be crowned with the unfading brightness of eternal glory. Let thy present consolation, then, excite thee often to meditate on, and ardently to long for, that consummate felicity which awaits thee, in the pure regions of everlasting light, and love, and joy. For yet a little, a very little while, and thou, "the ransomed of the Lord shalt return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon thy head: thou shalt obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away

c Prov. xiv. 32.

d "

d Isa. xxxv. 10.

G. CAW, Printer.


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