Understanding the Eurovision Song Contest in Multicultural Australia: We Got Love

Springer, 2 nov. 2018 - 123 pages

This book presents the first in-depth study of the Eurovision Song Contest from an Australian perspective. Using a cultural studies approach, the study draws together fan interviews and surveys with media and textual analysis of the contest itself. In doing so, it begins to answer the question of why the European song contest appeals to viewers in Australia. It explores and challenges the dominant narrative that links Eurovision fandom to post-WWII European migration, arguing that this Eurocentric narrative presents a limited view of how contemporary Australian multicultural society operates in the context of globalized culture. It concludes with a consideration of the future of the Eurovision Song Contest as Australia enters into the ‘Asian century’.


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Table des matières

Chapter 1 Introduction
The EBU and SBS
Local Commentary as Media Interpolation
Celebrating Eurovision Together
Multiculturalism and Viewer Identities
Australian Performances and Performing Australia
Eurovision in the Asian Century
Chapter 8 Epilogue
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Jessica Carniel is Senior Lecturer in Humanities at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia. Understanding the Eurovision Song Contest in Multicultural Australia draws together her ongoing research interests in migration, multiculturalism, and popular culture with her lifelong fandom of the contest.

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