La sorcière

Calmann Levy, 1863 - 448 pages

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La Sorcière

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(La femme) n’a d’amis que ses songes, ne cause qu’avec ses bêtes ou l’arbre de la forêt. Ils lui parlent ; nous savons de quoi. Ils reveillent en elle les choses que lui disait sa mère, sa grand-mère ... Consulter l'avis complet

La Sorcière

Avis d'utilisateur  - dancingbrave - Babelio

Michelet nous montre l’émergence de la sorcellerie et les causes de cette naissance. Il nous montre le pourquoi de l’implication presque exclusive des femmes dans la sorcellerie. La femme était ... Consulter l'avis complet

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Page 56 - In days to come people will be slow to believe that the law among Christian nations went beyond anything decreed concerning the olden slavery; that it wrote down as an actual right the most grievous outrage that could ever wound man's heart. The Lord Spiritual had this right no less than the Lord Temporal.
Page 246 - The devout, having offered up and annihilated their own selves, exist no longer but in God. Thenceforth they can do no wrong. The better part of them is so divine that it no longer knows what the other is doing.
Page 112 - Witches' Hammer." Hermits and monks "dreaded all cleansing as so much defilement. There was no bathing for a thousand years!" exclaims Michelet in his "Sorciere." Why such an outcry against Hindu fakirs in such a case? These, if they keep dirty, besmear themselves only after washing, for their religion commands them to wash every morning, and sometimes several times a day (p.
Page 4 - ... so dismal, so terribly savage. At the end of a few pages, you feel yourself stricken with a chill ; a cruel shiver fastens upon you — death, death, death, is traceable in every line. Already you are in a bier, or else in a stone cell with mouldy walls. Happiest of all are the killed. The house of horrors is the In pace. This phrase it is which comes back unceasingly, like an ill-omened bell sounding again and again the heart's ruin of the living dead ; always we have the same word, " immured...
Page 146 - ... which permitted the priest and the lord alike to trample upon all the sacred rights of womanhood, in the name of religion and law. During this mocking service a true sacrifice of wheat was offered to the "Spirit of the Earth" who made wheat to grow, and loosened birds bore aloft to the "God of Freedom" the sighs and prayers of the serfs asking that their descendants might be free.
Page 386 - But now the witch has nothing to say. "Her ashes have been scattered to the winds." She has perished, chiefly by the progress of those very sciences which began with her through the physician, the naturalist, for whom she had once toiled.
Page 143 - ... made in that day of moral degradation ; a sacrifice and a prayer more holy than all the ceremonials of the church. This service where woman by virtue of her greater despair acted both as altar and priest, opened with the following address and prayer. "I will come before Thine altar, but save me, O, Lord, from the faithless and violent man!
Page 5 - ... forbade approach. She passed the night under an old cromlech. If any one found her there, she was isolated' by the common dread ; she was surrounded, as it were, by a ring of fire, and yet she was a woman. This very life of hers, dreadful though it appeared, tightened and braced her woman's energy. "You may see her endowed with two gifts. One is the inspiration of lucid frenzy, which, in its several degrees, becomes poesy, second sight, depth of insight, cunning simplicity of speech, the power...

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