Scenes and Thoughts in Europe

Wiley and Putnam, 1846 - 160 pages

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Page 15 - Es erben sich Gesetz- und Rechte Wie eine ewge Krankheit fort, Sie schleppen von Geschlecht sich zum Geschlechte, Und rücken sacht von Ort zu Ort. Vernunft wird Unsinn, Wohltat Plage; Weh dir, daß du ein Enkel bist! Vom Rechte, das mit uns geboren ist, Von dem ist leider nie die Frage.
Page 86 - ... commendable, is not lifted up to one of the high platforms of Art. The mind of the spectator is drawn into that of the beautiful child, whose inmost faculties are visibly budding in the effort to take in the phenomenon before it. The perfect bodily stillness of the little flexible figure, under the control of its mental intentness, is denoted by the coming forth of a lizard from the side of the bank. This is one of those delicate touches whereby the artist knows how to beautify and heighten the...
Page 18 - A Frenchman, more than other men, is dependent upon things without himself. Nature and his own mind, with domestic interests and recreations, are not enough to complete his daily circle. For his best enjoyment he must have a succession of factitious excitements. Out of this want Paris has grown to be the capital of the world for superficial amusements. Here are the appliances, — multiplied and diversified with the keenest refinement of sensual ingenuity, — for keeping the mind busy without labor...
Page 86 - If the artist clothes him with the toga of civil authority, he represents the great statesman; if with uniform and spurs, the great general. . . . He was both; but he was more than both. ... To invest the colossal image of so towering, so everlasting a man, with the insignia of temporary office is to fail in George Washington, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, c.1841. Horatio Greenough, sculptor. presenting a complete image of...
Page 84 - For some years he was the only sculptor we had, and worthily did he lead the van in a field where triumphs awaited us. I happened, five or six years ago, to travel from Boston southward with him and Powers, and heard Greenough then warmly second Powers...
Page 52 - A murder-loving devil has taken possession of the medical chairs ; for none but a devil could recommend to physicians blood-letting as a necessary means.
Page 50 - Thalern, diesen Bergen, Weit schlimmer als die Pest getobt. Ich habe selbst den Gift an tausende gegeben ; Sie welkten bin, ich muss erleben, Dass man die frechen Mo'rder lobt.

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