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(64a, e); to liquid 1 (68, 68e); to r (73, 73a); to s pronounced as z (74ɑ); to ti in endings (77a); and as to the linking of final consonants (84a, b, 85b, 86a). The rest may well be left to oral teaching, one and another rule being later brought in as found desirable: especially, the pupil will need further on to note the rules as to the occurrence of mute e and é and è (19, 20a, 21a), which settle so many cases of otherwise doubtful orthography.

The grammars of which most use has been made in the preparation of this one are that of Mätzner (of which there is a re-working in English, under the name of "French Syntax," by Professor J. A. Harrison-a valuable work, especially for teachers) and that of Ploetz. From them have been taken also a few of the Illustrative Sentences.

YALE COLLEGE, New Haven, August, 1886.

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