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Page 106 - Base du système métrique décimal, ou mesure de l'arc du méridien compris entre les parallèles de Dunkerque et Barcelone, exécutée en 1792 et années suivantes, par MM. MÉCHAIN et DELAMBRE.
Page 101 - Outlines from the Figures and Compositions upon the Greek, Roman, and Etruscan Vases of the late Sir William Hamilton; with engraved borders, drawn and engraved by the late Mr.
Page 38 - The State of the printed Hebrew Text of the Old Testament considered.
Page 400 - A True and Exact Relation of the Death of Two Catholicks, who suffered for their Religion at the Summer Assizes, held at Lancaster in the year 1628.
Page 352 - Atlas moderne ou collection de cartes sur toutes les parties du globe terrestre, par plusieurs auteurs.
Page 383 - A Declaration of the Committee of Estates of the Parliament of Scotland in vindication of their proceedings from the aspersions of a scandalous pamphlet published by James Grahame under the title of James, Marques of Montrosse, etc.
Page 384 - Englands first fruits; in respect, first of the conversion of some, conviction of divers, preparation of sundry of the Indians. 2. Of the progresse of learning, in the colledge at Cambridge in Massacusets Bay. With divers other speciall matters concerning that countrey.
Page 253 - Hereafter ensue the trewe encountre or Batayle lately don betwene Englande and Scotlande [1513].6 A later campaign against Scotland produced first of all a Declaration, conteynyng the just causes.
Page 262 - In a Ful and Round Answer to ND, alias Robert Parsons the Noddie his foolish and rude Warne-word, 1604, by Matthew Sutcliffe, p. 310, "A List of Robert Parsons his Lies, Fooleries, and Abuses...
Page 383 - A Declaration of the Army of England upon their March into Scotland to All that are Saints and Partakers of the Faith of God's Elect in Scotland.

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