Bibliotheca Therapeutica, Or, Bibliography of Therapeutics: Chiefly in Reference to Articles of the Materia Medica, with Numerous Critical, Historical and Therapeutical Annotations, and an Appendix Containing the Bibliography of British Mineral Waters, Volume 2

New Sydenham Society, 1879
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Page 709 - ... a custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black stinking fume thereof, nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.
Page 709 - ... foolishly received, and so grossly mistaken in the right use thereof? In your abuse thereof sinning against God, harming yourselves both in persons and goods, and...
Page 542 - Les cures de petit-lait et de raisin en Allemagne et en Suisse, dans le traitement des maladies chroniques...
Page 706 - Sylvester following in the wake of the royal counterblast, with his : — •' tobacco battered, and the pipes shattered about their ears that idly idolize so base and barbarous a weed, or at leastwise overlove so loathsome a vanity, by a volley of holy shot thundered from Mount Helicon.
Page 474 - Method of curing the Lues Venerea by the Introduction of Mercury into the System through the Orifices of the absorbent Vessels on the Inside of the Mouth.
Page 622 - Practical Observations on the Treatment and Cure of Several Varieties of Pulmonary Consumption, and on the Effects of the Vapour of Boiling Tar in that Disease," in which he details some wonderfully good results obtained by treating patients suffering from pulmonary affections in
Page 706 - The Smoaking Age, or, the man in the mist : — with the life and death of Tobacco.
Page 629 - ON THE CONTAMINATION OF WATER BY THE POISON OF LEAD, and its Effects on the Human Body. Foolscap 8vo. cloth, 3s.
Page 741 - Observations, Historical, Critical, and Medical, on the Wines of the Ancients, and the Analogy between them and Modern Wines...
Page 759 - Avis aux Chirurgiens pour les engager à. accepter et à introduire une méthode plus simple, plus naturelle et moins dispendieuse dans le pansement des blessés...

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