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knowledge of the mystery of working of God, who raised God; 3 in whom are hidden him from the dead. 13 And to all the treasures of wisdom and you, being dead (in) your sins, knowledge.

and in the uncircumcision of 4 Now I say this, lest any your flesh, hath God given life, one should deceive you by per- together with Christ, having suasive words. 5 For though I freely pardoned all our tresbe absent in the flesh, yet I passes ; 14 having blotted out am with you in the spirit, re- the hand-writing of ordinances joicing, and beholding your which was against us, which order, and the stedfastness of was contrary to us, and taken your faith in Christ. 6 As ye it out of the way, and nailed have therefore received Christ it to the cross: 15 and, having Jesus the Lord, 80 walk in spoiled principalities and powhim; 7 rooted and built up erst he made a show of them in him, and established in the openly, and in it triumphed faith, as ye have been taught, over them. abounding (therein) in thanks 16 Let no one therefore congiving

demn you for your use of meats 8 Beware lest any one spoil or drinks, or in respect of a you through philosophy and feast, or new moon, or sabbath : empty deceit, according to the 17 which are a shadow of the tradition of men, according to things approaching; but the bothe elements of the world, and dy is of Christ. 18 Let no one not according to Christ. 9 For defraud you of your prize, in a in him dwelleth all the fulness voluntary humility of mind and of the deity* bodily: 10 and worship of angels, intruding inye are filled in him, who is the to those things which he hath head, of all principality and [not) seen, rashly puffed up by power : 11 in whom also ye his fleshly mind. 19 And not have been circumcised, with holding fast the head, from a circumcision not made by whom all the body, supplied hands, in putting off the fleshly and connected by joints and body, that is, in the circumci- bands, increaseth with the insion of Christ ; 12 having been crease of God. buried with him in baptism, in 20 If ye have died with which ye were also raised with Christ from the elements of him, through faith in the mighty the world, why, as though liv

• Godhead, N. Compare Eph. iii. 19, where Christians are said to be filled with all the fulness of God.' "The scholastic word godhead," says Mr. Lindsey, " is rejected, because to common readers it countenances the strange notion of a God consisting of three persons." Lindsey's Second Address, p. 283, 284. “ All those blessings which proceed from the Godhead, and wherewith we are filled, dwell in Christ, truly and substantially.” Pierce in loco.

† “By his death he put an end to the Mosaic Institution, and superceded the Levitical priesthood and all the splendid offices and rites of the temple service. See Schleusner in verb. AgXn, and Rosenmuller in loco.” Im. Ver. note.

i. e. in bis sufferings on the cross.


ing in the world, are ye subjects who created him : 11 where to ordinances; 21 such as, “ Eat there is not Greek and Jew, not, taste not, touch not;"* 22 circumcision and uncircumci(all which things are to be con- sion; barbarian and Scythian ; sumed by using them ;) accord- slave and free-man : but Christ ing to the commandments and is all (things,) and in all, doctrines of men ? 23 Which 12 Put on therefore, as the ordinances have indeed a show chosen of God, holy and be. of wisdom in will worship, and loved, bowels of pity, kindness, humility of mind, and not humility of mind, meekness, sparing the body: yet are not long-suffering: 13 (forbearing in any honour, but serve to the one another, and freely forgirsatisfying of the flesh.

ing one another, if any one have Ch. III. 1 If then ye have been a cause of complaint against raised with Christ, seek those another: even as Christ freely things which are above, where forgave you, so also do ye :) Christ sitteth the right 14 and, besides all these things, hand of God. 2 Mind the things put on love, which is the bond above, not the hings on the of perfection. 15 And let the earth. 3 For ye have died, and peace of Christ, preside in your your life is hidden with Christ hearts, to which ye have been in God. 4 When Christ, who also called in one body; and be is your life, shall be mani. ye thankful. fested, then ye also will be ma 16 Let the doctrine of Christ nifested with him in glory. dwell in you richly: teaching

5 DEADEN therefore your and admonishing one another, members as to the things on in all wisdom, with psalıns, earth ; as to fornication, un- and hymns, and spiritual songs; cleanness, passion, wicked lusts, singing with thankfulness in and inordinate desire, which is your hearts, to God. 17 And idolatry; 6 for which things the whatsoever ye do in word or acanger of God cometh on the tion, do all in the name of the sons of disobedience : 7 in Lord] Jesus, giving thanks to which ye also walked formerly, God, (even the Father, through when ye lived in them. 8 But him. now do ye also put away all 18 Wives, submit yourselves these; anger, wrath, malicious- to your husbands, as it is fit, ness, evil-speaking, filthy talk in the Lord. 19 Husbands, love ing, out of your mouth. your wives, and be not bitter

Lie not one to another, towards them. 20 Children, since ye have put off the old obey your parents in all things; man with his deeds; 10 and for this is well-pleasing in the have put on the new man, who Lord. 21 Fathers, provoke not is renewed in knowledge, ac- your children, lest they be discording to the image of Him couraged. 22 Servants, obey,

* So Wakefield. See Parkhurst under datopa.



in all things, your masters ac- , faithful and beloved brother, cording to the flesh; not with who is one of you. They will eye-service, as men-pleasers, make known to you all things but in singleness of heart, fear- which are done here.. ing the Lord: 23 and whatso

10 Aristarchus my

fellowever ye do, perform it heartily, prisoner, and Mark son to the as to the Lord, and not to men; sister of Barnabas, concerning 24 knowing, that from the Lord whom ye have received comye will receive the reward of mandments, (if he come to you the inheritance : [for) ye serve receive him,) 11 and Jesus Christ as your Lord. 25 But he called Justus, who are of the who doth wrong, will receive circumcision, salute you.

These for the wrong which he hath have been my only fellow-ladone: and there is no respect bourers as to the kingdom of of persons.

God; and they have been Ch. IV. 1 Masters, give to comfort to me. your servants that which is 12 Epaphras, who is one of just and equal; knowing that you, a servant of Christ, salutye also have a Master in hea- eth you, always earnestly striv

ing for you in his prayers, that 2 PERSEVERE in

prayer, j ye may stand perfect and comwatching therein, with thanks-plete in all the will of God. giving; 3 praying at the same i3 For I bear him witness that time for us also, that God he hath a great concern for you, would open to us a door of and for those at Laodicea, and utterance, to speak the mystery for those at Hierapolis. 14 of Christ, for which I am even Luke, the beloved physician, in bonds; 4 that I may make it and Demas, salute you. 15. manifest, as I ought to speak. Salute the brethren, who are at 5 Walk in wisdom towards Laodicea; and Nymphas, and those who are without, redeem- the church which assembleth in ing the time. 6 Let your dis. his house. course be always well-pleasing, 16 And when this epistle seasoned with salt, so that ye hath been read among you, may know how ye ought to cause that it be read also in answer every one.

the church of the Laodiceans ; 7 All things concerning me, and that ye likewise read the Tychicus will declare to you, epistle from Laodicea. 17 And. who is a beloved brother, and say to Archippus; "Take heed a faithful minister and fellow to the ministry which thou hast servant in the Lord; 8 whom I received in the Lord, that thou have sent to you for this pur- fully discharge it.”. pose, that he may know your 18 THE salutation by the affairs, and comfort your hearts; hand of me Paul. Remember 9 together with Onesimus, al my bonds. Favour be with you.




Achaia ; but [also] in every 1 PAUL, and Silvan

vanus, and place hath your faith towards Timothy, to the church of the God spread abroad, so that we Thessalonians which is in God need not to speak any thing the Father, and in the Lord concerning it. Jesus Christ; favour

be to

9 For they themselves de you, and peace (from God our clare of us, what kind of enterFather, and our Lord Jesus ing in among you we had, and Christ.]

how ye turned to God from 2 We give thanks to God idols, to serve the living and always for you all, making true God; 10 and to look for mention of you in our prayers, his Son from heaven, whom he 3 remembering without ceasing raised from the dead, even Jeyour work of faith, and labour sus, who delivereth us from of love, and patience of hope the approaching wrath. in our Lord Jesus Christ, be Ch. II. 1 FOR yourselves, fore our God and Father ; 4 brethren, know that our enterknowing, brethren, beloved of ing in among you was not in God, the choice of you* by him. vain : 2 but even after we had 5 For the gospel preached by before suffered, and had been us came not to you in words shamefully treated, as ye know, only, but also in power, and in at Philippi, we had freedom of the holy spirit, and in full con- speech through our

God to firmation ; as ye know what preach to you the gospel of manner of persons

were God with much earnestness. among you for your sake. 6 3 For our exhortation was And ye became imitators of us, not of error, nor of uncleanand of the Lord, having receiv-ness, nor in guile: 4 but as ed the word amidst much af

we were approved of God to fliction, with joy in the holy be entrusted with the gospel, spirit: 7 so that ye have been we so speak, not as pleasing examples to all the believers men, but God, who proveth in Macedonia and Achaia. our hearts.

8 For from you the word of 5 For neither at any time the Lord hath sounded forth, used we flattering words, as ye not only in Macedonia and know: nor a pretence of covet

* " that God hath chosen you gentiles to be his peculiar people. 2 Thess. ii. 13." Newcome.


ousness, (God is witness :) 6 own countrymen, even as they nor from men sought we glory, have from the Jews; 15 who either from you or from others; both killed the Lord Jesus, (when we might have used and the prophets, and have authority, as apostles of Christ:) persecuted us, and please not 7 but we were gentle among God, and are against all men : you, as a nursing mother cher- 16 forbidding us to speak to isheth her children. 8 Being the gentiles, that they may be thus affectionately desirous of saved : so that they fill up

the you, we are willing to bestow measure of their sins always : on you, not the gospel of God and now in the end, anger is only, but also our own lives, coming upon them. because ye are become dear 17 NOW we, brethren, hav. to us.

ing been bereaved of you for 9 For ye remember, breth- a short time, in presence, not ren, our labour and toil: how in heart, have abundantly enworking night and day, that we deavoured with great desire to might not be burdensome to see your face. 18 Wherefore any of you, we preached to you we have been willing to come the gospel of God.

to you (even I Paul) both once 10 Ye are witnesses, and and again; but the adversary God also, how holily, and righ- hindered us. teously, and unblameably we 19 For what is our hope, or behaved ourselves among you joy, or crown of glorying? are who believe : 11 as ye know not even ye in the presence of how we exhorted, and com. our Lord Jesus Christ] at his forted, and charged every one coming ? 20 for ye are indeed of you, as a father doth his our glory and our joy. children, 12 that ye should CH. III. 1 Wherefore, being walk in a manner worthy of no longer able to bear our 80God, who calleth you to his licitude, we thought it good glorious kingdom.

to be left at Athens alone; 2 13 For this cause also we and sent Timothy our brother, thank God without ceasing, that, and fellow-labourer, together when ye receiyed the word of with God, in the gospel of God which ye heard from us, Christ, to establish you, and to ye embraced it, not as the word comfort (you] concerning your of men, but (as it is in truth) faith ; 3 that no one should be the word of God, which also moved by these mine afflictions: powerfully worketh in you who (for yourselves know that we believe.

are appointed to this: 4 for, 14 For ye, brethren, are be- when we were with you, we come imitators of the churches told you beforehand that we of God in Judæa, which are in should suffer affliction; Christ Jesus : for ye also have as it hath come to pass, and ye suffered like things from your know.) 5 For this cause, also,


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