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derers of fathers and of mo1 PAUL, an apostle of Jesus thers, for destroyers of mankind, Christ, by the appointment of 10 for fornicators, for sodomiGod our Saviour, and Christ Je- tes, for man-stealers, for liars, sus, our hope, 2 to Timothy for perjured persons, and if my own son in the faith ; favour, there be any other thing that is mercy, and peace from God contrary to sound doctrine, 11 [our Father, and Christ Jesus according to the glorious gospel our Lord.

of the blessed God which hath 3 AS I besought thee to been committed to my trust. 12 remain in Ephesus, when I [And] I thank Christ Jesus went into Macedonia, that thou our Lord, who hath given me mightest charge some not to strength, that he counted me teach other doctrines, 4 nor faithful, and put me into the give heed to fables, and endless ministry; 13 who was before a genealogies, which minister blasphemer, and a persecutor, questions rather than the dis- and injurious: but I obtained pensation of God in faith;* 30 do. mercy, because I acted igno

5 (NOW the end of this rantly through unbelief: 14 and charge to thee is love out of a the favour of our Lord hath pure heart, and of a good con- superabounded, with that faith science, and of faith unfeigned: and love which are in Christ 6 from all which some having Jesus. erred, have turned aside to vain 15 This saying is true, and talk; 7 desiring to be teachers worthy to be received by all, of the law, yet not understand that Christ Jesus came into ing what they say, nor con- the world to save sinners ; of cerning what they strongly af- whom I am chief. 16 How.. firm.

ever, for this cause I obtained 8 But we know that the law mercy, that in me, a chief sinis good, if any one use it as ner, Jesus Christ might show the law requireth ; 9 knowing forth all long-suffering, for an this, that the law is not made example to those who should for a righteous man, but for the hereafter believe on him to aiolawless and disobedient, for the nian life. 17 Now to the King ungodly, and for sinners, for the of the ages, immortal, invisible, unholy and profane, for mur- I the only God, be honour and

* “ This is the reading of all the ancient manuscripts except the Clermont. The meaning is, that idle questions concerning the fabulous genealogies of the Oriental philosophy would rather lead to trifting and endless disputes, than to a practical knowledge of the gospel dig. pensation.” Im. Ver. note.

glory to the ages of ages. holy hands, without anger and Amen.)

disputing: 9 in like manner 18 This charge I commit to also that women adorn themthee, son Timothy, according selves in decent apparel, with to the prophecies which went modesty and soberness of mind; before concerning thee, that not with plaited hair, or gold, by them thou mightest war a or pearls, or costly array : 10 good warfare ; 19 holding faith but (which becometh women and a good conscience, which professing godliness) in good some having put away, have works. made shipwreck as to their 11 Let the women learn in faith : 20 of whom are Hyme- silence, in all subjection, 12 néus and Alexander ; whom I But I suffer not the woman to have delivered to the adver-teach, or to usurp authority sary,* that they may be taught over the man; but command her not to blaspheme.

to remain in silence. 13 For Ch. II. I EXHORT therefore, Adam was formed first, then first of all, that supplications, Eve : 14 and Adam was not prayers, intercessions, and giv- deceived, but the woman having of thanks, be made for all ing been deceived, was in the men; 2 for kings, and for all transgression. 15 Notwithstandwho are in high station ; that ing, she shall be preserved we may lead a quiet and peac- through child-bearing ; if they able life in all godliness and continue in faith, and love, and honesty. 3 For this is good and holiness, with soberness of mind. acceptable in the sight of God Ch. III. 1 This saying is our Saviour; 4 who will have true: “ If any man wish for the all men to be saved, and come office of a bishop,t he desireth to the knowledge of the truth. an honourable employment.” 2

5 For there is one God, and A bishopt then must be blame. also one mediator between God less, the husband of one wife, and men, the man Christ Jesus; sober, self-governed, decent, 6 who gave himself a ransom hospitable, apt to teach ; 3 not for all ; the testimony is in its a continuer at wine, not a strikproper season; 7 of which I er; but mild, not contentious, have been appointed a preacher not covetous; 4 one that ruleth and an apostle, (I speak the his own family well, having his truth, not falsely,) a teacher children in subjection with all of the gentiles in faith and gravity : 5.(but if a man know truth.

not how to rule his own family, 8 I will therefore that men how can he take care of the pray in every place, lifting up church of God?) 6 Not a new

* “ That is, he had excommunicated them.” Dr. Priestly. See 1 Cor. v. 5. He had expelled them from that community, of which Christ was the head and ruler, to the kingdom of heathenism and darkness, of which satan (the adversary) was the supposed chief. for, an overseer, a superintendant of the church, the same as a presbyter, or elder. See

Aets xx, 27, 28.

convert, lest he be lifted up I believed on in the world, taken with vanity, and fall into the up in glory. condemnation of the impostor. CH. IV. 1 But the spirit 7 Moreover, [he] must have a saith expressly that; in latter good testimony from those who times, some will fall away from are without : lest he fall into the faith, giving heed to deceitreproach, and the snare of the ful spirits, and to doctrines impostor.

concerning demons, 2 through 8 In like manner, the deacons the hypocrisy of those who must be grave, not double- speak falsehoods, of those whose tongued, not given to much conscience is seared with a hot wine, not greedy of base gain: iron ; 3 who forbid to marry, 9 holding the mystery of the and command to abstain from faith with a pure conscience. kinds of food, which God created 10 And let these be first prov- to be partaken of with thanksed; then let them use the office giving by those who are believof deacon, being found irre-ers, and who know the truth : 4 proachable. 11 In like manner namely, that every creature of the women must be grave, not God, is good, and nothing is to slanderers,* sober, faithful in be refused, if it be received with all things. 12 Let the deacons thanksgiving : 5 for it is sanctibe husbands of one wife, ruling fied through the word of God, their children and their own and through prayer. 6 If thou families well. 13 For those who tell the brethren these things, have used the office of a dea-thou wilt be a good minister of con well, acquire to themselves Jesus Christ, nourished up in an honourable rank, and great the words of the faith, and the freedom of speech in the faith good doctrine which thou hast which is in Christ Jesus. fully understood.

14 I write these things to 7 But reject profane and old thee, hoping to come to thee women's fables; and exercise shortly : 15 but if I delay, that thyself to godliness : 8 for bothou mayest know how thou dily exercise profiteth for a little oughtest to behave thyself in time only; but godliness is prothe house of God, which is the fitable for all time, having a prochurch of the living God.t mise of the life which now is,

The pillar and firm support and of that which is coming. of the truth 16 (and confessed- 9 This is a true saying, and ly great) is this mystery of god. worthy to be received by all. liness: He whot was manifest-10 For on this account ed in flesh, justified in spirit, [both] labour and suffer rehath appeared to messengers, proach, because we

trust in been proclaimed among nations, the living God, who is the

• Gr. diaborous devils, or impostors. + This is according to the pointing in Griesbach. Some good copies read ö which, instead of ós | i. e. made lawful by a divine warrant.


he who. See Griesbach's notes.

saviour of all men, but espe- provide not for his own, and cially of those who believe. 11 especially for those of his own Give in charge and teach these household, he denieth the faith, things.

and is worse than an unbe. 12 LET no one despise thy liever. youth: but be thou an example 9 Let not a widow be taken to the believers, in discourse, into the number of deaconnesses in behaviour, in love, in faith, under sixty years old, having in purity. 13 Till I come, give been the wife of one husband, attention to reading, to exhor- 10 well reported of for good tation, to teaching. 14 Neglect works ; if she have brought up not the gift that is in thee, children, if she have lodged which was given thee by pro- strangers, if she have washed phecy, with the putting on of the feet of the saints, if she the hands of the elders. 15 Me- have relieved the afflicted, if ditate on these things ; give thy- she have diligently followed self wholly to them; that thy every good work. progress [in] all may appear : 11 But reject younger wi16 take heed to thyself, and to dows; for when they grow thy teaching; continue in them: weary of the restraints of Christ, for by doing this thou wilt save they desire to marry ; 12 ani both thyself, and those who are blameable, because they hear thee.

have laid aside their first resoCh. V. 1 REBUKE not an lution : 13 and at the same elder, but exhort him as a fa- time they learn to be idle also, ther; and the younger men as going about from house to brethren: 2 the elder women house; and not idle only, but as mothers ; the younger, as tattlers also, and busy-bodies, sisters, with all purity.

speaking what they ought not. 3 SUPPORT widows who are 14 I will therefore, that the widows indeed. 4 But if any younger widowe marry, bear widow have children or grandchildren, guide their family, children, let them learn in the give no occasion to the adverfirst place to treat their own sary of speaking reproachfully, family piously, and to requite 15 For some have already turntheir progenitors; for this is ed aside after the adversary. 16 acceptable before God.

If any [brother in the faith, or 5 Now she who is a widow sister in the faith, have widows, indeed, and left alone, hopeth let such relieve them, and let in God, and continueth in sup- not the church be burdened ; plications and prayers night that it may relieve those who and day: 6 but she who riot. are widows indeed. eth in pleasure, is dead while 17 LET the elders who preshe liveth. 7 These things also side well, be counted worthy of give in charge ; that they may double reward; especially those be blameless. 8 But if any one who labour in the word and in

teaching : 18 for the scripture are brethren: but let them saith, “ Thou shalt not muzzle serve the more willingly, bethe ox that is treading out the cause those who partake of the corn.” And, “ The labourer is benefit are believing and beworthy of his hire." 19 Against loved. These things teach and an elder receive not an accusa- exhort. tion, but before two or three 3 If any one teach otherwise, witnesses. 20 Those who sin and consent not to the sound rebuke before all, that others words of our Lord Jesus Christ, also may fear.

and to the doctrine which is ac. 21 I charge thee in the pre-cording to godliness, 4 he is sence of God, and of the Lord] lifted up with vanity, knowing Jesus Christ, and of the chosen nothing, but doting about ques. messengers,* that thou observe tions and strifes of words ; these things without prejudice, whence cometh envy, contendoing nothing by partiality. tion, evil-speakings, wicked

22 Put thy hands hastily on surmisings, 5 perverse disputno one; and partake not in the ings among men of corrupt sins of others.

minds, and destitute of the KEEP thyself pure. 23 (Drink truth, supposing that godliness no longer water ; but use a little is gain : [from such withdraw wine, because of thy stomach thyself.] 6 But godliness with and thy frequent infirmities.) contentment is great gain. 7

24 The sins of some men For we brought nothing into are manifest beforehand, going this world; and it is [certain before to condemnation; but of that we can carry nothing out. some men they follow after. 25 8 And, having food and raiment, In like manner, also, the good let us with these be content. 9 works of some are manifest be. But they who would be rich, forehand; and those works which fall into temptation, and a snare, are otherwise cannot be hid.

and into many foolish and hurtCh. VI 1 Let as many ser- ful desires, which overwhelm vants as are under the yoke, men in calamity and ruin. 10 count their own masters worthy For the love of money is the of all honour; that the name of root of all evil : which while God, and his doctrine, be not some covet, they have erred evil-spoken of. 2 And let not from the faith, and have piercthose who have believing mased themselves through with ters despise them, because they many sorrows.

chosen messengers, i. e. the apostles of Christ, who were chosen to bear testimony to his resurrection. Acts i. 2. q. d. I charge you as in the presence of God your creator and judge, of Christ your master and chief, and of the apostles of Jesus, whose example you are to follow, etc. Abp. Newcome, with the public version, renders the words, “ the elect angels,” and some suppose an allusion to the court of heaven, as analogous to the Persian court. See Benson and Priestly. But the former interpretation best suits the connexion. If it be objected that Timothy was not actually in the presence of the apostles, it may be replied that the apostle's language does not necessarily imply this. Nor can it be proved that he was in the presence of the elect angels, whoever may be the persons intended.

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