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them be gone astray, doth he and I forgive him ? till seven not leave the ninety and nine times ?” 22 Jesus said to him, on the mountains, and go and "I do not say to thee, ‘Till seek that which is gone astray ? seven times :' but • Till seventy 13 And if it happen that he find times seven.' it, verily I tell you, that he re 23 « Therefore the kingdom joiceth more for that sheep, than of heaven is like a king, who for the ninety and nine which chose to reckon with his serwent not astray. 14 In like vants. 24 And when he had manner, it is not the will of your begun to reckon, Father in heaven, that one of brought to him, that owed him these little ones should be lost. ten thousand talents.* 25 But 15 “ Moreover, if thy bro- he being unable to pay,

his masther shall sin against thee, go ter commanded him to be sold, and reprove him, between thee and his wife and children, and and him alone : if he shall hear all that he had ; and payment thee, thou hast gained thy bro- to be made. 26 The servant ther. 16 But if he will not therefore fell down and did him hear, take with thee one or two obeisance, saying, Sir, have more; that by the mouth of patience with me, and I will two or three witnesses every pay thee all.' 27 Then the thing may be ascertained. 17 master of that servant was movAnd if he shall neglect to hear ed with compassion, and sent them, tell it to the congrega- him away, and forgave him the tion: but if he shall neglect to debt. hear the congregation also, let 28 “ But that servant went out, him be unto thee as a heathen and met with one of his fellowand a publican. 18 Verily I servants, that owed him a huntell you, Whatsoever ye shall dred denarii : † and seizing bind on earth, shall be bound in him, he took him by the throat, heaven: and whatsoever

ye saying, “Pay [me] what thou shall loose on earth, shall be owest.? 29 His fellow-servant loosed in heaven. 19 Again, I therefore falling down,

betell you, that if two of you shall sought him, saying, Have paagree, on earth, concerning any tience with me, and I will pay thing, which they shall ask, it thee [all].' 30 And he would shall be done for them, by my not: and went and cast him into Father in heaven: 20 for where prison, till he should pay the two or three are gathered to debt. 31 His fellow-servants gether, in my name, there am I seeing what was done, they were in the midst of them."

very sorry; and came and told 21 Then Peter approaching their master all that was done. him, said, “ Master, how often 32 “ Then his master calling shall my brother sin against me, him, said to him, “Thou wick

* About 625,00016. of silver.

+ About three guineas Campbell.


ed servant! I forgave thee all, wives : yet from the beginning that debt, because thou desir- it was not so.

9 But I tell you, edst me. 33 Oughtest not thou Whosoever shall put away his also, to have had pity on thy wife, except for whoredom, and fellow-servant, even as I had shall marry another, commitpity on thee ?' 34 And his mas- teth adultery; and he who ter was angry, and delivered marrieth her that is put away him over to the jailors, till he committeth adultery.” 10 His should

pay all that was due to disciples said to him, “ If the him. 35 In like manner, my condition of a man be so, with heavenly Father, also, will do his wife, it is not good to marunto you, if from your hearts ry.” 11 But he said to them, ye forgive not every ore his “ All men cannot receive these brother.”

words ; but they only to whom CH. XIX. 1 AND it came to it is given. 12 For there are pass, that, when Jesus had end- eunuchs, who were so from ed these words, he departed their birth; and there are eufrom Galilee, and came into nuchs, who were made eunuchs the borders of Judea, by the by men; and there are eunuchs, side of Jordan 2 And great who have made themselves eumultitudes followed him; and nuchs for the kingdom of heahe cured them there.

Let him receive this, who 3 THEN the Pharisees came can receive it. to him, trying him, and saying 13 Then were brought to [to him, ] “ Is it lawful that a him little children, that he man should put away his wife might put his hands on them, for every cause ?” 4 And he and pray for them : and the disanswering, said to them, "Have ciples rebuked those who brought ye not read, that he who made them. 14 But Jesus said, “ Sufthem from the beginning, made fer the little children, and forthem a male and a female? 5 bid them not, to come to me: and said, · For this reason, a man for of such is the kingdom of shall leave father and mother, heaven.” 15 And he put his and adhere to his wife : and hands on them, and departed they two shall be one flesh: 6 thence. so that they are no more two; 16 And, lo! one approach. but one flesh. What, therefore, ing, said to him, " (Good) God hath joined together, let no Teacher, what good thing shall man put asunder.”

I do, that I may have aionian 7 They said to him, “Why life?” 17 And he said to him, then did Moses command to Why askest thou me concerngive a bill of divorcement, and ing good? One only is good. to put her away?” 8 He said But if thou desire to enter into to them, “ Moses, because of life, keep the commandments.” the perverseness of your hearts, 18 He said to him, “ Which ?" suffered you to put away your And Jesus said “ These, Thou

shalt not commit murder: Thou | twelve thrones, judging the shalt not commit adultery: Thou twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And shalt not steal : Thou shalt not every one that hath left houses, bear false witness: 19 Honour or brethren, or sisters, or fac thy father and thy mother: and, ther, or mother, or wife, or chilThou shalt love thy neighbour dren, or lands, on account of as thyself.'

my name, shall receive a hun20 The young man said to dred-fold, and shall inherit aiohim, “ All these things I have nian life. kept [from my youth]: what 30 “But many that are first want I more?” 21 Jesus said to shall be last; and the last first. him, “If thou desire to be per Ch. XX. 1 « For the kingfect, go sell what thou hast, dom of heaven, is like a and give to the poor; and householder who went out earThou shalt have treasure in hea- ly in the morning, to hire laven: and come and follow me. .” bourers into his vineyard. & 22 But the young man hearing And having agreed with the la. these words, went away sorrow- bourers for a denarius a day, ful: for he had great posses, he sent them into his vineyard. sions.

3 And he went out, about the 23 Then said Jesus to his third hour, and saw others standdisciples, “ Verily I tell you, ing idle, in the market-place, 4 that a rich man will with diffi- and said to them, Go ye also culty enter into the kingdom of into the vineyard, and whatsoheaven. 24 And again, I tell you, ever is right I will give you.' it is easier for a camel to go And they went. 5 Again, he through the eye of a needle, went out about the sixth and than for a rich man to enter into ninth hour, and did in like manthe kingdom of God.” 25 But ner. 6 And about the eleventh the disciples hearing this, were [hour] he went out, and found greatly amazed, saying, “Who others standing, and said to then can be saved ?" 26 But them, “Why stand ye here, all Jesus looking at them, answer the day, idle? 7 They said to ed, “With men this is impos- him, Because no one hath hirsible; but with God all things ed us.' He said to them, Go ere possible.”

ye also into the vineyard, [and 27 Then Peter answering, whatsoever is right ye shall resaid to him, “Lo! we have left ceive.]' all, and followed thee ; what 8“So, in the evening, the own. shall we have therefore ?" 28 er of the vineyard said to his And Jesus said to them, “ Ve-steward, Call the labourers, rily I tell you, that ye, who have , and give them their hire ; befollowed me in the regenera. ginning from the last, to the tion, when the Son of man shall first.' °9 Then came those of sit on the throne of his glory, the eleventh hour, and they reyourselves also, shall sit onceived every one a denarius. 10

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But the first coming, they sup- may sit, the one on thy right hand

posed that they should receive and the other on thy left, in thy * more; and they also received reign.” 22 But Jesus answering, 3 every one a denarius.

11 And said, “ Ye know not what ye having received it, they mur- ask. Can ye drink of the cup e mured against the householder, of which I am about to drink ?"

12 saying, “These last have They said to him, “ We can.' o worked but one hour, and thou 23 Then he said to them, “ Ye

hast made them equal to us, who will drink indeed of my cup:

have borne the burden and the but to sit on my right hand, and S heat of the day.' 13 But he an on [my] left, is not mine to give, =swering one of them, said, except to those for whom it is 1. 'Friend, I do thee no wrong: prepared by my Father.”

didst thou not agree with me 24 And the ten hearing this, for a denarius ? 14 Take what were moved with indignation is thine, and depart: now it is against the two brethren. 25 my will to give to this last, even But Jesus calling them to him, as to thee. 15 May I not do said ; Ye know that the rulers what I will with mine own? Is of the gentiles have dominion

thine eye evil, because I am over them, and the great ones * good? 16 Thus, the last will exercise authority upon them.

be first, and the first last: for 26 It shall not be so among many are called, but few cho. ( you ; but whosoever desireth to

be great among you, let him be 17 And as Jesus was going your servant; 27 and whoso. up to Jerusalem, he took the ever desireth to be chief among twelve (disciples), privately on you, let him be your slave: 28 the way, and said to them, 18 even as the Son of man came “Lo! we are going up to Je- not to be served, but to serve; rusalem : and the Son of man and to give his life a ransom for will be delivered up to the chief many." priests and Scribes, 19 who 29 And on their going out will condemn him to death, and from Jericho, a great multitude will deliver him up to the gen- followed him. 30 And, lo! two

tiles, that they may deride and blind men, sitting by the way: scourge and crucify him : and side, hearing that Jesus was

the third day he will rise passing by, cried out, saying, again."

16 Have pity on us, Master, son 20 Then, the mother of the of David.” 31 Then the mulsons of Zebedee came to him, titude rebuked them, that they together with her sons, doing might be silent; but they cried him obeisance, and asking a cer- the more, saying, "Have pity tain thing of him. 21 And he on us, Master, son of David. said to her, “ What desirest | 32 Then Jesus stopping, called thou?” She said to him,“ Com-them, and said, “ What do ye mand that these my two sons want me to do for you ?" 33



They said to him, "Sir, thated, saying, “Who is this?" 11 our eyes may be opened.” 35 And the crowd answered, “It Then Jesus being moved with is Jesus, the prophet of Nazatender compassion,touched their reth in Galilee.” eyes, and immediately their 12 And Jesus went into the eyes received sight, and they temple [of God,] and drove out followed him.

all those who sold and bought Ch. XXI. 1 AND when they in the temple, and overthrew drew near to Jerusalem, and the tables of the money-changwere come to Bethphagé, to the ers, and the seats of those who mount of Olives, then Jesus sold doves; 13 and said to them, sent two disciples ; 2 saying, to “ It is written, . My house shall them, “Go into the village, be called the house of prayer;" over against you, and immedi- but ye have made it a den of ately ye will find an ass tied, robbers.” 14 And the blind and and a colt with her: loose them, the lame came to him, in the and bring them to me. 3 And temple; and he healed them. if any one say aught to you, ye 15 And the chief priests and shall say, “The Master hath the scribes seeing the wonderneed of them :' and immediate ful things which he did, and ly he will send them.” 4 Now the boys shouting in the temple, (all] this was done, so that it and saying, “Hosanna to the was fulfilled which was spoken son of David !" were full of by the prophet, saying, 5 i Tell indignation; and said to him, ye the daughter of Sion, Behold, “ Hearest thou what these say?" thy king cometh to thee; meek, 16 And Jesus said to them, and riding upon an ass, even a

6. Yes! Have ye never read, colt, the foal of an ass.

• Out of the mouth of babes and 6 And the disciples went, sucklings thou hast perfected and did as Jesus commanded praise ?"" 17 And he left them them; 7 and brought the ass, and went out of the city to Be. and the colt, and put on them thany, and lodged there. their mantles, and he sat there. 18 NOW in the morning,

8 And a very great mul on his returning to the city, he titude spread their mantles in i hungered. 19 And seeing a the way; and others cut down fig-tree on the way-side, he went branches from the trees, and to it; and finding nothing on it, strewed them in the way. 9 And except leaves only, he said to the crowd that went before, and it, “Let no fruit grow on thee that followed, shouted, saying, henceforth to the age.” And « Hosanna to the son of David : forthwith, the fig-tree withered blessed be he who cometh in the away. 20 And the disciples name of the Lord : Hosanna in seeing it, wondered, saying, the highest.”

“ How soon hath the fig-tree 10 And when he entered into withered away!21 Then Je. Jerusalem, all the city was mov. sus answering, said to them,


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