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Page 2799 - Works on human communication, including both the primary techniques of language, pictures, etc. and the secondary techniques, such as the press and radio, are entered under Communication.
Page 2767 - Here are entered works on the mapping of small areas and the drawing of maps in elementary schools.
Page 2414 - Kabuki plays and works treating of them from a literary point of view are entered under Kabuki plays.
Page 2837 - Works relating to the application of the principles of mechanics to the design, construction, and operation of machinery are entered under the heading Mechanical engineering.
Page 2727 - USE Magnet schools Magnet schools (May Subd Geog) [LB2818] Here are entered works on schools offering special courses not available in the regular school curriculum and designed, often as an aid to school desegregation, to attract students on a voluntary basis from all parts of a school district without reference to the usual attendance zone rules. UF Magnet centers Schools, Magnet...
Page 2849 - Here are entered works on the abuse or misuse of drugs in a broad sense, such as aspirin, bromides, caffeine, sedatives, alcohol, LSD, marihuana, and narcotics.
Page 2725 - Here are entered works on the use of charms, spells, etc., believed to have supernatural power to produce or prevent a particular result considered unobtainable by natural means.
Page 2741 - Under this heading are entered works dealing with the languages spoken in Madagascar, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, etc., the Philippine Islands, and parts of Formosa and the Malay Peninsula. The principal languages of this group are Javanese, Kawi, Sundanese, Malay, Balinese, and among the Philippine languages, Tagalog and Bisaya. See also Balinese language; Baree dialect; Batak — Language...
Page 2871 - Works on the legal aspects of mental illness are entered under Insanity. Systematic descriptions of mental disorders are entered under Psychology, Pathological. Works on clinical aspects of mental disorders, including therapy, are entered under Psychiatry.
Page 2563 - ¡ie, the Mediterranean countries east of the Adriatic: Greece, Asia Minor, Armenia, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Cyprus. Rhodes, Malta, etc.) from the 1 1th to the 13th century, with special reference to the influence of the Crusaders.

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