Great Feuds in Technology: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever

Wiley, 19 janv. 2004 - 256 pages
The colorful true stories of ten monumental feuds in the history of technology
The history of technology is full of heated disputes over who, exactly, invented what. In this encore to his international bestsellers Great Feuds in Science and Great Feuds in Medicine, Hal Hellman brings to life ten of technology's most celebrated quarrels. Whether illuminating the battles between Philo Farnsworth and RCA (television), and Samuel Morse and Joseph Henry (telegraph) or the feuds currently raging over nuclear submarines and genetically modified foods, Hellman clearly explains the technology involved while providing vivid portraits of the disputants and their times.

Hal Hellman (Leonia, NJ) is the author of numerous science books, including Great Feuds in Science (0-471-35066-4) and Great Feuds in Medicine (0-471-20833-7).

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Davy versus Stephenson
Morse versus Jackson and Henry
Edison versus Westinghouse
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HAL HELLMAN is the author of Great Feuds in Science and Great Feuds in Medicine, and numerous other books. He has published articles in the New York Times, Omni, Reader’s Digest, Psychology Today, and Geo. He has taught science writing at New York University and has been a writing instructor at Fordham and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities.

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