The Biology and Agronomy of Stylosanthes

Helen Marie Stace, Leslie Andrew Edye
Academic Press, 1984 - 636 pages
Taxonomy and genetic resources. Considerations on the taxonomy of the genus stylosanthes. Some Brazilian species of stylosanthes. Cytogenetics and the evolution of stylosanthes. Natural distribution of stylosanthes. Natural variation in stylosanthes. The existing stylosanthes collections. Genetic systems in stylosanthes. Plant-environment interaction. Adaptation to water daficits in stylosanthes. Environmental constraints to growth and survival of stylosanthes. The mineral nutrition of stylosanthes. Mycorrhizas and stylosanthes. Rhizobium for stylosanthes. Reproductive physiology of stylosanthes. Disease and pest problems of stylosanthes. Responses of stylosanthes to anthracnose. Stylosanthes in agriculture. The dynamics of stylosanthes pastures.Nitrogen inputs into agricultural systems by stylosanthes. The chemical composition and nurtritive value of stylosanthes. Animal production from stylosanthes based pastures in Australia. Seed production of stylosanthes cultivars in Australia. Global ventures in stylosanthes. Global ventures in stylosanthes. Agronomic variation and potential utilization of stylosanthes. Prospects for stylosanthes improvement and utilization. Plant breeding in stylosanthes. Future research and international cooperation.

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Cytogenetics and the Evolution of Stylosanthes
Natural Variation in Stylosanthes
The Existing Stylosanthes Collections
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